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Vocabulary Word

Word: inductive

Definition: pertaining to induction or proceeding from the specific to the general

Sentences Containing 'inductive'

Another major employer is AQ Magnit AD, a subsidiary of Swedish company AQ Group, with a 7,000-m2 plant manufacturing transformers, inductive components, and cabling for clients such as Bombardier Inc.
Consequently for relays which may be used to control inductive loads, we must specify the maximum current that may flow through the relay contacts when it actuates, the "make rating"; the continuous rating; and the "break rating".
Equivalent series inductance (ESL) is an effective inductance that is used to describe the inductive part of the impedance of certain electrical components.
He tried to synthesise deductive and inductive reasoning as a solution to the "Methodenstreit".
However inductive coupling devices are able to work on any AC at 50 Hz or 60 Hz, from 15 up to 2000 Amps.
However, due partly to the inductive properties of the connections, and partly to non-ideal characteristics of the capacitor material, real capacitors also have inductive properties whose impedance "rises" with frequency at 10 dB/decade.
The central column is also normally used to house the solenoid that forms the inductive loop for the ohmic heating system (and pinch current).
The gap sensors are usually inductive in nature and sense in a differential mode.
The signal delay of a wire or other circuit, measured as group delay or phase delay or the effective propagation delay of a digital transition, may be dominated by resistive-capacitive effects, depending on the distance and other parameters, or may alternatively be dominated by inductive, wave, and speed of light effects in other realms.
Whewell proposed the word again more seriously (and not anonymously) in his 1840 "The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences": He also proposed the term "physicist" at the same time, as a counterpart to the French word "physicien".

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