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Vocabulary Word

Word: integrate

Definition: make whole; combine; make into one unit

Sentences Containing 'integrate'

According to Callisto, she formed the Morlocks by first recruiting Caliban, and then using his power to track down other mutants who were unable to integrate into normal society.
Although it would be possible simply to integrate over all space to find the total angular momentum in the above example, Dirac took a different approach.
Apps can use "contracts"; a collection of hooks to provide common functionality that can integrate with other apps, including search and sharing.
Army Ranger Battalions and Navy SEAL units plan to integrate women by 2015 and 2016, respectively.
As a teacher, Cooper strives to integrate the tapas of a strong practice with the santosha of a quiet mind.
At this time the board decided to integrate the school and the new entity became known as MGSM.
Both Nazimuddin and Amin failed to integrate the East population into Pakistan.
CLS uses learning approaches that integrate past and current experience and employs both personal coaching and web-based resources to facilitate this.
Dr. Jewell hopes to integrate the mission of LMU, African American Studies as a discipline, and issues of African Americans in the Los Angeles area.
Education at CHS aims to integrate a student's faith with knowledge, and to encourage everyone to apply both in improving the world in which they live.
Eventually, more and more black students decided to integrate into the Drew schools.
Games can integrate into an Xbox Live hub app, which also allows users to view their profile and gamerscore.
Goldberg's empathy and the uniqueness of the subjects emerge in his works, "forming a context within which the viewer may integrate the unthinkable into the concept of self.
He is a pioneer among professional musicians utilizing new media resources and was among the first to integrate 21st Century Technologies as a matter of course.
He made no attempt to integrate local rulers into the system of local administration, and their existing powers were minimised in favour of direct rule by the district officers.
Her insistence on mixed audiences helped to integrate shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, then one of the most segregated cities in America.
However, even when schools began to offer the choice to integrate, racial problems still remained.
However, the involving companies have announced in 2004 that they are preparing to integrate the three systems.
In addition, U.S. district judge William Keady later ordered the Indianola School District to fully integrate the public schools.
In its policy on integration, the party support more open immigration combined with measures to help new arrivals to integrate into Swedish society.
In part this educational project began as a way to integrate newly conquered pagan captives into a Muslim ruling class.
In the early 50's he decided to integrate the production domain.
In the junior team of Corinthians in 2010, was named by coach Mano Menezes to integrate the core team of Corinthians.
It requires approaches that integrate the protection, development and sustainable use of our natural resources with a purposeful, consistent course of action.
It was revived in 1939, and the WRNS continued until disbandment in 1993, as a result of the decision to fully integrate women into the structures of the Royal Navy.
Johnson Johnson attributed Naked's selection to their need to integrate 'channel-agnostic communications planning' with traditional media buying.
Kelly's project to integrate the student body and the faculty is successful, and he decides to remain at the seminary even after his probationary period ended.
Lastly, competencies can provide a structured model that can be used to integrate management practices throughout the organization.
Lately, he showcased the course at "ConFABulation", a symposium about how to integrate new media in classroom.
Nadjari's idea is that the digital age is an archiving system that enables any other format to fit, not technically, but more to integrate with the story we want to tell.
of the first steps to integrate cross media tactics effectively into a specific project is to evaluate and examine a customer’s preferences.
Once the kernel is loaded, these processes are bootstrapped, and they integrate the newly running node into the Helios network.
Other also will integrate television, then still on its early stage, where they will meet again some filmmakers that have also turned toward TV.
Terrel comes to integrate himself with these people by winning their trust through his healing, and soon becomes embroiled in their politics and way of life.
The Boltzmann equation is notoriously difficult to integrate.
The essential was in the understanding of space other than by the classical method of perspective; an understanding that would include and integrate the fourth dimension with 3-space.
The fourth building, Botanica, was designed to integrate a living garden intertwined among the residential units.
The Garmin iQue 3600 was among the first devices to integrate GPS technology into PDA devices.
The government pursued policies to integrate the races in public housing estates and national schools.
The merchants not only act as intermediary between producers and consumers, but also integrate more and more of production into a market economy.
The National City name, as expected, lasted well into 2009 since it would take PNC some time to integrate the two banks together.
The Open Graph feature allows developers to integrate their applications and pages into the Facebook platform, and links Facebook with external sites on the Internet.
The other approach is contextual ambidexterity, which uses behavioral and social means to integrate exploitation and exploration at the organizational unit level.
The owners and local council leaders have stated their aim to better connect and integrate Merry Hill with the traditional town centre of Brierley Hill.
The program provides a strong foundation of vendor-neutral, systems level credentials that will integrate with and complement individual vendor certifications."
The same year, the town of Richelieu was separated from Saumur to integrate with the then new Department of Indre-et-Loire.
The third objective is integrate such technologies into the air traffic control system and other law enforcement agencies for overall situational awareness.
They often do not adapt to the dialect, but show their desire to integrate into the local community by adopting key regional vocabulary.
To Alexander, the Persistent Problems represented a logical way to integrate the curriculum with relevancy and individual meaning.
Virginia closed schools in Warren County, Prince Edward County, Charlottesville, and Norfolk rather than integrate, but no other state followed suit.
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