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Vocabulary Word

Word: lament

Definition: grieve; express sorrow; N. lamentation

Sentences Containing 'lament'

"Choro" (literally translated meaning "lament") is also popularly known as "chorinho" in the affectionate diminutive form of Brazilian Portuguese.
"Paddy", another derogatory placeholder name for an Irish person, lacks the sharpness of "Taig" and is often used in a jocular context or incorporated into mournful pro-Irish sentiment (e.g. the songs "Poor Paddy on the Railway" and "Paddy's Lament").
A dirge is a somber song or lament expressing mourning or grief, such as would be appropriate for performance at a funeral. The English word "dirge" is derived from the Latin "Dirige, Domine, Deus meus, in conspectu tuo viam meam" ("Direct my way in your sight, O Lord my God"), the first words of the first antiphon in the Matins of the Office for the Dead, created on basis of Ps.
According to popular tradition, Donald Ban wrote his well known lament, "Cha till, cha till, cha till, MacCruimein" (meaning literally "MacCrimmon will not, will not, will not return." it has been variously titled "No more, no more, no more, MacCrimmon", "MacCrimmon shall never return", "MacCrimmon's Lament" among others) with an intimation of his fate.
After breakfast, the girls walked to Meryton to inquire if Mr. Wickham were returned, and to lament over his absence from the Netherfield ball.
And if thou neglect not this, but place all that thou hast therein, thou shalt never be let or hindered; thou shalt never lament; thou shalt not blame or flatter any.
As the ungrateful ladies return to the Underworld one of them sings a lament regretting she must leave the "pure and serene air."
At age seven Farrell played his own composition, a lament on the death of Archbishop Francis Redwood, in a public concert with the Wellington Symphony Orchestra.
But he that preferreth before all things his rational part and spirit, and the sacred mysteries of virtue which issueth from it, he shall never lament and exclaim, never sigh; he shall never want either solitude or company: and which is chiefest of all, he shall live without either desire or fear.
But on her way upstairs, she dies, her last words a lament that she had promised Coudray that she would be with him always.
By reflecting on the former, they find themselves cut off from all possibility of pleasure; and whenever they see a funeral, they lament and repine that others have gone to a harbour of rest to which they themselves never can hope to arrive.
Dawn starts to bemoan that no one seems to notice her ("Dawn's Lament"), but is seized by minions of Sweet (Hinton Battle), a zoot suit-wearing, tap-dancing, singing demon.
From what you have just now sung I gather that yours spring from love, I mean from the love you bear that fair ingrate you named in your lament."
Having thus answered the only objection that can ever be raised against me as a traveller, I here take a final leave of all my courteous readers, and return to enjoy my own speculations in my little garden at Redriff; to apply those excellent lessons of virtue which I learned among the _Houyhnhnms_; to instruct the _Yahoos_ of my own family, is far as I shall find them docible animals; to behold my figure often in a glass, and thus, if possible, habituate myself by time to tolerate the sight of a human creature; to lament the brutality to _Houyhnhnms_ in my own country, but always treat their persons with respect, for the sake of my noble master, his family, his friends, and the whole _Houyhnhnm_ race, whom these of ours have the honour to resemble in all their lineaments, however their intellectuals came to degenerate.
Her poems are intricate verbal transfigurations of significant experiences as revealed, in two of her much anthologized pieces, ""Lament for the Littlest Fellow"" and ""Bonsai."" As fictionist, Tiempo is as morally profound.
Her recordings include "Lament for a Hanging Man" by Mark Antony Turnage, "Canciones" by Simon Holt, "Street Scene" by Kurt Weill, "L'Enfance du Christ" by Berlioz and "Beatrice Cenci" by Berthold Goldschmidt.
His debut novel "Lament of Mohini" was Longlisted for the Crossword Book Award. It featured on the Asian Age Top Ten List. His novel "Maria's Room" was Longlisted for the inaugural Man Asia Literary Prize (2007).
His novels include "Lament of Mohini" (Penguin) and "Maria's Room" (Harper Collins).
I take off my ring, I wear my worst clothes, I use no bear's grease, and I frequently lament over the late Miss Larkins's faded flower.
In 1516, he painted an allegorical image, "la complainte de nature à l'alchimiste errant" (The Lament of Nature to the Wandering Alchemist), in which a winged figure with arms crossed, representing Nature, sits on a tree stump with branches that have been intricately shaped, with a fire burning in its base, conversing with an alchemist in an ankle-length coat, standing outside of his stone-laid shoreline laboratory.
In 1976, Stoessinger pleaded guilty to concealing fraud totaling at least $260,000 committed by Anne Lament, who used letters of recommendation from him which she addressed to overseas banks and governments.
It chronicles the protagonist's lament on so-called "playas" over a speaker-jarring 808 beat, and received mixed reviews.
