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Vocabulary Word

Word: impending

Definition: nearing; approaching; about to happen

Sentences Containing 'impending'

"McCartney" was scheduled for release on 17 April, but the other Beatles and Apple realised the album's release date could conflict with the impending "Let It Be" album and film.
"This Ugly Yet Beautiful World" explores the nature of interpersonal and intimate relationships in the face of the impending obliteration of life on Earth.
A sense of impending victory was heightened by the interception of a German wireless message that revealed the Ottoman Dardanelles forts were running out of ammunition.
Above the cargo bay, as Mal and Inara discuss her impending departure, River sees their unspoken frustrations over their unrealized relationship.
After completing training out of Ulithi, she steamed to Leyte Gulf on 4–7 March to conduct rehearsal exercises for the impending invasion of the Ryukyu Islands.
An older-looking Max has been used in a campaign to inform UK households of the impending digital TV switchover.
Another issue McCartney faced around this time frame surrounded his impending solo album.
Apocalypse staked the set of vampires and they returned to warn the clan of the impending doom.
But it spoils all, that at this point and crisis the author of the history leaves this battle impending, giving as excuse that he could find nothing more written about these achievements of Don Quixote than what has been already set forth.
Candy referenced the stadium's impending demolition during the date.
Claiming in April 2011, the book predicted an impending global crisis, he said "maybe by September, you'll say this is a history book.
General Fechet, along with announcing his impending retirement, declared that the forty-one student officers could be future generals of the Air Corps.
Gokhale secretly recruited troops for the impending war.
He says his biggest worry is impending flabbiness because there is no gym in the Big Brother House.
He was further pressured by the Arab nationalist members of the delegation, including al-Bitar, who alluded to an impending communist takeover and urgently appealed to him not to "abandon" Syria.
He was scheduled for a transfer to a non-command position in Dhaka and was reportedly disappointed over his impending demotion.
He was warned about the impending arrest but declined to leave his flock, saying, "According to the course of nature, I have but a few years to live.
However, the impending Iraq war gave voice to the festival's call for peace.
However, we had a Lynch living in the town; and the more I reflected upon his impending doom, the more I could not sleep.
I was compelled, at this period, to leave Corsica on an important expedition; I reflected for a long time, and with the hope of averting some impending misfortune, I resolved that Benedetto should accompany me.
In August 1978, with rumors of an impending meltdown at Abel swirling, Trumbull approached Paramount offering to step in and do the effects with partner Richard Yuricich.
In the final movement of the cantata, Nicolas speaks to his impending death with joy, eagerness, and acceptance.
It is, nonetheless, a significant literary achievement that foresaw the impending disaster in Europe after the first world war.
Its adherents awaited the impending destruction of the wicked by the Archangel Gabriel, at which time they, the undefiled, were to be spared and to receive the earth in heritage.
Media speculation is that the impending development of the estate is as a country residence for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
On 15 June 1659 Mr. Willis was In the summer of 1669 residents of Easthampton, Southampton and Stonington addressed letters to Mason, warning him of an impending attack by several groups of Indians.
She presses Walter to reveal why he and William Bell were developing "supersoldiers," but Walter only shares that it was for protection against some impending doom that he regrettably cannot recall.
Some frequent keywords include: When Judgment appears in a reading, it is usually interpreted as a signal of an impending judgment, such as of postponed decisions.
Speaking about their impending marriage in 2013, McEntire stated that she was, "thrilled to death, thrilled to death.
Tell-tale signs about a possible impending slide was rumored, and ominous signs of changes in elevation and ground movements have been observed.
The army told the PM that had known about the impending terror strikes in the western Assam towns for six weeks and had tried to prevent them.
The creation of MIZOD and the security it has given to maritime industry, the continued dredging of shipping lanes and the impending expansion of the Panama Canal has spurred a lot of private investment.
The episode as originally aired featured an alternate version of Mal and Inara's conversation about Inara's impending departure.
The impending shadow of a great affliction, and a great disgrace that had no distinct form in it yet, fell like a stain upon the quiet place where I had worked and played as a boy, and did it a cruel wrong.
The next morning, Xander and Anya perform a duet about their secret annoyances with each other and their respective doubts about their impending marriage ("I'll Never Tell").
The poem serves as an allegory about a king "in the olden time long ago" who is afraid of evil forces that threaten him and his palace, foreshadowing impending doom.
The ship then departed on 14 June to take part in the impending "Operation Crossroads", a historic series of atomic tests.
The Soviets prolonged the game stoppage by arguing to make their return to the ice conditional on the referee canceling their impending delay of game bench penalty.
The Stag also prevents impending disasters, and it is said to have stopped a stagecoach from crashing into the Batsto River.
There was, however, no publication of the "Second "Gymnopédie"" until 7 years later, with several announcements of an impending publication of this "gymnopédie" being made in the "Chat Noir" and "Auberge du Clou" periodicals.
There were also many German commanders who offered support against the Bolsheviks, fearing a confrontation with them was impending as well.
They also understood that the impending counterrevolutionary resistance was more dangerous than the concessions of the treaty, which Lenin viewed as temporary in the light of aspirations for a world revolution.
They are so perpetually alarmed with the apprehensions of these, and the like impending dangers, that they can neither sleep quietly in their beds, nor have any relish for the common pleasures and amusements of life.
They have struggled with disclosing their engagement to the rest of the group and individually doubt their impending marriage.
They joked about their time in Mexico and the incompetence of General Pillow . Grant offered to loan Buckner money to see him through his impending imprisonment, but Buckner declined.
They warn Rhys of the impending violence, and Javan fakes an illness to summon Rhys to his chambers.
Upon the shrubby hill of its edge Weena would have stopped, fearing the darkness before us; but a singular sense of impending calamity, that should indeed have served me as a warning, drove me onward.
While the operation was considered a success, there were allegations that over 40 people had disappeared during the operation and that the impending power vacuum was filled by paramilitary forces.
With the impending 2012–13 NHL lockout affecting his status as a Free Agent.
Wool's force moved to Agua Nueva, south of Saltillo, on 21 Dec., to counter rumors of impending attack.
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