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Vocabulary Word

Word: inter

Definition: bury; N. interment

Sentences Containing 'inter'

All three themes are inter-woven into each episode.
Also KSRTC buses operates many inter district services from here.
At the age of 10, he scored 156 in an inter-school match.
C.L.S. Inter College B.L.N. Memorial Public School.
Cursed be that mortal inter-indebtedness which will not do away with ledgers.
Distinguished from other species by an inter-brachial septum lacking a foramen.
During this period there were a number of glacial and inter-glacial periods.
European Inter-University Association on Society, Science and Technology
Flow from between stages is by gravity with no need for inter-stage pumps.
Former Senior 'A' team which joined the Inter-City Lacrosse League in 1937.
He also won an Inter High Schools speech competition.
He enrolled at the Inter-American Defense College in the United States.
He made his Senior inter-county debut against Armagh in 1975.
He returned to Inter for another season, but he moved on to Atalanta where he spent four seasons.
He started his comedy career by participating in youth festivals and inter-college competitions.
He then scored the only goal as MP squeezed past Inter Godfather's in the next round.
Heffernan first came to prominence on the inter-county scene in the early 1980s.
His "Lanzon" painting (1993) is now owned by the Inter-American Development Bank.
His inter county career began as a Cork minor hurler in 1986.
However, the variety is highly resistant to diseases, and it has little inter-annual variation.
In 1941, she became research director for the Office of the Coordinator for Inter-American Affairs.
In the inter-war period the Royal Navy was stripped of much of its power.
In this regard, Waleed Al -Husseini was invited by France Inter under the title "They change the world"
Inter state discussions were held based on this report.
Inter-Korean relations may be divided into five periods.
Inter-Lakes High School is a high school in Meredith, New Hampshire.
Inter-provincial. Cloonan has also lined out with Connacht in the inter-provincial championship.
Inter-school competitions are held at all India level.
Interracial or inter ethnic relationships was generally discouraged at the time.
It can be computed by using a histogram of inter-onset intervals.
It was developed for the classroom and focused on the lives of inter-city children.
Khamis Brigade arrives; inter-loyalist fighting.
Main schools in the town are- Sardar Patel Inter college.
Many of these clubs compete at the inter varsity level and have won numerous awards.
Mavado then instructs him to destroy their underground base and with it, their only means of inter-realm travel.
Murray's hugely successful inter-county career began in 1939.
Nicholas' and was a member of the Cork senior inter-county football team in the 1950s.
Provincial. Murphy also lined out with Munster in the inter-provincial hurling competition.
Rashtriya Inter College :The oldest government Inter college of the town.It is situated on State Highway Azamgarh-Ghazipur main Road.
Ribosome consists of large and small subunits joined together with inter subunit bridges.
Sarai Kale Khan Inter-State bus terminus.
Sridhar's gang participates in an inter-college football match and wins the cup.
Sulak’s commitment to inter-religious dialogue has been important throughout his life.
The club is responsible for hosting its own inter-collegiate head race, Butler Head.
The inter war exhibit is a dedication to peace time flight in America between the World Wars.
The ninth Inter-Cities Fairs Cup was played over the 1966–67 season.
The video is inter-cut with scenes where Ayumi is singing at a fairyland/dream setting.
They are either terminal or inter caloary.
This also marked the introduction of inter-branch banking.
VTU organizes the national level inter-university competition in Table Tennis.

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