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Vocabulary Word

Word: meticulous

Definition: excessively careful (with great attention to detail); painstaking; scrupulous

Sentences Containing 'meticulous'

A meticulous researcher, Tierney studied the Roman era and Gnosticism for this series featuring the magician-warrior.
A meticulous transcription by Ruth Crawford Seeger of that performance appeared in Lomax's 1941 book, "Our Singing Country".
According to the "AustLit Gateway News" Astley was "revered for her meticulous and controlled use of language and her portrayals of the Queensland landscape and character, was renowned for her quick wit, raspy voice, and ever-present cigarettes".
Describing himself as "a one-time Freudian who had decided to help others resist the fallacies to which I had succumbed in the 1960s", his position was summarized in Salon.com as "psychoanalysis is a spurious, ineffective pseudoscience, based on the fudged data of an unscrupulous and calculating founder and perpetuated by followers who mimic his craftiness in a 'shell game whereby critics of Freudianism are always told that new breakthroughs render their strictures obsolete,'" supporting his objections to Freud's personal qualities and theories empirically with "extensive and meticulous research."
Due in part to his fluency in several languages, his wide network of informants and because of his shrewd and meticulous detective style, Chang was successful in solving many cases.
Her first book, "The !Kung of Nyae Nyae", was published in 1976 to positive reviews including one by Alan Barnard, who called Marshall "one of the most sensitive, meticulous and unpretentious ethnographers of all time."
His style is legalistic, and he interpreted with meticulous accuracy.
However, meticulous building precision is considered crucial here.
In the case of "Ding Dong", however, his musical biographer, Simon Leng, recognises this haste as an example of the singer "completely ditch his meticulous approach" to his own music over the 1973–74 period, while remaining a "painstaking craftsman" on concurrent projects for Ravi Shankar and the vocal duo Splinter.
Particular field methods used include meticulous surveying, excavation, and record keeping, all of which are generally similar to archeology concerning older, buried sites.
She was meticulous, demanding, thorough and scrupulous.
The building is executed in a meticulous Gothic Revival style.
The identity of the designer of the folly is uncertain, but it is often attributed to Sir William Chambers who designed similar fanciful structures at Kew Gardens, and who showed a similarly meticulous attention to detail (including curved panes of glass and chimneys disguised as rooftop urns) in his design for the Casino at Marino, just outside Dublin Pineapples as a decorative motif.
The meticulous regard which the Arabs had for grammar and style also had the effect of stimulating an interest among Jews in philological matters in general (Sarna, pp. 327–328).
The process of compiling his STC was meticulous and brutal. Wing hand copied down thousands of authors, book titles, and publishing dates on to 3 by 5 sheets of paper, which he stored in shoeboxes.
They prefer a sparse, analog recording sound with little or no overdubbing, and are meticulous about microphone placement and choice of equipment.
This production featured thousands of supernumerary actors and a meticulous reconstruction of first century Rome erected in the Tunisian desert.
Throughout the expedition he worked with diligence and honesty, keeping meticulous horticultural notes in his journal. Thouin wanted Delahaye to improve his schooling on the expedition and recommended that Delahaye study Latin, try to translate the works of Linnaeus and to read and write in French.
Villar del Pedroso is south of the bridge and Valdelacasa de Tajo is to the southwest. During the day Spanish cavalrymen carelessly rode out into the river to water their horses, revealing the possible location of the ford. That night, French officers conducted a meticulous search and discovered the hidden ford. They found that the ford was deep for only a short distance under the north bank and shallow the rest of the way.
Williams kept a meticulous record of his heists, reporting his career total as $879,357.
Wiseman drew from everyday life, giving meticulous attention to detail.

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