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Vocabulary Word

Word: ineffectual

Definition: not effective; not having a desired effect; weak

Sentences Containing 'ineffectual'

204) thanks him profoundly for frequent though ineffectual efforts to obtain his release, and praises their friendship in such glowing terms that Theodore's enemies at the fifth Ecumenical Council made unsuccessful efforts to deny the identity of Chrysostom's correspondent with the bishop of Mopsuestia.
Add to this, that their continual gaming sets servants upon their wits to supply this extravagance, though at the same time the master's pocket pays for it, and the time which should be spent in a gentleman's service is loitered away among these rakehells, insomuch that half our messages are ineffectual, the time intended being often expired before the message is delivered.
Alfred Pleasonton's cavalry division through the ineffectual "Stoneman Raid" in the Chancellorsville Campaign.
And, in both cases, the law seems to have been equally ineffectual, and has never either been able to raise the wages of curates, or to sink those of labourers to the degree that was intended; because it has never been able to hinder either the one from being willing to accept of less than the legal allowance, on account of the indigence of their situation and the multitude of their competitors, or the other from receiving more, on account of the contrary competition of those who expected to derive either profit or pleasure from employing them.
Another big change, this no more flickering, smoky, pitch dripping, ineffectual torch baskets, now: their day is past.
But though this topic be specious and sublime, it was soon found in practice weak and ineffectual.
Dismissing Anne's vehement protests, the Queen is delighted, a feeling not shared by Anne's loving but ineffectual father.
During the Battle of Baltimore, Cochrane directed the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, which proved ineffectual. He resisted calls to attack the fort more aggressively with frigates.
Even though he is an evil genius and criminal mastermind, Rusty on occasion throws fits and tantrums, and he has his henchmen Don and Ron do his dirty work due to basically being ineffectual as a villain.
Gay African American filmmaker Marlon Riggs sharply criticized the sketches, saying that they perpetuated "a notion that black gay men are sissies, ineffectual, ineffective, womanish in a way that signifies inferiority".
He coughed to that extent, and his breath eluded all his attempts to recover it with that obstinacy, that I fully expected to see his head go down behind the counter, and his little black breeches, with the rusty little bunches of ribbons at the knees, come quivering up in a last ineffectual struggle.
He look with contempt to people less intelligent that himself and considered that he would have made a better emperor than his less gifted brother Alexander III or his ineffectual nephew Nicholas II, Grand Duke Vladimir traveled extensively.
His best known performances are as the ineffectual sheriff and father of biker Marlon Brando's love interest in the 1953 film "The Wild One" and as tougher, no-nonsense cop, this time Brando's antagonist, in the film musical, "Guys And Dolls".
His deposition in May was ineffectual because of his memory problem.
I pass over Mr. Wickfield's proposing my aunt, his proposing Mr. Dick, his proposing Doctors' Commons, his proposing Uriah, his drinking everything twice; his consciousness of his own weakness, the ineffectual effort that he made against it; the struggle between his shame in Uriah's deportment, and his desire to conciliate him; the manifest exultation with which Uriah twisted and turned, and held him up before me.
I'm definitely a centrist and feel like both parties can be absurd." The film also explored Bird's dislike for the tendency of the children's comics and Saturday morning cartoons of his youth to portray villains as unrealistic, ineffectual, and non-threatening.
It was sixo'clock in the morning, the dawn was just breaking, and its feeble ray came into the dungeon, and paled the ineffectual light of the lamp.
Not long since I was present at the auction of a deacon's effects, for his life had not been ineffectual:``The evil that men do lives after them.''
On 6 November 1643 Waller with 7,000 horse and foot surrounded the House, where they remained nine days, during which time they made three ineffectual attempts to carry the place by storm, but were each time beaten off with heavy losses, During these assaults only two of the garrison were slain.
On November 7, 2012, following the presidential election, Rubin published a 'post-mortem' column criticizing the unsuccessful Mitt Romney campaign as ineffectual. In response, others criticized Rubin as having been disingenuous or misleading during her pre-election coverage of the 2012 campaign.
On the other hand, there were tenants who were sluggish in performing their duties, while not being outright rebellious against the lord. Remedies in the courts against this sort of thing, even in Bracton's day, were available, but were considered laborious and frequently ineffectual in compelling the desired performance.
Over this period, critics derided Duceppe as an ineffectual campaigner, though no serious challenge to his leadership emerged.
Receiving no answer to these taunts, he would mount in his wrath to the words 'swindlers' and 'robbers'; and these being ineffectual too, would sometimes go to the extremity of crossing the street, and roaring up at the windows of the second floor, where he knew Mr. Micawber was.
Sentries in the fort spotted the move, and Goreham, realizing Eddy had taken the ship, fired an ineffectual cannonade against the ship.
The NPRC proved to be nearly as ineffectual as the Momoh-led APC government in repelling the RUF.
The restrictions, however, with which this liberty was granted, joined to the high price of sugar in Great Britain, have rendered it in a great measure ineffectual.
Those narrow straits of Sunda divide Sumatra from Java; and standing midway in that vast rampart of islands, buttressed by that bold green promontory, known to seamen as Java Head; they not a little correspond to the central gateway opening into some vast walled empire: and considering the inexhaustible wealth of spices, and silks, and jewels, and gold, and ivory, with which the thousand islands of that oriental sea are enriched, it seems a significant provision of nature, that such treasures, by the very formation of the land, should at least bear the appearance, however ineffectual, of being guarded from the all-grasping western world.

More Vocab Words

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::: sophisticated - worldly wise and urbane; refined; complex; N. sophistication; V. sophisticate
::: daunt - intimidate; frighten; discourage; dishearten
::: wallow - roll in mud; indulge in; (of a ship) roll in a rough sea; become helpless; Ex. wallow in the mud/luxury
::: viscous - (of a liquid) thick and sticky; gluey; viscid; CF. consistency
::: titular - of a title; in name only; nominal; having the title of an office without the obligations; Ex. titular head of the company
::: blotch - spot; blot; CF. blot+botch
::: isthmus - narrow neck of land connecting two larger bodies of land
::: collaborate - work together; cooperate treasonably with the enemy
::: caldron - (cauldron) large kettle