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Vocabulary Word

Word: lucid

Definition: easily understood; clear; intelligible; N. lucidity

Sentences Containing 'lucid'

"Incognito" was reviewed as "appealing and persuasive" by the "Wall Street Journal" and "a shining example of lucid and easy-to-grasp science writing" by "The Independent".
Among other things, he said the governor was against him, not to lose the presents his relations made him for reporting him still mad but with lucid intervals; and that the worst foe he had in his misfortune was his large property; for in order to enjoy it his enemies disparaged and threw doubts upon the mercy our Lord had shown him in turning him from a brute beast into a man.
During the election's national debates, Duceppe's lucid explanations of Bloc Québécois policies and his chastising of the other national party leaders' promises, resulted in both the French and English media ruling him the best speaker.
Finally, Umberto Eco's studies on Superman and James Bond as myths of a static good-and-evil world view should be mentioned as very early and lucid examples of a combination of semiotic and political analysis.
He wrote: "David Gratzer is a practicing psychiatrist who combines firsthand knowledge of medical practice in both his native Canada and the U.S. with an independent point of view and a rare capacity for lucid exposition of complex technical material...
His opinion in the reported case of Balkishan versus Legge, (I. L. R. 19 Allahabad 434) was an example of lucid exposition of the law on Mortgage by conditional sale, commonly known as "bai bil wafa" in this State.
His sweet, rich colour between 1921 and 1924 was unashamedly artificial, and is itself symptomatic of the fact that his return to lucid representation did not mean a return to nature approached naturalistically...
In 1845 he published "Remarks on Mesmerism", a lucid exposition of the scientific method of investigating phenomena said to be due to hidden forces of nature.
In addition, there were performances from Roots of Creation, The Indobox, BuzzUniverse, Archnemesis, Lucid, Twiddle, Dirty Paris, Timbre Coup, NY Funk Exchange, Sonic Spank, Beam Deem, Consider The Source, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Dopapod, The Maniac All-Stars, Capital Zen, Nadis Warriors, The Jack, Mentally Ill, Leila, Ian Stewart, DJ Brad Lee, Blue Boy Productions, ELECTRONICAnonymous, Tucci, JamAntics, Moses The Electric Company, The Edd, The High Peaks Band, Pia Mater, Fever Train, Mos Opus, Seed, lespecial, Positive Mental Trip, The Aposoul, Sugar Proof, The People's Blues of Richmond, Deafened by Love, Asleep in a Box, Wobblesauce, Mondo Gecko, John Snyder Performing, horiZonwireLess, Rogue Chimp, MAAZE, and The Grey Area.
In his attempts to be particularly lucid, Mr. Barkis was so extremely mysterious, that I might have stood looking in his face for an hour, and most assuredly should have got as much information out of it as out of the face of a clock that had stopped, but for Peggotty's calling me away.
Pure, correct, elegant and lucid language will be met with in men of courtly breeding and discrimination, though they may have been born in Majalahonda; I say of discrimination, because there are many who are not so, and discrimination is the grammar of good language, if it be accompanied by practice.
Seated (from left): Carolyn Huntoon (JSC's first female director), Ellen Baker, Mary Cleave, Rhea Seddon, Anna Fisher, Shannon Lucid, Ellen Ochoa, Sandra Magnus.
The fact is, the Time Traveller was one of those men who are too clever to be believed: you never felt that you saw all round him; you always suspected some subtle reserve, some ingenuity in ambush, behind his lucid frankness.
The Horse Guards breezily responded that, "No doubt he is sometimes a little mad, but in his lucid intervals he is an uncommonly clever fellow; and I trust he will have no fit during the campaign, though he looked a little wild as he embarked."
This brings us to a third argument, already made in the sixties by Umberto Eco. In a state-dominated mass society, the lonely, lucid, intellectual Übermensch can only retreat in his ivory tower.
To which he replied, "All the doctors and clever scribes in the world will not make sense of the scrawl of his madness; he is a madman full of streaks, full of lucid intervals."
We directed him to draw out whatever was at the end of that chain; which appeared to be a globe, half silver, and half of some transparent metal; for, on the transparent side, we saw certain strange figures circularly drawn, and thought we could touch them, till we found our fingers stopped by the lucid substance.

More Vocab Words

::: robust - strong; vigorous
::: forensic - suitable to debate or courts of law; of or used in legal proceedings and the tracking of criminals; Ex. forensic science/medicine
::: parochial - narrow in scope or outlook; provincial; related to parishes
::: pedant - scholar who overemphasizes book learning, trivial details of learning, or technicalities
::: primate - group of mammals including humans
::: dross - waste matter; worthless impurities
::: myopic - nearsighted; lacking foresight; N. myopia
::: pittance - small amount (of money); small allowance or wage
::: clamber - climb by crawling with difficulties; scramble
::: accede - agree