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Word: maritime

Definition: bordering on(adjacent to) the sea; nautical; of the ships or the sea; Ex. Maritime Provinces

Sentences Containing 'maritime'

"Gladstone" was to be preserved as a museum ship and attached to the Gladstone Maritime Museum during the latter's redevelopment.
A model of HMS "Audacity" is displayed in the Merseyside Maritime Museum.
A racon is a radar transponder commonly used to mark maritime navigational hazards.
At this time the Australian Maritime Safety Authority built a new light tower.
Beginning as a modest farming community, it developed an aggressive maritime and industrial economy.
Examples include the maritime republics of Genoa and Venice, Hanseatic League, and the Byzantine navy.
For many years, Lancelot was one of the very few Maritime publishing companies.
He has two paintings in the National Maritime Museum.
He planned to reconstruct this ancient ship and to reenact the ancient maritime trade route.
Her career ended in the 1960s when she could not meet the new maritime regulations.
His father Viktor worked as the Head of the Fire Safety of Maritime Fisheries Port.
In 1810, Spanish prisoners worked on the terracing and the maritime canal was inaugurated in 1827.
It is managed by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority
It is part of Maritime Prepositioning Ship Squadron Three.
La Mémoire maritime des arabes is a 2000 documentary film.
Maritime coast range ponderosa pine forest
Maritime Days are holidays typically established to recognize accomplishments in the maritime field.
Maritime history of the United States (1800–99)
Maritime Industrial Zoning Overlay District
Maritime Records is an Indonesia independent record label, best known for its recordings of pop.
Maritime trade was driven by the development of shipping companies with significant financial resources.
Maritime transport has shaped the world's economy into today's energy-intensive pattern.
Oba subsequently joined the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force until he retired.
On the west, the middle-maritime form is more present.
Only land boundaries are considered; maritime boundaries are excluded; see the List of countries and territories by maritime boundaries.
Several maritime unions would affiliate with the AFL.
She is owned by Caledonian Maritime Assets and operated by Calmac.
She was gifted on the same day to the Gladstone Maritime History Society.
Stowmarket has a maritime climate type as is typical for the bulk of the British Isles.
Susu (10%) is mostly spoken in Guinée maritime, where the capital is Conakry.
That year, the company received the 2011 Plimsoll Award for Innovation for its maritime product lines.
The "Park of Maritime Tradition", a collection of preserved historic ships, is located at the site.
The anchor is symbolic of the maritime origin and culture of the city.
The boat is now in the collection of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.
The climate is temperate maritime, which leads to mild but wet winters and dry humid summers.
The defendants face charges of maritime robbery, attempted murder and ship hijacking.
The Dobruja and the Sea Display is a small maritime museum.
The Foundation has an extensive collection of naval art, ancient maps and maritime antiques.
The Maritime Fringe responds with ineffective violence which is met with return fire from the Eqbas.
The maritime history of the United States (1800–1899) saw an expansion of naval activity.
The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, the oldest and largest maritime museum in Canada explores the cultural and technology of the province's seafaring heritage.
The purpose of the Maritime Commission was multifold as described in the Merchant Marine Act's Declaration of Policy.
The ship was transferred from the Maritime Commission to the US Army on 5 September 1946.
The vegetation of the cliffs exhibits a complex of maritime and sub-maritime communities.
The Western Australian Maritime Museum, located on Victoria Quay contains galleries with maritime themes such as the Indian Ocean, the Swan River, fishing, maritime trade and naval defence.
They are part of the Alaska Peninsula unit of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.
Thus, it claims to have erected flags in some islands and a lighthouse which it reported to the International Maritime Organization.
Today AIS technology is mandated by international law in order to prevent maritime collisions.
Tornaritis published a study entitled "Maritime Cyprus".
Violence during the Maritime Strike of 1934 cost Seattle much of its maritime traffic, which was rerouted to the Port of Los Angeles.

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