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Vocabulary Word

Word: lethal

Definition: deadly

Sentences Containing 'lethal'

A lethal dose will usually cause death within an hour.
Acute toxicity, if not lethal, may resolve in the spontaneous recovery of the affected animals provided further exposure is avoided.
Additionally, on a very warm day, all the desflurane would boil, and very high (potentially lethal) concentrations of desflurane might reach the patient.
As he got older he said that he almost took out lethal revenge against the perpetrator.
At the following day's show Omega defeated former rival Jay Lethal in a singles match.
Atabaev publicly protested the use of lethal force against the protesters.
Bishop is also the last prisoner to be executed by lethal gas by the state.
Carlo carried out this believed instruction by poisoning the Pope with lethal dose of Heparin (which the pope required for his illness).
Executions continue to be carried out in the gas chamber, but on a gurney designed for lethal injection.
Firearms officers are deployed to incidents involving the use of firearms or other lethal weapons either on a spontaneous or pre-planned basis.
Foals with Lethal White Syndrome invariably die of colic within 72 hours, and are usually humanely euthanized.
Gilbert acknowledged his debt to Malmsteen on the "Street Lethal" album with the neoclassical instrumental "Y.R.O.".
He made an appearance in the film Torrente 4 Lethal Crisis (Crisis Lethal) directed by fellow Santiago Segura.
He thus concludes that while Communist regimes are more difficult to eradicate, traditional autocratic regimes "pose the more lethal threat to functioning democracies."
He went to defend the championship against Colt Cabana, Jay Lethal, and The Great Muta.
In 1921, a bill authorizing the use of lethal gas had passed the Nevada State Legislature.
In humans, the lethal dose is estimated to be 3–5 mg (Minton, 1967).
Instead, it may simply be the minimum amount of force required to stop the criminal, which may be lethal even for relatively small crimes.
It is revealed that the dead reporter had been investigating a film studio, which is about to make a sequel to the action film "Lethal Agent", despite the title's commercial failure.
It lays its eggs on the toad's skin and when these hatch, the larvae crawl into the toad's nostrils and eat its flesh internally with lethal consequences.
Jiajing Emperor in the Ming Dynasty died from ingesting a lethal dosage of mercury in the supposed "Elixir of Life" conjured by alchemists.
Lethal injection is more commonly used for "economic crimes", such as corruption, while firing squads are used for more common crimes like murder.
Lethal white syndrome is a genetic disorder linked to the Frame overo (O) gene and most closely studied in the American Paint Horse.
Lethal Yellowing is a phytoplasma disease that attacks many species of palms, including some commercially important species such as the coconut and date palm.
Like other forms of non-lethal force, pain compliance strategies are not perfect and may be abused as a form of torture with plausible deniability.
Lodeiro is two footed but has a particularly lethal left foot shot and is dangerous from free kicks.
Malayalis have their own lethal form of martial arts called Kalaripayattu.
Non-lethal methods used by officers include the Baton Gun for firing rubber bullets and the Taser stun-gun.
Omar had a vendetta against the Barksdale organization and gave them all of his lethal attention.
On December 6, 1985, serial killer Carroll Cole became the first inmate to be executed in Nevada by lethal injection.
One in five were lethal to mice at low doses.
Other advocacy groups have called for banning small, inexpensive handguns known as "Saturday night special", but conservatives believe bans on less lethal varieties of guns encourage the substitution of more lethal types of guns.
PCl3 is toxic, with a concentration of 600 ppm being lethal in just a few minutes.
Police responded with tear gas and Non-lethal weapons.
Politics again intervened at Munich in 1972, with lethal consequences.
Serotonin syndrome is lethal, but treatable.
She eventually establishes that Morley was poisoned by a pastry left at his office made with lethal mushrooms.
She then shows him how to tell the difference between the lethal mushroom he almost ate, and one that looks almost identical, but is in fact an aphrodisiac.
Some cultivars, such as the Jamaica Tall coconut cultivar nearly died out by lethal yellowing.
The chainlock is not usually considered to be a lethal weapon, but can cause a lot of damage when used correctly.
The different companies usually also sell other types of projectiles for non-lethal use or projectiles with combined effects.
The fragments are projected in a sixty degree arc out to a maximum range of 250 meters, with a lethal range of around sixteen meters.
The game's soundtrack featured two Racer X songs - "Y.R.O.", from "Street Lethal", and "Technical Difficulties", from "Technical Difficulties.
The method of execution was lethal injection.
The scientific consensus is that HIV is a variation of simian immunodeficiency virus that crossed into humans and mutated into a virus lethal to humans.
There is a direct connection between green lawns and the spread of lethal yellowing in Florida.
They were trained in small arms, less-lethal weaponry and crew-served weapons.
Though less lethal, the consequences for poor teamwork are as crucial in business.
Though still occasionally dangerous and lethal, the graphic violence of the character's criminal behavior was also toned down.
While playing with the Marksmen, Gonsalves formed a lethal striking partnership with another local player, Bert Patenaude.

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