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Vocabulary Word

Word: indelible

Definition: not able to be erased

Sentences Containing 'indelible'

"Prisoner" left an indelible mark on fans and I really hope that the re-imagining of this series will be just as popular with viewers now as it was back then."
Apart from serving the social, cultural and commercial needs of the Indian community, the area is established as one of the more historic urban districts in Singapore, with a colourful personality that makes it an indelible part of the national landscape and identity.
Each step he trod oppressed his heart with fresh emotion; his first and most indelible recollections were there; not a tree, not a street, that he passed but seemed filled with dear and cherished memories.
Fortunately, as regarded this circumstance at least, his painful past gave to his countenance an indelible sadness, and the glimmerings of gayety seen beneath this cloud were indeed but transitory.
He succeeded fellow NZ expatriate Howard Gable as the producer of leading Australian progressive rock band Spectrum, for whom he produced the albums "Warts Up Your Nose" (1972, released under the pseudonym 'Indelible Murtceps'), "Testimonial" (1973) and the valedictory live album "Terminal Buzz".
I see her face now, better than I did then, I dare say, with its indelible look of regret and wonder turned upon me.
In October 2009, Carl Bolch Jr, chairman and CEO of RaceTrac, was named by Convenience Store News as their 2009 Retailer of the Year for pioneering forecourt retailing in the Southeast and making an indelible mark on the convenience industry overall.
In time, he comes to see a wonderful reflection of humanity in its most noble of forms in Boppi, and the two forge an indelible friendship.
Its members also performed under the alter-ego Indelible Murtceps.
My aunt took so kindly to the notion, that some ready-made clothes, which were purchased for me that afternoon, were marked 'Trotwood Copperfield', in her own handwriting, and in indelible marking-ink, before I put them on; and it was settled that all the other clothes which were ordered to be made for me (a complete outfit was bespoke that afternoon) should be marked in the same way.
My horror of having committed a thousand offences I had forgotten, and which nothing could ever expiate--my recollection of that indelible look which Agnes had given me--the torturing impossibility of communicating with her, not knowing, Beast that I was, how she came to be in London, or where she stayed--my disgust of the very sight of the room where the revel had been held--my racking head--the smell of smoke, the sight of glasses, the impossibility of going out, or even getting up!
Non-injurious water-based self-defense indelible dye-marker sprays, or ID-marker or DNA-marker sprays linking a suspect to a crime scene, would in most places be legal to own and carry.
Sir Pramoda Charan Banerjee held office in the Allahabad High Court from 1893 to 1923 and he was the second Indian Judge after Mr. Justice Mahmood, and then, made indelible imprints greatness as Judges on the pages of Allahabad High Court’s law reports.
Spectrum adapted to the changing situation in an unusual way—mirroring Wilson's creation of Daddy Cool as "light relief" from the progressive style of the Vegetals, Spectrum created an alter ego, Indelible Murtceps, which performed at pubs, and local dances, playing a more pop-oriented repertoire and using a smaller equipment set-up than they used when performing as Spectrum.
TEMPEST I now approach an event in my life, so indelible, so awful, so bound by an infinite variety of ties to all that has preceded it, in these pages, that, from the beginning of my narrative, I have seen it growing larger and larger as I advanced, like a great tower in a plain, and throwing its fore-cast shadow even on the incidents of my childish days.
The scene remained an indelible trademark that Davis later would exploit as "hers".
The unison of opposites to prove, Of the soft wax and diamond hard am I; But still, obedient to the laws of love, Here, hard or soft, I offer you my breast, Whate'er you grave or stamp thereon shall rest Indelible for all eternity.
Their mind being detached from the hurly burly of this terrestrial life tends towards heaven to acquire heavenly bliss and above all the visit of the place leaves an indelible impression on the mind canvas of the visitors.
Their next LP, "Warts Up Your Nose" (1972), produced by Howard Gable, was released under the Indelible Murtceps banner ('murtceps' is 'spectrum' spelled backwards) and contained songs of a more humorous and scatological nature.
This was not the first time American Congregationalism had been shaken to its foundations by theological change; the Great Awakenings of the decades surrounding the turn of the 19th century had also left indelible marks upon the churches.
Turner Classic Movies have noted Thomas' "unique" and "engaging" portrayal of the role, stating that "his popularity crossed gender and racial lines", making "an indelible mark, " on viewers.
We must, therefore, either give up the belief of the universal sterility of species when crossed; or we must look at this sterility in animals, not as an indelible characteristic, but as one capable of being removed by domestication.

More Vocab Words

::: hapless - unfortunate; luckless
::: unconscionable - unscrupulous; not guided by conscience; excessive; beyond reason; Ex. unconscionable demand
::: feral - (of an animal) not domestic; wild
::: inopportune - untimely; inappropriate or ill-timed; poorly chosen
::: ruse - trick to deceive; stratagem
::: unobtrusive - inconspicuous; not blatant
::: vitreous - of glass; pertaining to or resembling glass; V. vitrify: change into glass; CF. petrify
::: carrion - rotting flesh of a dead body; CF. vulture
::: diabolical - diabolic; devilish; fiendish
::: appreciate - be thankful for; increase in worth; be thoroughly conscious of; ADJ. appreciable: enough to be felt; Ex. appreciable difference