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Vocabulary Word

Word: meager

Definition: scanty; inadequate

Sentences Containing 'meager'

After Bimbo hauls away Betty and her meager belongings in a horse-drawn cart, the vacant house starts to fall apart.
After having studied medicine in his native town, García Gutiérrez moved to Madrid in 1833 and earned a meager living by translating plays of Eugène Scribe and Alexandre Dumas, père.
Disappointed by the meager portions he is served, the man bursts into song, expressing his desire for a Texas Double Whopper, in place of what he deems "chick food."
During the Texas Revolution, General Antonio Gaona joined Santa Anna on the 1836 invasion of Texas, which first journeyed to San Antonio de Bexar, and besieged the meager Texan forces garrisoned at the Alamo fort.
Fathers and mothers who had had their full share in the worst of the day, played gently with their meager children; and lovers, with such a world around them and before them, loved and hoped.
From being slender he had now become meager; once pale, he was now yellow; his deep set eyes were hollow, and the gold spectacles shielding his eyes seemed to be an integral portion of his face.
He was the 741st person to receive this award. Later, the Germans were pushed back to the Ruhr and, after the war Blumentritt disagreed with the Allies′ strategy in the west, discussing the precarious nature of the German position with its meager one armoured division against the Allies′ 12, and he stated that had General Bernard Montgomery been unleashed earlier for a concentrated armoured assault (as he wished) rather than fighting on a broad front, "Such a breakthrough ... would have torn the weak German front to pieces and ended the war in the winter of 1944."
Hiram jones' swindling of the Modoc's already meager rations of bad food and inadequate medical created such deplorable conditions that the Modoc mortality rate continued to climb.
His wife, on the contrary, whose maiden name had been Madeleine Radelle, was pale, meager, and sickly looking.
Historian Gaspar Frutuoso said of these settlers: The first vicar, Bernardo de Froes, operated the religious institution and the local affiliated industry, which was supported by meager revenues from the Church.
I myself, with the meager dialogue given to me, feared to be a hilarious bore."
In the late 1970s and early 1980s BC Hydro investigated the feasibility of geothermal power production at Meager Creek, north of Pemberton.
It had a meager beginning, but once the top stars started their exodus from the two Singapore studios, its growth surged dramatically.
It is one of the most recently formed volcanic formations of the Mount Meager massif.
Men are completely idle during dry seasons, play Dala (sort of cards played with sticks) and coordinate the meager activity during summer such as delivering grains to mills and bringing the daily family grocery from women's marketed-dairy-product money.
Other meager production of the city are honey, mushrooms, floriculture, and service industry (education and health).
Plinth Peak is the highest volcanic peak of Mount Meager.
Plinth Peak, sometimes called Plinth Mountain, is the highest satellite cone of Mount Meager, and one of four overlapping volcanic cones which together form a large volcanic complex in the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt of the Canadian Cascade Arc.
Ray Rawson and Gilbert Hays, old acquaintances of Johnny Lee, turn up unexpectedly and are interested in the meager contents of Johnny's garage apartment.
Scott noted that the parish's fisherman had set aside $7,000 from their "often meager tuna-catch earnings" to pay for the statue.
She tells Lakshmi that she is trapped there until she can pay off her family’s debt – then cheats Lakshmi of her meager earnings so that she can never leave. Lakshmi’s life becomes a nightmare from which she cannot escape.
Son and Kid earn meager livings at a fish farm, where workers take bets on how Son received his scars; Boy is an unsuccessful basketball coach at the local middle school.
Steve Gray was the last-place driver with a head gasket incident; earning only a meager prize amount of $450 for his 35 laps of racing ($ in today's money).
The butcher and the porkman painted up, only the leanest scrags of meat; the baker, the coarsest of meager loaves.
The cinematic accomplishments of the movie are decidedly meager, such as the completely unexplained casting of David Warner as both the hero's mentor and the chief villain, in addition to providing the narration.
The common grazing on the fallow, the unfertilized Allmend and the stubble fields, and the lack of winter feeding offered only a meager food.
The Grahams had brought more than a year's supply of food for their voyage, but Walker and Stearns quickly consumed their own meager supplies and resorted to harvesting the island's few coconuts, often by chopping down entire trees, leaving scars on the island habitat.
The team enjoyed far more popularity during this period than in previous years, but continued to post only meager results in the standings, with their best placing being in 1979, when they finished second behind the Hiroshima Toyo Carp.
The total prize purse handed out for this racing event was $6,395 ($ when inflation is taken into effect); Billy Wade received $1,400 of it ($ when inflation is taken into effect) while Lee Petty received a meager $150 ($ when inflation is taken into effect).
The traditional sources conflict about Liu Qian's family origins, but what they agreed on was that he came from what was then considered meager social station.
The U.S. Congress finally created the rank of veterinary sergeant in March 1863, but the meager pay and rank held no inducement for qualified candidates to join the army.
Until AmigaOS 2.0 there was no unified look and feel design standard and application developers had to write their own widgets (both buttons and menus) if they wished to enhance the already-meager selection of standard basic widgets provided by Intuition.
With respect to luxuries and comforts, the wisest have ever lived a more simple and meager life than the poor.
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