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Vocabulary Word

Word: insipid

Definition: lacking in flavor; lacking interest; dull; Ex. insipid food/character

Sentences Containing 'insipid'

Gary McGinley of No Ripcord called it "an album of two halves as the stronger brat-pop moments soon give way to by insipid, dated ballads"; he noted that "there are glimpses of promise scattered between the overwrought delivery and unnecessary vocal gymnastics", but concluded by saying that "Who You Are" "promised much more than what has been delivered".
He had written a mediocre specimen of an insipid class of romance, and some plays which manifestly did not comply with the primary condition of pleasing: were the playgoers to patronise plays that did not amuse them, because the author was to produce "Don Quixote" twenty years afterwards?
It was at first a very insipid diet, though common enough in many parts of Europe, but grew tolerable by time; and having been often reduced to hard fare in my life, this was not the first experiment I had made how easily nature is satisfied.
She was not of so ungovernable a temper as Lydia; and, removed from the influence of Lydia's example, she became, by proper attention and management, less irritable, less ignorant, and less insipid.
The EP features an intro and 5 songs, of which 2 are new, "Insipid" and "Ascendency", and 2 are re-recorded versions from "Invocation", "Immolation of the Dragon" and "Occupy".
The EP features several guest appearances: vocals by Matt Knowles of Royal Anguish on "Insipid", and additional lead guitar work by Dustin Olson, Tim Roth (Into Eternity) and Rob Doherty (Into Eternity).
The show premiered to scathingly poor reviews from both amateur and professional critics, who found the show drenched in insipid humour and lacking in cohesion.
With the management concerned about the team's insipid display an investigation was launched, which discovered that their players Wen Junwu and three others were in collusion with gambling groups and were immediately expelled from the club.

More Vocab Words

::: collected - composed; calm; self-possessed
::: singular - being only one; individual; unique; extraordinary; odd; Ex. singular beauty/behavior
::: obloquy - slander; disgrace; infamy
::: docket - program as for trial; book where such entries are made; list of things to be done; agenda; label fixed to a package listing contents or directions; V: describe in a docket
::: sycophant - servile flatterer; bootlicker; yes man; ADJ. sycophantic
::: philistine - narrow-minded person, uncultured and exclusively interested in material gain; uncultured person who is indifferent to artistic and cultural values; member of an ancient people in Palestine; OP. aesthete
::: rally - come or bring together; call up or summon (forces, vital powers, etc.); revive or recuperate (after illness or difficulty); N: act of rallying; mass gathering
::: feral - (of an animal) not domestic; wild
::: disgruntle - make discontented
::: provocative - arousing anger or sexual interest; annoying; Ex. provocative in tight jeans; V. provoke: incite to anger; cause (an unpleasant action or feeling); N. provocation