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Vocabulary Word

Word: incarnation

Definition: act of assuming a human body and human nature; one who personifies something; personification; Ex. previous incarnation/reincarnation

Sentences Containing 'incarnation'

Activation and deactivation refer only to CORBA objects, while the terms incarnation and etherealization refer to servants.
After being fatally shot by the insectoid creature Chantho, the Master regenerates from the incarnation known as Professor Yana, played by Derek Jacobi, into his current incarnation, played by John Simm.
Alamelumangamma is actually the incarnation of Lord Mahalakshmi.
Ammal’s joy knew no bounds and he understood that the child was an incarnation.
Among Ganesha temples, Ballaleshwar is the only incarnation of Ganesha that is known by his devotee's name.
Another example is "The Watcher", who repeatedly appears to the Fourth Doctor in "Logopolis" (1981), and ultimately merges with him as part of his regeneration into his fifth incarnation.
Ben's return to TV5, in its new incarnation, was surprising but not unexpected.
Chief amongst these, and first in point of time, was his treatise in fifteen books, on the Incarnation.
For example, in "The Deadly Assassin" an old classmate of the Doctor's, Runcible, is slow to recognise the Doctor in his fourth incarnation, and once he has, it then takes him a while to realise that his appearance has changed.
For Weil, "The beautiful is the experimental proof that the incarnation is possible".
He draws the Rune's power into himself for the final battle with the Rune incarnation.
His lost work on the incarnation was discovered in 1905 in a Syriac translation in the mountains of northern Iraq in a Nestorian monastery.
In "Planet of the Spiders", a Time Lord, K'anpo Rinpoche, creates a corporeal projection of a future incarnation which has such an existence under the name Cho Je until he regenerates into that incarnation.
In "The Time of the Doctor" the Eleventh Doctor reveals that, counting the War Doctor and the Tenth's aborted regeneration, he is actually in his final incarnation.
In brackets are listed the incarnation(s) of the Eternal Champion featured in a given story.
In February 2003 the band performed their last show in that original incarnation.
In its current incarnation, the company was established in 1969.
In its earliest incarnation, Castle Sinclair Girnigoe was known only as Castle Girnigoe.
In many episodes, the Doctor doubts his own survival, though it is not always clear whether such statements refer to the death of only that particular incarnation.
In the moments following his regeneration into his eighth incarnation, the Doctor possessed enough physical strength to batter a steel door completely off its hinges.
In the TV movie, the Doctor (played by Paul McGann) say that he was "nearing the end of seventh life" when referring to the Sylvester McCoy incarnation in flashback.
In this incarnation he is a steel mill worker in the Earth-C city of Piggsburg.
Kopparberg's church was begun in 1635, and the first incarnation was completed shortly thereafter.
Other reviews considered it funny and thrilling, and equated it to a modern incarnation of the 1978 comedy "Animal House".
Personal struggles; third SNFU incarnation.
Published in New York, its most notable incarnation (1885 until 1902) was symposium based.
The current incarnation of Owen Sound senior lacrosse is the Owen Sound Woodsmen.
The first incarnation of MacBinary was released in 1985.
The first incarnation of The Lighter Side of Sports first aired on ESPN from 1986-1990.
The first incarnation ran during all of the 1990s, and a revival has been made on Antena 3 beginning in 2006.
The fourth Capricorn is an unnamed man who Thanos recruited to join his incarnation of the Zodiac.
The goddess Kamakshi is believed as an incarnation of Shakti.
The Hindoo whale referred to, occurs in a separate department of the wall, depicting the incarnation of Vishnu in the form of leviathan, learnedly known as the Matse Avatar.
The last incarnation came in September 1998.
The next incarnation was from May 1993 to December 1993.
The origin of the current incarnation of Baiken is then shown.
The other incarnation of non-physical mediumship is a form of channeling in which the channeler goes into a trance, or "leaves their body".
The prequel ' depicts a young incarnation of the character, under the codename , as a member of the special forces unit FOX in 1964 that was founded by the CIA and Zero.
The seat was recreated in the 2007 redistribution on similar boundaries to its original incarnation.
The team's first professional incarnation was as the Maruha Team.
The Ultimate incarnation of Proteus is a combination of Legion and Proteus from the mainstream comics.
Theodore's great treatise on the Incarnation belongs to this period according to Gennadius, and possibly also more than one of his commentaries on the Old Testament.
This current incarnation of this brand is a full-bodied, full-flavored cigar.
This first incarnation was not affiliated with Northeastern University, its only connection to the school was its players being students.
This group of Horsemen is considered by many wrestling fans to be the weakest incarnation of the group.
This hand-drawn book was the only incarnation of Strong Bad for several years.
This is, for Weil, an original kenosis (emptiness) "preceding" the corrective kenosis of Christ's incarnation (cf.
This was the first (and so far only) incarnation of Power Rangers that did not have some connection to the Earth, save that they departed Earth in the first episode.
This would be the final incarnation of the league in its original setup.
Under the Lights is the fourth album by the rock band Moxy in its second incarnation, released in 1978.

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