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Vocabulary Word

Word: incline

Definition: slope; slant; Ex. steep incline

Sentences Containing 'incline'

6 I have called upon thee, for thou wilt hear me, O God: incline thine ear unto me, and hear my speech.
Again, that which everything is made for, he is also made unto that, and cannot but naturally incline unto it.
All this intelligence I dutifully imparted to my aunt, only reserving to myself the mention of little Em'ly, to whom I instinctively felt that she would not very tenderly incline.
And indeed we must needs commit many evils, if we incline to any of these things, more or less, with an opinion of any difference.
At Kaitoke there are signposted directions along Incline Rd off SH 2 to the start of the formation, km along which is a car park.
Because of the extra load of the marijuana on the RV, one of the radiator hoses breaks while going up a steep incline.
But sure if itself do not of itself, through some false opinion or supposition incline itself to any such disposition; there is no fear.
But through a natural infirmity of the flesh, which I will explain to you in a moment, we incline to overlook this fact.
Cincinnati's new incline system opened the surrounding hills for settlement, but only for those who could afford the property and demand for new housing was high.
Do not the same passions, and others still stronger, incline the generality of mankind to believe and report, with the greatest vehemence and assurance, all religious miracles?
Else man not only is the herd of swine, But he's those devils too which did incline Them to a headlong rage, and made them worse.''
For the incline from Euston Station to Chalk Farm, Stephenson devised a system that would draw trains up the hill by a rope using a stationary steam engine near The Roundhouse.
From here, it climbs in northeastern direction at a constant 5 mm/km incline.
He did not then think of the Carnival, for in spite of his condescension and touching kindness, one can not incline one's self without awe before the venerable and noble old man called Gregory XVI.
However, the sight of the emerald made them naturally incline to the former belief.
In 1856 it extended to Kassel, where it connected initially via the former Dransfelder incline.
In 1926, cable haulage on the incline was replaced by bank engines.
In 2011 the Rimutaka Incline Railway Heritage Trust put forward a proposal to reinstate the railway line over the Rimutaka Ranges.
In order to facilitate recreational use of the formation it drained Summit Tunnel and cleared the Cross Creek yard and incline formation.
It approached Werneth station from the Manchester direction on a separate two track formation adjacent to the Incline.
It is 6 miles, 44 chains (10.54km) from . Originally this was the terminus for passenger trains, though the line continued onward to the incline up to the slate quarry at Bryn Eglwys, and another incline down into the village.
It runs between Maymorn and Cross Creek, and follows of the original route of the Wairarapa Line over the Rimutaka Ranges between the Mangaroa Valley and the Wairarapa, including the world-famous Rimutaka Incline.
It was the only canal incline built in Scotland.
Naturally, at first I took it to be the moon, but there is much to incline me to believe that what I really saw was the transit of an inner planet passing very near to the earth.
Navarrete and Ticknor both incline to the belief that Cervantes knew who he was; but I must say I think the anger he shows suggests an invisible assailant; it is like the irritation of a man stung by a mosquito in the dark.
No surface can be made perfectly smooth, and when a barrel rolls over an incline, or a rope passes over a pulley, or a cogwheel turns its neighbor, there is rubbing and slipping and sliding.
Nonetheless in the dry season of 1849 this proved insufficient and the canal was closed for several weeks; this led to the installation of the Blackhill incline.
Pursued closely by Irby and his men, he rides his horse down a steep incline and ends up somersaulting down the hill.
Shortly after the incline was put to work, one of the gear wheels in the mechanism fractured.
Such considerations as these incline me to lay less weight on the direct action of the surrounding conditions, than on a tendency to vary, due to causes of which we are quite ignorant.
Temple ground plans usually centered on an axis running on a slight incline from the sanctuary down to the temple entrance.
That is, when the roller weighs 12, a force of 3 suffices to raise it to the height A along the incline; but the smaller force must be applied throughout the entire length of the incline.
That which anything doth naturally incline unto, therein is his end.
The advantage of an incline depends upon the relative length and height, or is equal to the ratio of the length to the height.
The Blackhill incline and locks were at the point where the present M80 motorway joins the M8 motorway.
The continuation of the route from Hannoversch Munden over the Dransfelder Incline required stronger locomotives for the steep gradients: these were stored and repaired in the Göttingen works.
The Cross Creek yard and incline section were gradually reclaimed by nature.
The Düsseldorf Valley Railway separates at the same place and runs to the northeast. Erkrath-Hochdahl incline.
The Incline section became the responsibility of the New Zealand Forest Service.
The line included the Werneth Incline which had a gradient of 1 in 27, and was one of the steepest stretches of line regularly used for passenger traffic in the country.
The more the inhabitant was obliged to pay for the tax, the less he would incline to pay for the ground; so that the final payment of the tax would fall altogether upon the owner of the ground-rent.
The Oldham Werneth to Thorpes Bridge Junction, Newton Heath line which opened on 17 May 1880 was built to avoid the Werneth Incline.
The problem of the incline is an important one to engineers who have under their direction the construction of our highways and the laying of our railroad tracks.
The steeper the incline, the more force necessary to raise a weight; whereas if the incline is small, the necessary lifting force is greatly reduced.
The total cost of the incline including the land, amounted to £13,500.
Then pull the roller uniformly upward along the plank and notice what the pull is on the balance, being careful always to hold the balance parallel to the incline.
Though the summit of this climb was lesser than some other peaks visited in the race, at , its gradients were crushing, with the steepest stretches reaching over 20% incline.
We balance the opposite circumstances, which cause any doubt or uncertainty; and when we discover a superiority on any side, we incline to it; but still with a diminution of assurance, in proportion to the force of its antagonist.
When the canal was extended from Gartcraig to Townhead, an incline was constructed at Blackhill—nineteenth century picture postcards refer to the location as "Riddrie"—to enable the transfer of goods between the two levels of the canal. It is not clear what the mechanical arrangements for this incline were.
When the roller is raised along the incline, the balance registers a pull only one fourth as great as the actual weight of the roller.

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