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Vocabulary Word

Word: indecisive

Definition: marked by indecision; inconclusive; Ex. indecisive battle

Sentences Containing 'indecisive'

A simultaneous naval battle at Artemisium was tactically indecisive as large storms destroyed ships from both sides.
As opposed to her personality in "Space Jam", she is portrayed as a scatterbrained, indecisive, gabby young woman who tends to obsess over Bugs, whom she refers to as "Bun-Bun."
Cao Cao was determined to eliminate Liu Bei before his forces could accumulate, but Cao Cao's generals remonstrated against any immediate action against Liu Bei, fearing that Yuan Shao might exploit the opportunity to attack Xu City when Cao Cao was away attacking the east. Cao Cao and his strategist Guo Jia disagreed with the generals, saying that Liu Bei would become troublesome if not dealt with immediately, and Yuan Shao would be too slow and indecisive to make a move in time.
From about 881, he himself ruled Capua, technically a vassal of Prince Guaimar I of Salerno. He and Guaimar fought an indecisive war while the latter was preoccupied with the Saracen menace Athanasius was ignoring.
In this film Nicholas II is shown as weak and indecisive rather than brutal, and this did not square with the way the period had been retold in Soviet historiography and schoolbooks.
Pithart is viewed by many as an indecisive philosopher and thinker, rather than a tactical or charismatic leader.
Real wages have risen, however, making this theorem indecisive to the real case.
She got underway again on 2 June and suffered serious damage in the fierce but indecisive Action of 7 June 1780 against the 32-gun HMS "Iris", under James Hawker.
The war saw a series of indecisive battles in the Atlantic and Caribbean, in which the Navy failed to achieve the conclusive victories needed to secure the supply lines of British forces in North America and cut off the colonial rebels from outside support.
Then Crown Prince Sultan managed the tribal networks for decades but the tribal system is changing and diminishing and the Saudi tribal connections are weakening as a result. The country has appeared indecisive about Yemen; in January the government was openly frustrated with President Ali Abdullah Saleh but there was a marked change in its approach in April to one of detailed analysis of the situation and private discussions over whom it should publicly support.
They fought an indecisive battle at S. Carzio on the Clanio.
This action led to indecisive fighting over the following months at Botron, Fort Nephin, Sidon and at sea.
Widely regarded as inferior to its Southern counterpart up until then, the Battle of Brandy Station, although tactically indecisive, is recognized as the point at which it was acknowledged to have comparable competence.

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