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Vocabulary Word

Word: incite

Definition: arouse to action; goad; motivate; induce to exist; Ex. incite a riot/the crowd to rebellion

Sentences Containing 'incite'

"Viernes 3 AM" would be banned from the radios for a time by the dictatorship because it was considered to incite suicide.
A later letter to Lamoureux, from Cadiz, dated 25 October (in Spanish) has Chabrier writing that on his return to Paris he would compose an 'extraordinary fantasia' which would incite the audience to a pitch of excitement, and that even Lamoureux would be obliged to hug the orchestral leader in his arms, so voluptuous would be his melodies.
A thousand pities a gift of that nature should sink into oblivion, and not be kept up as an example to incite all parishes to do the like.
And first it would be necessary to settle and limit their wages, from forty and fifty shillings to four and five pounds per annum, that is to say, according to their merits and capacities; for example, a young unexperienced servant should have forty shillings per annum, till she qualifies herself for a larger sum; a servant who can do all household work, or, as the good women term it, can take her work and leave her work, should have four pounds per annum; and those who have lived seven years in one service, should ever after demand five pounds per annum, for I would very fain have some particular encouragements and privileges given to such servants who should continue long in a place; it would incite a desire to please, and cause an emulation very beneficial to the public.
British security minister Pauline Neville-Jones commented: ""These Web sites would categorically not be allowed in the U.K. They incite cold-blooded murder, and as such are surely contrary to the public good"." In November 2010, YouTube removed from its site some of the hundreds of videos featuring al-Awlaki's calls to "jihad".
Brumby showed Frank the film to incite him to call the police on Kinnear.
Catesby and most of the others spent two days travelling across the Midlands attempting to incite a rebellion, but with an ever-diminishing group of supporters they eventually settled at Holbeche House in Staffordshire, and waited for government forces to arrive.
Eden was energetic during the crisis in using the media, including the BBC, to incite public opinion to support his views of the need to overthrow Nasser.
Ferrand Martinez, although deprived of his office, continued, in spite of numerous warnings, to incite the public against the Jews, and encourage it to acts of violence.
He typically began his show with a topical monologue that could last anywhere from five minutes to an hour to a full three-hour shift; the monologue was usually designed to incite his listeners to the point of blind rage, at which point he would begin to accept calls from people who were furious to the point of inarticulacy.
It was propaganda newspaper which highlighted and compared British rule to the Ottoman rule and that Kurdish language, culture and religion were better off under the British and to incite Kurds living under Ottoman Rule.
My master was yet wholly at a loss to understand what motives could incite this race of lawyers to perplex, disquiet, and weary themselves, and engage in a confederacy of injustice, merely for the sake of injuring their fellow-animals; neither could he comprehend what I meant in saying, they did it for hire.
On 30 April 2012 a Mazgaon metropolitan magistrate's court convicted and sentenced Azmi and four others to two years in jail for allegedly giving provocative speeches to incite communal violence 12 years back.
Saddam himself had long been at conflict with political Islam; Saddam had kicked out Ayatollah Khomeini to France when he attempted to incite the Shia's of Iraq to overthrow him when he was in exile in Najaf which, ironically, was a catalyst for the Iranian Revolution and the resulting Iran-Iraq war.
The journalists, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, “were holding banners and handing out leaflets warning against provisions in the bill that prohibits the distribution of content that could cause, among other things, 'terror in children', incite 'hate, aggressiveness' or 'unruliness', 'deform language', or 'threaten the mental or physical health of the people'.
The mission was a debacle, and sensing his imminent removal as tyrant, Aristagoras chose to incite the whole of Ionia into rebellion against the Persian king Darius the Great.
The streets are straight and spacious, though not paved in a way to incite distempered admiration.
This can be used to incite riots (hence the name zinc Mistings go by) or to enhance any emotion of the target.
Zorras also featured at London’s Bar Wotever, Jawdance (Apples and Snakes), Ladyfest, GFest – gayWise LGBT Arts Festival, Sage Time, and Incite.

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