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Vocabulary Word

Word: ingenious

Definition: marked by inventive skill; clever; resourceful; N. ingenuity

Sentences Containing 'ingenious'

"Well, it is very ingenious," said I, laughing; "but since, as you said just now, there has been no crime committed, and no harm done save the loss of a goose, all this seems to be rather a waste of energy."
A share of this income called the "quppu ša šarri", "kings chest"—an ingenious institution originally introduced by Nabonidus—was then turned over to the ruler.
Additionally, these stages allowed for the use of stage effects generated by ingenious machinery.
Albert found in his anteroom two guns, with all the accoutrements for hunting; a lofty room on the ground floor containing all the ingenious instruments the English eminent in piscatory pursuits, since they are patient and sluggish have invented for fishing.
Among these, the principal was Mr. Kinnersley, an ingenious neighbor, who, being out of business, I encouraged to undertake showing the experiments for money, and drew up for him two lectures, in which the experiments were rang'd in such order, and accompanied with such explanations in such method, as that the foregoing should assist in comprehending the following.
But Muslim trebuchets were constructed with new and ingenious improvements, and different kinds became available, far better than those used before."
But on returning to the drawing room, when her letter was finished, she saw, to her infinite surprise, there was reason to fear that her mother had been too ingenious for her.
Cattle rustlers using "running irons" were ingenious in changing brands.
Cheke wrote: Many of these so-called inkhorn terms, such as "dismiss", "celebrate", "encyclopedia", "commit", "capacity" and "ingenious", stayed in the language and are commonly used.
Dantes dug away the earth carefully, and detected, or fancied he detected, the ingenious artifice.
Education in the ingenious arts, and in the liberal professions, is still more tedious and expensive.
French rap is filled with slang that is hard for even French-speakers to understand; whole songs are delivered in Verlan, the ingenious, dizzying slang in which words are reversed or recombined.
He found the play "ingenious, but unsatisfactory—like a dream".
He had not been more than ten minutes in the drawing room before he drew Danglars aside into the recess of a bow window, and, after an ingenious preamble, related to him all his anxieties and cares since his noble father's departure.
His scientific knowledge, and his vigilance and skill in conducting ingenious experiments, brought him otherwise into moderate request, and he earned as much as he wanted.
I hear the "Fairy" spoken of on all sides as one of the wittiest and as the most ingenious and daring of Mr Gilbert's dramatic productions."
I shall endeavour to explain, however, as distinctly as I can, the great outlines of this very ingenious system.
I was to discover the atrocious folly of this proceeding, but it came to my mind as an ingenious move for covering our retreat.
If I had happily possessed no knowledge of the place, and had seen it often in that changeless state, I should have pleased my fancy with many ingenious speculations, I dare say.
If it did not rise in this manner, the ingenious arts and the liberal professions, being; no longer upon a level with other trades, would be so much deserted, that they would soon return to that level.
In 1910, Metzinger said of him, " lays out a free, mobile perspective, from which that ingenious mathematician Maurice Princet has deduced a whole geometry".
In 1978 it was called by The Mathematical Intelligencer “both ingenious and profound,” and was later referenced in Cauchy's Cours d’Analyse and Chrystal's influential textbook "Algebra".
Isle of Man Post Office issued a set of six stamps featuring a selection of the most bizarre and ingenious automotive challenges featured on Top Gear.
It has been claimed there is a hint of architectural value in the ingenious way the wide range of goods are displayed within the spatial confinement of the store.
It is "significant for its ingenious construction, with its main story supported by an inverse pylon made up of an oak trunk upside down in the center of the basement."
Jackie McGlone of The Scotsman describes her 'wickedly entertaining pitch black novels' as being 'an ingenious blend of fact and fiction (full of epigrams and authorial apercus).’ Biography.
Load bearing by porters was greatly enhanced by the use of ingenious "steel horses" – bicycles specially modified by widening the handlebars, strengthening the suspensions and adding cargo pallets.
Luckily, the ingenious Kolobki arrive just in time to lure the elephant away with cod-liver oil and shoot Karbofos down with a balloon gun.
M. Jacob informed the ingenious Picasso of it, and Picasso saw there a possibility of new ornamental schemes.
My aunt, being uncommonly neat and ingenious, made so many little improvements in our domestic arrangements, that I seemed to be richer instead of poorer.
Neither Piron, nor Marmontel, nor La Motte disdained this ingenious exercise, and early in the 19th century the fashion was revived.
Nothing should have induced ME to touch it!) and voted himself into the charge of the wine-cellar, which he constructed, being an ingenious beast, in the hollow trunk of a tree.
One of these clients was a man whom the spirits -LRB- if one may thus plurally describe the ingenious Manchester -RRB- were teaching how to contrive an improved railway car wheel.
She must on no account be offered for sale, unless, indeed, it be in heroic poems, moving tragedies, or sprightly and ingenious comedies.
That's MIGHTY good!--and mighty ingenious--under the CIRCUMSTANCES!"
The book of dissertations also had a note of "other ingenious works of the late Mr Darwin in the Hands of the Editor, which may at some distant time be given to the public".
The Editor wanted that explained to him, and the Psychologist volunteered a wooden account of the 'ingenious paradox and trick' we had witnessed that day week.
The fellow was an ingenious workman, and by my instructions, in ten days, finished a pleasure-boat with all its tackling, able conveniently to hold eight Europeans.
The method was no doubt suggested to Clay's ingenious mind by the colour of his accomplice's hair.
The Millennium Link project replaced the lock with an ingenious and unique boat lift, the Falkirk Wheel.
The most ingenious man, if he had not witnessed what takes place, could never have imagined what purpose all these parts serve.
There was a most ingenious architect, who had contrived a new method for building houses, by beginning at the roof, and working downward to the foundation; which he justified to me, by the like practice of those two prudent insects, the bee and the spider.
There was a most ingenious doctor, who seemed to be perfectly versed in the whole nature and system of government.
They attacked him in various ways with barefaced questions, ingenious suppositions, and distant surmises; but he eluded the skill of them all, and they were at last obliged to accept the second hand intelligence of their neighbor, Lady Lucas.
They have many of them become very learned, ingenious, and respectable men; but they have in general ceased to be very popular preachers.
They may be men of a certain experience and discrimination, and have no doubt invented ingenious and even useful systems, for which we sincerely thank them; but all their wit and usefulness lie within certain not very wide limits.
This station used a rather ingenious way to force its chief rival station to build a tower on Zachary Ridge instead of the much higher House Mountain.
What Joshua Toulmin calls Caffyn's 'truly protestant and ingenious defence' satisfied the assembly.
``And I promise to give you the satisfaction of a gentleman if your scheme turns out as ingenious as you assert.''
``It is very ingenious,''said the count.
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