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Vocabulary Word

Word: incorporate

Definition: introduce something into a larger whole; include; embody; give material form to; ADJ.

Sentences Containing 'incorporate'

"BPM Racing" will incorporate racing and rhythm action into one game.
A growing number of financial institutions incorporate a triple bottom line approach in their work.
Adams was dissatisfied with only having a single miner, and wanted to incorporate additional characters into the game, but the changes required caused the game to lag too heavily.
All commercially available micropumps depend on piezoelectric actuation and incorporate passive check valves.
Anno's illustrations are often in pen and ink and watercolor, and occasionally incorporate collage and woodcuts.
Beginning in 1998, the flight vehicles' markings were modified to incorporate the NASA "meatball" insignia.
Black is known for his pavilion like works, which incorporate architectural design with traditional sculptural methods.
But only Gorlin syndrome and the SHH pathway is thought to incorporate the mode of action of the miR-17-92 cluster.
Either party may want to incorporate a technological advance.
Habitat was not a 3D environment and did not incorporate immersion techniques.
He has gone on to incorporate this pattern into his live drum solos.
He is known for having tried to incorporate Tahiti to the Spanish seaborne empire.
However, EVSI and EVIU are quite distinct—a notable difference between the manner in which EVSI uses Bayesian updating to incorporate the simulated sample.
However, this framework for changing constants did not incorporate gravity.
I will incorporate it in my bill, though I know it will raise a hell of a storm."
In 1949 the board decided that, as an applied art institution, the academy should incorporate the training of architects.
In the early and mid-1980s, Kuitca made works which incorporate theater imagery.
In the United States, Canada and elsewhere, raas has evolved to incorporate other forms of music.
It was the first in the Columbia basin to incorporate the use of a fish ladder.
Many of the contributing dwellings incorporate Wyoming Bluestone into the foundations and dressings.
No possible way for him to digest that jack-knife, and fully incorporate it into his general bodily system.
Others saw it as a concession by the Poles when their plan to fully incorporate the Grand Duchy into the Kingdom of Poland failed.
Over time, the collection grew to incorporate sportswear, denim and dresses.
Players receive a judgement on each command, and some versions incorporate notes that must be held for their duration.
Similar to "legal terminology" and related to "political terminology", military terms are known for an oblique tendency to incorporate technical language.
Some firearms incorporate stainless steel components as an alternative to blued or parkerized steel.
Some musicians incorporate Kansai-ben into their lyrics.
Some programs incorporate their own paging function, for example bash's tab completion function.
The Black Eyed Peas assigned each crew a different song and challenge to incorporate into their routines.
The Christian Frankish leaders desired to defeat their rival power, the non-Christian Saxons, and to incorporate the Saxon lands into their own growing empire.
The extensive grounds incorporate many mature oak trees, giving the site its name.
The first was modified by Ruesink to incorporate Taylor's law.
The proposal was to incorporate all of the former railway formation that currently comprises the rail trail.
The rear lights incorporate the design as those of the sedan, but were adapted to the different shape of the body.
The SoCs incorporate the ARM Cortex-A8 as their main processor and the Mali 400 as the GPU.
The South Station head house and wings incorporate Neoclassical architecture.
These are called the black-guard, who black your honour's shoes, and incorporate themselves under the title of the Worshipful Company of Japanners.
These generally incorporate a type of centrifugal clutch to allow the engine to idle independently.
These non-literal aspects, however, can be protected only "to the extent that they incorporate authorship in programmer's expression of original ideas, as distinguished from the ideas themselves."
These powerful moves, which are accompanied with an animation each time they are triggered, incorporate the character's specific qualities.
These tools incorporate an electrical insulator in the drillstring.
These two buildings incorporate water-purification on high levels.
They also incorporate acoustic design elements intended to create a soundscape particular to the installation.
They argued that any model that does not incorporate some theory of uncertainty reasoning cannot be adequate.
They attempted to incorporate under several names, including Longhorn Instruments and Texas Digital, but all were rejected.
They frequently incorporate subtle jokes and references.
They incorporate aspects of traditional Navajo music in their songs.
They incorporate descriptions used by others to enable prediction.
They often incorporate additional elements such as cast crystal glass or carved wood.
Winged keels may incorporate a significant amount of ballast where the wings join the keel.

More Vocab Words

::: inveigle - deceive; lead astray by deception; wheedle(cajole); Ex. inveigle her into joining the club; CF. interest dishonestly
::: enamored - in love; Ex. enamored of his own beauty; V. enamor: inspire with love
::: taunt - deride or provoke; challenge in derision; N.
::: indelible - not able to be erased
::: interrogate - question closely; cross-examine; cross-question
::: exegesis - explanation, especially of biblical(of the bible) passages
::: prepossessing - attractive; CF. preoccupying ?
::: abrogate - abolish
::: erratic - odd; irregular in movement or behavior; unpredictable
::: arboretum - place where different trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited