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Vocabulary Word

Word: impromptu

Definition: without previous preparation; off the cuff(end of a sleeve); on the spur of the moment

Sentences Containing 'impromptu'

24, from "36 Fugues for Piano" by Anton Reicha (notated in regularly alternating and 3/4 bars), and the Impromptu, op.
A collector (biographer, colleague, friend, etc.) records impromptu comments by some famous person (made generally at the dining table or in small get-togethers), in anticipation of their lasting value.
After seeing Mihajlović practice, Blažević also agreed about the youngster's potential, taking him with the rest of the first team to Sassari for an impromptu getaway between two league matches towards the end of the season and even giving him a substitute appearance in Dinamo shirt in a friendly versus local club Torres Sassari.
After some walking, talking, and an impromptu foot race, they decide to head back.
After the song was recorded, Hendrix came from behind the control room console to play guitar for two impromptu originals, "World Traveler", a guitar-and-organ duel between Hendrix and Hitchings, and "It's Too Bad".
An impromptu scuffling match was known as a scuffling bee.
At Easter a crowd of 8,000 people reportedly participated in a service carried out in the square in front of the church around priests dressed in civilian clothes and impromptu sang the hymn "Glory to Thy Passion, O Lord!" The same was repeated at the Easter Sunday service with an even larger crowd.
Due to time constraints at a television taping, production threw together an impromptu tag team interview of Flair, the Andersons, Tully Blanchard and Dillon; all were now united after Ole Anderson returned and, along with Flair and Arn, tried to break Dusty's leg during a wrestling event at the Omni in Atlanta during the fall of 1985.
For once experimental theater has the potential to be something fun...Phelim McDermott is one of the masterminds behind this performance..."70 Hill Lane" is impromptu with the actors making up lines and using props as they go along.
Frank saw through the scheme after performing an impromptu autopsy.
He contacted Erik, apparently giving an impromptu performance to confirm his claims.
He is dissatisfied with certain aspects of his work; from what he has seen of Paula's impromptu performance, he believes she can help him fix the defects.
He was able to get the entire Squadron's computer network infrastructure back online, acting as an impromptu liaison between his squadron and the higher MAG 16 S-6 Command.
However, he then drew impromptu lifesized character masks, which Martin, his wife and children obligingly wore over their faces for the published portrait.
In March 2005, the GFS Choir traveled to China, where it performed in conservatories, concert halls, and in the occasional impromptu street performance.
In November 1970, Bryan Ferry, who had recently lost his job teaching ceramics at a girls' school for holding impromptu record listening sessions, advertised for a keyboard player to collaborate with him and Graham Simpson, a bass player he knew from his Newcastle art college band, the Gas Board, and with whom he collaborated on his first songs.
In the golden era of the Italian cinema, movie directors viewed the new medium of television rather snobbishly, considering it a clumsy hybrid with an unlikely artistic future, and they criticized especially the impromptu editing and the telecasts in direct sound, requiring prompt reflexes and quick decision-making, without the possibility of second chances that often salvaged the fortunes of a show in a theatre auditorium.
Marshall quickly accessed the website for the dubious "Internet Church of Mammals" and obtained for Weiss the post of "Exalted Minister", which allowed him to officiate at the impromptu wedding.
Nicholas Church in Prague, as well as many additional impromptu performances.
On March 13, 2010, Badu filmed an impromptu music video for "Window Seat" in the Dealey Plaza historic district of Dallas, Texas.
Perhaps in realisation of its implications, Richard led an impromptu cavalry charge deep into the enemy ranks in an attempt to end the battle quickly by striking at Henry Tudor himself.
Several names were posed at this early stage, with the 'Anchors', 'Victory' and 'Sea Devils' being suggested, whilst considered team colours included navy blue, orange and battleship gray, the decision was eventually made, with the help of an impromptu straw poll of the pub they were in, that the team would be named the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts.
The public's enthusiasm for his impromptu stage character prompted him to make her a part of his repertoire and this led to his starring in sixteen Old Mother Riley films, from 1937 to 1952.
The third floor landings in the public stairwells open to the concrete platform outside the library which was originally intended to be used for sculpture displays, acoustic music, impromptu outdoor conversations, an open public meeting area and poetry readings.
The two performed an impromptu set of songs together, with Lily Allen in her début stage performance as backing singer.
Verdicts on his playing were mixed: fans downloading bootlegged MP3s from the shows could sometimes hear clear mistakes, especially during instrumental breaks; one reviewer found power in his playing and another proficiency; "The Arizona Republic" wrote that "Springsteen showed off improved piano skills"; "Runaway American Dream" mused that "During an impromptu electric-piano 'All That Heaven Will Allow', Springsteen seemed delighted during the solo when he hit the right notes"; while "HARP Magazine" said "Springsteen’s piano playing was perfectly imperfect." In any case, for the faithful the rarities and the frequent set list changes in the piano numbers seemed to more than make up for any technical deficiencies.

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