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Vocabulary Word

Word: inanimate

Definition: lifeless; not animate

Sentences Containing 'inanimate'

2, Issue 37 in an inanimate state suspended in tank of gelatin.
A black doll is a dark-colored inanimate representation of a dark-skinned person.
Agnes’ lack of marks of classical beauty are emphasized by her inanimate yet frequent companion, a Barbie-like doll named “Miss Glitter”.
Analogously persons are "kuka lie" "whoever he may be", locations "missä lie" "in wherever", etc. "Juttu" has the literal meanings "story", "criminal/court case", or "issue", but may refer to virtually anything inanimate.
And now, concentric circles seized the lone boat itself, and all its crew, and each floating oar, and every lance-pole, and spinning, animate and inanimate, all round and round in one vortex, carried the smallest chip of the Pequod out of sight.
But just in proportion as I regard this as not wholly a brute force, but partly a human force, and consider that I have relations to those millions as to so many millions of men, and not of mere brute or inanimate things, I see that appeal is possible, first and instantaneously, from them to the Maker of them, and, secondly, from them to themselves.
But, first, we attribute power to a vast number of objects, where we never can suppose this resistance or exertion of force to take place; to the Supreme Being, who never meets with any resistance; to the mind in its command over its ideas and limbs, in common thinking and motion, where the effect follows immediately upon the will, without any exertion or summoning up of force; to inanimate matter, which is not capable of this sentiment.
Chapter 8 Perplexing Lessons At the end of what seemed a tedious while, I had managed to pack my head full of islands, towns, bars,`points,'and bends; and a curiously inanimate mass of lumber it was, too.
Detection dogs have been trained to search for many things, both animate and inanimate, including: One notable quality of detection dogs is that they are able to discern individual scents even when the scents are combined or masked by other odors.
Development of the egg can take up to a year, which can be dangerous because the eggs are sometimes mistaken for inanimate objects by divers.
He initially tests it only on small inanimate objects, but eventually proceeds to living creatures, including the family's pet cat (which fails to reintegrate) and a guinea pig.
In "Ether Drift Theory", Æon is suspended indefinitely in an inanimate state, but remains technically alive.)
In 2005, he released his first CD, "Conversations With Inanimate Objects".
In Hungarian the word "izé" (a stem of ancient Uralic heritage) refers primarily to inanimate objects but sometimes also to people, places, concepts, or even adjectives.
In Italian, standard placeholders for inanimate objects are "roba" (literally 'stuff'), "coso" (related to "cosa", 'thing'), "affare" (literally 'an item of business'), and "aggeggio" ('device' or 'gadget').
In parts of Wakayama, "iru" is replaced with "aru", which is used for inanimate objects in most other dialects.
In September 1993, S4C introduced a new series of idents, which depicted inanimate objects (such as a dragon shaped kite, an oxy-acetylene, scissors, etc.) as having characteristics of dragons (such as flight or breathing fire), as a reference to the red dragon on the flag of Wales.
in the expression to the condition of inanimate objects.
In the United States, a sanitizer is a disinfectant that is intended to disinfect or sanitize, reducing or mitigating growth or development of microbiological organisms including bacteria, fungi or viruses on inanimate surfaces in the household, institutional, and/or commercial environment and whose labeled directions for use result in the product being discharged to publicly owned treatment works (POTWs).
It is also the characteristic of Kansai usege of honorific suffixes that they can be used for some familiar inanimate objects as well, especially in Kyoto.
It is possible to change inanimate objects into animate ones and vice versa – Minerva McGonagall, the class's teacher, transfigures her desk into a pig and back in "Philosopher's Stone".
Normally, an inanimate rubber ball will slowly lose its kinetic force due to friction, gravity and bouncing off surrounding objects or walls, but Bouncing Boy can use his own muscles to maintain his velocity and power as he bounces about.
Nouns can be singular or plural, and one of two genders, animate or inanimate.
On inanimate nature, as on the men and women who cultivated it, a prevalent tendency towards an appearance of vegetating unwillingly a dejected disposition to give up, and wither away.
One might by the fearful swelling of the veins of his forehead and the contraction of the muscles round the eye, trace the terrible conflict which was going on between the living energetic mind and the inanimate and helpless body.
People with fantasy prone personalities are more likely to have had parents, or close family members that made their inanimate toys as children seem real. They also encourage the child who believes they have imaginary companions, read fairytales all through childhood and re-enact the things they have read.
Ruuan's role as opposed to Shaorin's is not to protect Tasuke but instead to make him happy which she does by giving inanimate objects life to do her bidding.
Sartre deals with a dejected researcher (Antoine Roquentin) in an anonymous French town, where Roquentin becomes conscious of the fact that nature, as well as every inanimate object, are indifferent towards him and his tormented existence.
The -"te aru" form, used to express the condition of inanimate objects, is often contracted to -"taru/taaru".
The far reaching effect which light has upon some inanimate objects, such as photographic films and clothes, leads us to inquire into the relation which exists between light and living things.
The globe of the lamp appeared of a reddish hue, and the flame, brightening before it expired, threw out the last flickerings which in an inanimate object have been so often compared with the convulsions of a human creature in its final agonies.
The group was formed by Lars Lofven, formerly of Convulsion and Inanimate, Gustaf Jorde of Crematorium, and Matte Modin.
The males are very enthusiastic, will try to grasp fish or inanimate objects and often mount the backs of other males.
The official structure of the AS CR consists of three areas (sciences about inanimate nature, life sciences, and humanities), each with three sections.
The ratfish lays leathery egg cases on the bottom of muddy or sandy areas which are often mistaken by divers as something inanimate.
The young man raised the arm, which fell back by its own weight, perfectly inanimate and helpless.
There is in the appearance of all objects, animate and inanimate, what has been called an#emotional significance#, a hidden rhythm that is not caught by the accurate, painstaking, but cold artist.
There was also a court of justice called the court of the Prytaneum; all that is known of this court is that it tried murderers who could not be found, and inanimate objects which had caused death.
These sensations, which are merely animal, and from which we can _a priori_ draw no inference, we are apt to transfer to inanimate objects, and to suppose, that they have some such feelings, whenever they transfer or receive motion.
Thus, in "The Pole answered..." the system will always select the human sense of the agent and not the inanimate one if it gives a more coherent interpretation overall.
To solve the problem, they are allowed to use any inanimate, free, and publicly available sources.
Today, he is mainly remembered as the author of the novel "Auch einer", in which he developed the concept of "Die Tücke des Objekts" (the spite of objects), a comical theory according to which seemingly inanimate objects conspire against humans.
Valentine was so pale, so cold, so inanimate that without listening to what was said to them they were seized with the fear which pervaded that house, and they flew into the passage crying for help.

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