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Vocabulary Word

Word: mediocre

Definition: ordinary; commonplace; neither good nor bad

Sentences Containing 'mediocre'

"Drivers: Timo Scheider, Sebastian Stahl, Adrian Sutil" The team had a mediocre season, finishing at a disappointing 15th place in the championship.
"Wisden" observed: "Against Hutton the bowling looked almost mediocre, but most of the other batsmen made it appear lethal." He scored 156 not out and added 45 more runs in the second innings, but Australian won by 274 runs.
a feel-good, comically mediocre also-ran . . .
A suspicion of incompetence, too, seems to have attached to him because he was by profession a painter and a mediocre one (though he has given us the best portrait we have of Swift), and this may have been strengthened by Pope's remark that he "translated 'Don Quixote' without understanding Spanish."
According to the author, the protagonist is a questing knight, the "pure fool" looking for the Holy Grail in the tradition of Parzival. However, he remains pale and mediocre, representing a German bourgeois that is torn between conflicting influences – capable of the highest humanistic ideals, yet at the same time prone to both stubborn philistinism and radical ideologies.
After mediocre results, Wirdheim and the team decided to part ways after 11 races into the season.
Against South Africa he showed his great character, digging in and grinding out runs, but after two mediocre performances against West Indies he was dropped.
Also reviewing the twelfth season, DVD Movie Guide's Colin Jacobson was less positive, commenting: "I’d love to report that 'Menace' disrupts the string of mediocre episodes it in the season, but I can’t. Like its predecessors, it offers a moderately enjoyable experience, but that’s the best it can do.
Another generally rates it as mediocre, though praises the end of the film, but remarking "Despite this more satisfying ending, however, the intelligence of the audience is further insulted by the fact that the credits roll directly thereafter, leaving us with nothing to explain Coba’s methods or the fallout that would naturally occur after these events.
Because of the depleted talent pool resulting from many players being in the military, the Tigers and the Cubs both fielded teams that would have been considered mediocre before or after the war.
Beck felt that "Loser" was mediocre, and only agreed to its release at Rothrock's insistence.
Certainly his passion for horse racing though cost him dearly as his only son, Jim Ross, explained: "To own a few mediocre horses is an expensive luxury.
Criticisms included mediocre graphics, poorly translated dialog, linear gameplay and a lackluster game opening.
Danglars comprehended the full extent of the wretched fate that overwhelmed Dantes; and, when Napoleon returned to France, he, after the manner of mediocre minds, termed the coincidence,``a decree of Providence.''
delivery has improved and her subdued vocals can make mediocre material sound convincing.
Dennis ignores the question, claiming that "you just don't get it!", going on to imply that Jessica (as he has to Harvey in the past) has no right to point out occasional indiscretions in the morality of his methods, given that she is an expensive attorney for the wealthy while he is a state prosecutor (with a mediocre salary in comparison) serving the public interest. Daniel Hardman.
Despite all that, and a mediocre 36-46 first season record, Axelson was named NBA Executive Of The Year.
First he wants them to play songs with political charge, something they have always refused to do, just for the sheer principle; second he forces them to change their talented singer and friend Vanya with his beautiful favorite, Reni, who is a mediocre singer.
Following two more mediocre seasons for Montreal, he requested to be bought out in 1991.
Green formed First Quality Maintenance out of a frustration with mediocre cleaning service companies that overcharged landlords and tenants.
He found the tenor a hard taskmaster, but one who transformed him from a mediocre accompanist to an artist with a full realisation of the duties and possibilities of the accompanist's role, aware of the necessity of being a full participant in every living nuance and accent of the music at hand.
He had a mediocre rookie season, going 2-5 with 6 saves and 6 holds in 59 games and posted a 5.40 ERA in 60.0 innings pitched as a relief pitcher.
He had written a mediocre specimen of an insipid class of romance, and some plays which manifestly did not comply with the primary condition of pleasing: were the playgoers to patronise plays that did not amuse them, because the author was to produce "Don Quixote" twenty years afterwards?
He praised the game's accessibility to newcomers and variety in course collection, but he criticized the game's mediocre graphics.
His family then sent him to the "Cours Saint-Louis de Monceau", a private Catholic school in the 17th arrondissement, where he was reportedly a mediocre student, but where he nonetheless obtained his "baccalauréat" in 1973.