Jammers Minde (literally A Memory of Lament), translated into English as Memoirs of Leonora Christina, is an autobiography completed in 1674 by Leonora Christina, daughter of Christian IV of Denmark and Kirsten Munk.
Layton describes it as a lament and that is a closer description.
Many accounts of cinephilia, such as Adrian Martin’s largely sympathetic “No Flowers for the Cinephile,” lament both the masculinist predilections and the predominantly male gender of cinephiliac activity in this period (and period for that matter).
McGee has a strong history of dramatic works revolving around rugby, most notably his play "Foreskin's Lament".
Oddrúnargrátr ("Oddrún's lament") or Oddrúnarkviða ("Oddrún's poem") is an Eddic poem, found in the Codex Regius manuscript where it follows "Guðrúnarkviða III" and precedes "Atlakviða".
Oh, ye wood nymphs and dryads, that dwell in the thickets of the forest, so may the nimble wanton satyrs by whom ye are vainly wooed never disturb your sweet repose, help me to lament my hard fate or at least weary not at listening to it!
Other synths used by Ultravox included the Moog MiniMoog, Yamaha GS1 (the pad sound on "Lament") and Emulator II sampler.
Shreekumar Varma is an Indian author, playwright, newspaper columnist and poet, known for the novels "Lament of Mohini" (Penguin, 2000), "Maria's Room" (Harper Collins, 2010), "Devil's Garden: Tales Of Pappudom" (Puffin, 2006), "The Magic Store of Nu-Cham-Vu" (Puffin, 2009) and the historical book for children, "Pazhassi Raja: The Royal Rebel" (Macmillan, 1997).
The Americans were prepared with an army in a fortified position which still would have been carried, if the duties of others, that is of the Admiral (Sir Alexander Cochrane), had been as well performed as that of he whom we now lament.
The association between Rhoiteion and the burial place of Telamonian Ajax (as opposed to Locrian Ajax) first appears in a fragment of the Hellenistic poet Euphorion of Chalcis (early 3rd century BC), who writes, "Purple hyacinth, one story of poets is that, on the Rhoetean sands, after the fall of the descendant of Aeacus Ajax, you sprang up from his blood with a lament in your inscription".
The award-winning album "", released by musician Peter Ostroushko in 2005, included a piece called "Swede Hollow Lament".
The Guardian, in their five star review of the "Hadestown" CD, declared Michael Chorney to be the star of the show for scoring "Mitchell's songs to wondrous effect: the New Orleans jazz of Way Down Hadestown, the grumbling lament of Why We Build the Wall, the sweet and tumbling melody of Wedding Song."
The main content of the poem is the lament of Oddrún, sister of Atli, for Gunnarr, her lost and forbidden love.
The music of these suites, especially "Morning Mood" starting the first suite, "In the Hall of the Mountain King", and the string lament "Åse's Death" later reappeared in numerous arrangements, soundtracks, etc. Other Norwegian composers that have written theatrical music for Peer Gynt include Harald Sæverud (1947), Arne Nordheim (1969), Ketil Hvoslef (1993) and Jon Mostad (1993–4).
The psalm is a lament in which the author grieves because he is surrounded by enemies, and one of his closest friends has betrayed him.
The story itself has been traced to the Old English "The Wife's Lament"; however, because the woman herself complains only of malevolent relatives, not the specific brother-in-law, it is impossible to confirm that it is the source.
The wives and daughters lament their confinement to the island, although I think it the most delicious spot of ground in the world; and although they live here in the greatest plenty and magnificence, and are allowed to do whatever they please, they long to see the world, and take the diversions of the metropolis, which they are not allowed to do without a particular license from the king; and this is not easy to be obtained, because the people of quality have found, by frequent experience, how hard it is to persuade their women to return from below.
They lament what is wrong with these ""Kids"" today.
This obliged them to make all the speed they could to evade the enemy, when they could but lament the absence of Dantes, whose superior skill in the management of a vessel would have availed them so materially.
This poem, written to lament the death of Bryan O'Neill, and the defeat of the Irish at the battle of Downpatrick in 1260, boasts of their victories over their enemies and makes mentions the victory over the Ulidians, however in reference to the battle of Downpatrick, the bard would lament "Alas!
To complain of it, is to lament over the necessary cause and effect of the greatest public prosperity.
Vanzetti was looking for a project on which to teach himself on-line database programming using SQL Server, and this seemed like a natural fit, since they were both co-moderators of the newsgroup rec.arts.movies.erotica (RAME), and members of the newsgroup would often lament about the passing of the original Internet Adult Film Database.
While Verdi did not necessarily see a problem in changing location, he did lament the loss of other things: "what a pity to have to give up the pomp of a court like that of Gustavo III.
With loud lament the parents saw their child borne out of sight over the wide waters.
Your profusion makes me saving; and if you lament over him much longer, my heart will be as light as a feather.''

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