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Vocabulary Word

Word: impervious

Definition: impenetrable; incapable of being damaged or distressed; incapable of being affected (in one's opinions); Ex. impervious to water/criticism

Sentences Containing 'impervious'

"...small changes in stream conditions,such as hydrology, storm flow, impervious surface cover, and bank height, have been demonstrated to affect minnow and darter populations".
A cap, hood, or shroud serves to keep rainwater out of the exterior of the chimney; rain in the chimney is a much greater problem in chimneys lined with impervious flue tiles or metal liners than with the traditional masonry chimney, which soaks up all but the most violent rain.
A value, though marred in the matter of statistics by inaccuracies; for the catfish is a plenty good enough fish for anybody, and there are no panthers that are`impervious to man.'
After the mixture has been applied, it hardens and forms a tough skin fairly impervious to weathering.
After work restarted on June 26, pervious core material for the dam was soon out of supply, so impervious material was used to complete the dam core.
An aluminium mast has considerable advantages over a wooden one: it is lighter and slimmer than a wooden one of the same strength, is impervious to rot, and can be produced as a single extruded length.
As a result, he is virtually impervious to all but devastating wounds.
Because the Opalinus-clay layer is impervious to water, a spring horizon has formed at the transition to the iron sandstone.
Before winter I built a chimney, and shingled the sides of my house, which were already impervious to rain, with imperfect and sappy shingles made of the first slice of the log, whose edges I was obliged to straighten with a plane.
Master Micawber was hardly visible in a Guernsey shirt, and the shaggiest suit of slops I ever saw; and the children were done up, like preserved meats, in impervious cases.
Residents with land were required to grow thorn bushes for building of the wall, as thorn twigs were believed impervious to sea water.
The attraction towards Middleton-by-Wirksworth becoming a village had much to do with the fact that it is one of the few Derbyshire villages in the limestone area that has a ‘perched’ water table due to the impervious volcanic rock and shale formations within its topology.
The layer is impervious to water and air, protecting the metal beneath, and this layer quickly reforms when the surface is scratched.
The system cost $580,000 to install, captures 95 percent of stormwater on a site that was more than 95 percent impervious, recharges groundwater, filters stormwater for quality, and eliminates a $68,000 annual stormwater assessment from the city.
Tiger Woods, however, seemed almost impervious to the conditions and continued to make birdies to stretch his lead, including a 30 foot birdie putt on the 12th.

More Vocab Words

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::: diurnal - daily; occurring during the daytime
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::: ruse - trick to deceive; stratagem
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