However, soon after this AC/DC's popularity began to decline, and with the mediocre success of their next 3 albums, "Flick of the Switch", "Fly on the Wall" and "Blow Up Your Video", AC/DC looked as though they had reached their peak early in the decade and by the end of it, were on a sharp decline.
In , Towers became the Blue Jays' fifth starter, going a mediocre 9–9 with a 5.11 ERA in 21 games started.
In August–September 1930, three R-VIIIa flew in the Aviation Contest of the Little Entente and Poland, taking a mediocre 7th and 9th places.
In contrast with this positive assessment, the novel is seen by Călinescu as a mediocre accomplishment, inspired by but inferior to the fantasy prose of Tudor Arghezi, "aiming into the empty air" with "ungainly wit."
It is set in Vienna on the eve of World War I. "The Man Without Qualities" brought Musil only mediocre commercial success.
It is true, between ourselves, that M. de Morcerf is one of the most assiduous peers at the Luxembourg, a general renowned for theory, but a most mediocre amateur of art.
It was not well received by Locus Online, which stated it was "a preview that bodes not well" and "the other offerings range from mediocre to awful.
Itzin has acknowledged a physical resemblance between himself and President Richard Nixon: "I have the hairline, and my posture’s mediocre."
Mediocre team defense and goaltending was the culprit.
obligatory club track," and was a mediocre success, reaching the top twenty on the U.S. "Billboard" Hot R/Hip-Hop Songs chart only.
On the other hand, the audio received a mediocre response, despite the comical voice acting.
Other critics found "Comeback" mediocre.
Reviewer Larry Reni Thomas wrote: "Randy Weston’s long-anticipated, much-talked-about, consciousness-raising, African-centered autobiography, "African Rhythms", is a serious breath of fresh air and is a much-needed antidote in this world of mediocre musicians, and men.
The album received mediocre reviews, and the Clik's popularity began to decline.
The dangerous handling characteristics arising from its mediocre frame design caused it to be nicknamed the "Widowmaker" by motorcycle enthusiasts of the 1970s.
The film did not live up to the novel's reputation and is generally regarded as mediocre.
The first productions (Goldfaden's "Grandmother and Granddaughter" and "Shmendrick") were popular successes, but Adler's own account suggests that they were basically mediocre, and his Uncle Arke was appalled: "Is this theater?
The mixed reviews include TVFanatic.com who gave the episode 2.5/5, stating "It's shocking that a Simpsons episode that focused on a friendship between Homer and Clancy would be so mediocre.
The site's consensus stated ""Yogi Bear"s 3D effects and all-star voice cast are cold comfort for its aggressively mediocre screenplay."
The three gather on Hugh’s 25th anniversary at the coffeehouse to retell and memorialize their mediocre show-business careers, including a final disastrous performance on The Mike Douglas Show.
Their lyrical subject matter focuses on topics including depravity, domestic violence, and sexuality, reflected in songs like "Freaks in Love", "My Life is a Mediocre Piece of Shit" and "The Son Of A Disgruntled X-Postal Worker Reflects On His Life While Getting Stoned In The Parking Lot Of A Winn Dixie Listening To Metallica".
Though nature had endowed Camilo with a poetic temperament, his verses are considered to be mediocre, while his best plays are cast in bold lines and contain powerfully dramatic situations, and his comedies are a triumph of the grotesque, with a mordant tone reminiscent of the work of Gil Vicente.
Though the tour had originally been scheduled to go on to play in San Francisco and the Orange County Performing Arts Center, the production's mediocre reception prompted Cirque to cancel its upcoming tour.
While more brilliant leaders, like his father Demetrius and his neighbour Pyrrhus, aimed higher and fell lower, Antigonus achieved a measure of mediocre security.
While the first game obtained good sales in North America as a result of including the demo for "", "Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner", received mediocre sales.

More Vocab Words

::: ethereal - like a spirit or fairy; unearthly light; heavenly; unusually refined; Ex. She has an ethereal beauty; CF. ether: upper air
::: turgid - swollen; distended (as from liquid)
::: succumb - yield (to something overwhelming); give in; die; Ex. succumb to the illness
::: prevalent - widespread; generally accepted
::: cohorts - group of people who share some common quality; armed band; a group of between 300 and 600 soldiers under one commander (in the ancient Rome)
::: shambles - (place or scene of) complete disorder or ruin; wreck; mess; Ex. After the hurricane, the coast was a shambles.
::: fallow - (of land) plowed but not sowed (to improve the quality); uncultivated
::: parochial - narrow in scope or outlook; provincial; related to parishes
::: nihilist - one who considers traditional beliefs to be groundless and existence meaningless; absolute skeptic; revolutionary terrorist; CF. nihilism: belief that nothing has meaning or value; belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement
::: capricious - unpredictable; fickle