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Vocabulary Word

Word: lateral

Definition: of or coming from the side

Sentences Containing 'lateral'

"Parakysis" species characteristically have pigmented tubercles and lateral lobes of the lower lip.
At that time, the town belonged to a lateral branch of the Rurikid House of Smolensk.
Branching was 'pseudomonopodial', i.e. resulted in a 'main' stem and a lateral branch.
Early in life, Rudy Giuliani developed a lateral lisp which he still has to this day.
Finally, the lateral surface of the mandible dorsoventrally concave posteriorly, while other thalassophoneans show flat or weakly convex lateral surface of the postedentary bones.
From there, lateral valleys branch off in many directions.
Growth lines show a deep hyponomic sinus and lateral ocular sinuses.
He could claim this by right of lateral inheritance since his father had sat on the throne.
If so, the stipe is off-center with a lateral attachment to wood.
In a lateral building on the Genoa side are the office of the railway police and the public conveniences.
In cross section it is referred to as the lateral horn.
In its two lateral wings, there are a bar, restaurant, newsagent and tobacconist, and a bicycle storage area.
It is a component of the white lateral columns.
It is one of the lateral ligaments of the ankle and prevents the foot from sliding forward in relation to the shin.
Its fins are brown, and its lateral line has a high to medium arch over the pectoral fin.
Lateral collateral ligament can refer to:
Lateral inhibition is required for many types of cell fate determination.
Longitudinal and lateral slip, longitudinal, lateral and vertical forces.
One broader dark blotch is located on middle of the straight section of the lateral line.
Prediction and Retracing Lateral Gene Transfer.
Prentice died in 2002 in Coleman, Alberta from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Rudders are rotated to generate a lateral force which turns the boat.
Some have small dorsal fins and lateral skin folds.
Some studies link RTNs with Alzheimer's disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Sutures are with lateral lobes in primitive forms but are without lateral lobes, but with ventral lobes in more advanced species with broader sections.
Sutures have ventral and lateral lobes but are transverse dorsally.
The abdomen is paler olive-brown with two black lateral spots at the base.
The abdomen is without basal lateral patches.
The choroid, especially lateral to the optic disc, is hypoplastic (underdeveloped).
The fruit is oblong, averaging less than a pound in weight and having a small lateral beak.
The lateral branches are stiff with spiny, pointed ends.
The lateral line curves slightly above the pectoral fin.
The lateral line is incomplete, reaching back only as far as the dorsal fin.
The Lateral Portion of the ascending ramus has three surfaces: superior, inferior, and posterior.
The mine has the form of a digitate blotch under the upper epidermis along the midrib or lateral rib.
The pavement consists of slabs of granite, with wood pedestals in lateral areas.
The seats have a sporty design, with padded side panels but offer little lateral support.
The sides of the caudal peduncle are expanded into prominent lateral keels.
The smaller lateral and ventral scales are keeled too.
The suture has a ventral saddle and broad lateral lobe and the siphuncle is small and near the venter.
The suture is with broad, deep lateral lobes, the nature of the ventral and lateral lobes is unknown, as is the position of the siphuncle.
The trailing Bissel truck was of the Cartazzi type that allowed the axle some lateral movement.
The two lateral parts of the building extend symmetrically from the central body.
There is a complete series of large lateral black spots on the abdomen.
They have fused lateral sepals (synsepals), which splits slightly at its end.
This chewing action differs from both that of gomphotheres (lateral grinding) and elephants (horizontal shearing).
This is because of lateral gene transfer, convergence, and varying rates of evolution for different genes.
Thus, lateral inhibition mechanisms are key to Notch signaling.
Up to three sporangia were found on a "reduced lateral branch system".
When cornering at high speed, the transmission maintains the same gear above a certain lateral acceleration level.

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