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Vocabulary Word

Word: mercantile

Definition: concerning trade or merchants

Sentences Containing 'mercantile'

A sculler in the lightweight division, her senior rowing was with the Mercantile Rowing Club in Melbourne.
Bolling was a commodities trader on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
But as the law for the encouragement of coinage derives its origin from those vulgar prejudices which have been introduced by the mercantile system, I judged it more proper to reserve them for this chapter.
By May 1853, the interior has been dismantled and the furnishings sold off, with the shell of the building sold to the Mercantile Library Association.
Consequently our knowledge of the mercantile character of ancient Naukratis - the very facet of its early history that made it so exceptional - has suffered greatly.
Critics consider neoconservatism a bellicose and "heroic" ideology opposed to "mercantile" and "bourgeois" virtues and therefore "a variant of anti-economic thought."
Economically, other competing mercantile groups were emerging.
Except bills of exchange, and some other mercantile bills, all other deeds, bonds, and contracts, are subject to a stamp duty.
He arrived in Montana in 1867, worked as a woodcutter and store clerk, eventually becoming a partner in the mercantile firm of Bonner, Eddy and Company.
He continued to work for his father until 1848, when, at the age of thirty years, he started his own mercantile business, assuming full control of two general stores.
He developed the Missoula Mercantile Co.
He engaged in mercantile pursuits in Eddyville, Kentucky and had large agricultural interests.
He was active in the Chamber of Shipping (serving as its president in 1923) and was chairman of the Baltic Mercantile and Shipping Exchange from 1924 to 1928.
He was the founding Chairman of Mercantile Bank Limited.
His senior rowing has been with the Mercantile Rowing Club based on the Yarra River in Melbourne.
If the profit is less, mercantile employments will draw capital from the improvement of land.
If this difference affords a greater profit than what can be drawn from an equal capital in any mercantile employment, the improvement of land will draw capital from all mercantile employments.
In 1785 Carpenter moved to Cooper’s Point and started a mercantile business.
In the mercantile regulations which have been taken notice of in this chapter, the interest of our manufacturers has been most peculiarly attended to; and the interest, not so much of the consumers, as that of some other sets of producers, has been sacrificed to it.
In Tripoli, a special social status had been granted to people from the great mercantile cities of Europe, especially those from the maritime republics of Italy, (Venice for example).
It is in this manner that the mercantile system proposes to enrich the whole country, and to put money into all our pockets, by means of the balance of trade.
It is sometimes general through a whole mercantile town and the country in its neighbourhood.
It is the industry which is carried on for the benefit of the rich and the powerful, that is principally encouraged by our mercantile system.
It is, perhaps, the only mercantile project which has been successfully managed by, I believe, every sort of government.
Louis, Missouri, where he worked in the mercantile business.
Mercantile families tended to be Sindhi, Gujarati, Parsi, and Tamil Muslim.
Mercantile trade went hand-in-hand with exploration, self-financed by the commercial benefits of exploration.
Monopoly of one kind or another, indeed, seems to be the sole engine of the mercantile system.
Of all the expedients of the mercantile system, accordingly, it is the one of which they are the fondest.
Over the next century the population of South Pass City declined further and many of the city's homes, mercantile stores, hotels and saloons fell into disrepair.
Part of this money of the great mercantile republic may have been, and probably was, employed in carrying on the late war.
Road 2424 has the town's only store, Kent Mercantile, which includes a gas station.
Such are the unfortunate effects of all the regulations of the mercantile system.
The artificers and manufacturers of such mercantile states, therefore, would immediately be rivalled in the market of those landed nations, and soon after undersold and justled out of it altogether.
The avidity, however, which suggested this notable piece of mercantile ingenuity, most probably disappointed itself of its object.
The Bison Mercantile Company was originally established as a grocery store by W.J. Scrichfield in 1900, and operated until 1958 when it was purchased by the Bison Cooperative Association.
The court of the Mayor of Calcutta, originally instituted for the trial of mercantile causes, which arose in the city and neighbourhood, had gradually extended its jurisdiction with the extension of the empire.
The house was remodelled in the late 19th century for William Cotterill, owner c. 1868 to 1892, of a mercantile family from Birmingham.
The interior was demolished and the building was turned over to the use of the New York Mercantile Library.
The limited stock of the Dutch East India company probably repels from that trade many great mercantile capitals which would otherwise go to it.
The mercantile store was closed in January, 2011.
The orderly, vigilant, and parsimonious administration of such aristocracies as those of Venice and Amsterdam, is extremely proper, it appears from experience, for the management of a mercantile project of this kind.
The owners of great capitals, the great mercantile families, have generally either some direct share, or some indirect influence, in the administration of that government.
The Wilderness Lodge contains one store named The Wilderness Lodge Mercantile, located in the main lobby of the resort.
They are so far, perhaps, more inconsistent than even the mercantile system.
They would soon, therefore, rival those mercantile nations in this branch of foreign trade, and, in due time, would justle them out of it altogether.
This building came into being as the "Mercantile Center" in 1899, built for a merchant by the name of Jose de Teresa.
Two or three great bankruptcies in a mercantile town, will bring many houses to sale, which must be sold for what can be got for them.
Under Hammond’s management this became the Missoula Mercantile Company, the largest mercantile between St.
Unless, therefore, some part of those duties was drawn back upon exportation, there was an end of the carrying trade; a trade so much favoured by the mercantile system.

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