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Vocabulary Word

Word: inflated

Definition: exaggerated; pompous; enlarged (with air or gas)

Sentences Containing 'inflated'

A major national fuel savings program could be seen by correctly inflated tires.
A specific variety of bone nail use in the femur and humerus is a hollow shell which is inflated with saline under high pressure to grip the interior of the bone, and constitutes a bomb in the cremator.
Air is forced into the tires of bicycles and automobiles until they become sufficiently inflated to insure comfort in riding.
Capital costs were originally estimated at $11m, but additional fish studies and agreements with local government and First Nations inflated costs to $14m.
Cardiff's port, known as Tiger Bay, became - for some time - the world's most important coal port, and for a few years before World War I the tonnage handled at the port outstripped London and Liverpool (however, some statistical tables conflate Barry and Penarth trade figures with Cardiff's, so the role of the coal port can be inflated).
Chapter 2 The River and Its Explorers LA SALLE himself sued for certain high privileges, and they were graciously accorded him by Louis XIV of inflated memory.
Crippled with a debt-servicing cost it did not anticipate and handicapped by inflated production costs created by the marketing board, Gainers immediately began to drown in a sea of red ink.
Devaluation of a currency also directly harms importers, as the cost of imported goods is inflated by the devaluation of the currency.
Edwards' batting averages are substantially inflated by a high proportion of not outs: he remained undefeated in seven of 11 first-class innings, and four of five List A innings.
Following Becker's hemorrhoid surgery, he had to sit on an inflated plastic ring for several weeks.
For the North has thrown out that old inflated style, whereas the Southern writer still clings to it clings to it and has a restricted market for his wares, as a consequence.
He has been invited to various public celebrations where he covets the attention, particularly, from beautiful women in the crowd, and he has an inflated image of himself despite his decrepit condition.
Helped by an inflated waterskin, he swam down the Nile until he reached the point where the battle was being fought.
However the Salvation Union of South Ossetia turned down a request from a Georgian NGO, “Multinational Georgia”, to monitor it and the released results were very likely to be inflated.
However, a number of commemorative items had already been made for the event, the demand for which and the value of which was greatly inflated by the Jamboree's cancellation.
However, such numbers are often inflated and include inmates only marginally connected with the gang as well as ex-cons, most of whom do not remain actively involved.
I used to get drowned in it every summer regularly, and be drained out, and inflated and set going again by some chance enemy; but not enough of it is unoccupied now to drown a person in.
In The High School, in the early 1860s, football was played with '…monstrous inflated globes of vast circumference and ponderosity…'.
Inflated currency was the solution, but that created distrust of the Richmond government.
Instead of costing $68 million (2008 USD), the cost of the new bypass had inflated to $200 million and the future of the project came into question.
It is further remarkable for the very loud croak of the males, produced by a large vocal bladder on the throat which, when inflated, is larger than the head.
It was described as a family Indian ring whereby Jones and his family members would receive kickbacks from local merchants for the inflated prices and inferior quality of goods and services provided to the agency on behalf of the Modoc.
Meanwhile, the dough itself is influenced by the heat and is stiffened to such an extent that it retains its inflated shape and spongy nature.
Nor have there been wanting learned exegetists who have opined that the whale mentioned in the book of Jonah merely meant a life-preserver--an inflated bag of wind--which the endangered prophet swam to, and so was saved from a watery doom.
Note: Total use is inflated to create an oil equivalence.
One allegation was that the school inflated job placement rates by counting as successful post-culinary school placements jobs that would have been available without going to culinary school at all.
Ortiz displayed more pitching prowess in helping Atlanta to another division title while collecting a 15–9 record, with a slightly inflated 4.19 ERA.
Previously, Disney Stores have been well known for inflated initial prices, which would be marked down substantially after just a few weeks.
Related to kite tubing is the kited inflated wing, a stiffened, flexible wing or gas-inflated bladder wing, where a control bar is affixed for the kited person to direct the inflated wing so the dangerous lock-out does not occur.
The chamber was kept inflated by air compressors that were very loud, making communications with the boy very difficult. His parents and medical team, which included Dr. John Montgomery, sought to provide him as normal a life as possible, including a formal education, and a television and playroom inside the sterile chamber.
The drunken ghost is then inflated like a balloon by the Pink Panther and burst, becoming a group of little specters that join the skeleton in pursuing the Pink Panther in an old grandfather clock, which breaks into pieces.
The hawk is aerial brother of the wave which he sails over and surveys, those his perfect air inflated wings answering to the elemental unfledged pinions of the sea.
The human cannonball lands on a horizontal net or inflated bag, the placement of which is determined by classical mechanics.
The larvae have short, stout bodies and highly inflated skin that give them an almost spherical shape; their pectoral fins are very large, measuring about half as long as the standard length.
The mine is very small, almost circular and is not visible on the upperside as an inflated swelling.
The shape of the skull also suggests that it may have had an inflated muzzle, like that of a modern saiga.
The story arch "The Innocents" from Garth Ennis' comic book series The Boys features a controversial parody of Bouncing Boy called Bobby Badoing who is constantly in an inflated state and is also mentally impaired.
These reforms were an effort to end the practice of opportunistic and haphazard promotions which had inflated the number of generals in Mexico's officer corps during the Revolution.
These were intended to be comical, and allow the audience to laugh at the inflated egos of these characters.
This inflated exchange rate was intended as a massive subsidy for eastern Germany by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, and remains controversial among economists, with some arguing that the exchange of currency was the most practical way of quickly unifying the German economy, and others arguing that the exchange increased the disruption of German unification beyond what they otherwise would be by, among other things, making eastern German industries uncompetitive.
Using the newly inflated value of their stock, Leghorn started an aggressive diversification effort.
When bicycle tires are being inflated, the pump becomes hot because of the compression of the air.
When the tire is properly inflated the air pressure within the tire keeps the bead in this groove.

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