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Vocabulary Word

Word: iridescent

Definition: exhibiting rainbowlike colors; Ex. iridescent oil slick; N. iridescence

Sentences Containing 'iridescent'

Cuulong Fish JSC (ACL:VN) is a fishery company of Vietnam, specializing in farming and processing two species of pangasius fish, a genus of catfish, Pangasius bocourti and Pangasius hypophthalmus (the iridescent shark).
Its tail feathers are iridescent blue-black with broad white tips on the outer two to three pairs.
Juvenile males resemble the juvenile female, but with a variable amount of iridescent orange to the throat.
Males and females have the upperside dusky brown; forewing with a broad beautifully iridescent blue discal band from below vein 8 to dorsum, extending posteriorly towards the base of the wing, outwardly suffused with a brilliant silvery gloss.
Miyamura is best known for his unique iridescent glazes, including a compelling gold glaze, the "starry night" glaze on a black background, and a blue hare's fur glaze.
Recent microscopic examination has indicated that the surfaces of the many bristles on its "legs" were diffraction gratings that made the animal iridescent.
Some of these structures still maintain an iridescent color typical of feather and fur tissues.
Some species—"S. aequisignata" and "S. aurosignata"—are used for beetlewing craft because of their iridescent wings.
The factory produces porcelain that is characterised by its thinness, slightly iridescent surface and that the body is formulated with a significant proportion of frit.
The iridescent green sheen of the bands of this butterfly is not produced by pigments, but is structural coloration produced by the microstructure of the wing scales.
The nape is blue-grey and the neck has an iridescent pink patch, most prominent after moult. The upperparts are rufous brown.
The plumage over the wings has an iridescent purple sheen.
The species gets its name from the adult male's iridescent blue throat patch (gorget), but the female lacks this, having a plain gray throat.
The upper breast is iridescent from violet to blue-green; the rest of the underparts are red.

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