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Vocabulary Word

Word: impediment

Definition: hindrance; stumbling-block; speech defect preventing clear articulation; Ex. speech impediment

Sentences Containing 'impediment'

"Los Angeles Times" writer Mikael Wood commented that "In stark contrast with such charm merchants as Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, Game’s low likability is no impediment to his art; indeed, "The R.E.D. Album," his fourth studio set, succeeds not in spite of his character [...]
(Structural Impediment Initiative) trade talks, the practice was never fully stamped out and continued to flourish.
Although Union losses were high and the victory did not contribute to the capture of Vicksburg, it did eliminate one more impediment to Union shipping on the Mississippi.
Altisidora seated herself on a chair at the head of the bed, and, after a deep sigh, said to him in a feeble, soft voice, "When women of rank and modest maidens trample honour under foot, and give a loose to the tongue that breaks through every impediment, publishing abroad the inmost secrets of their hearts, they are reduced to sore extremities.
And what if thou through either lameness or some other impediment art not able to reach unto the top of the battlements alone, which with the help of another thou mayst; wilt thou therefore give it over, or go about it with less courage and alacrity, because thou canst not effect it all alone?
British protection came to be seen as an impediment to progress, a view reinforced by the arrival of news of Arab nationalism from the outside world on newly available transistor radios.
By some of these it may be, that some operation or other of mine, may be hindered; however, of my mind and resolution itself, there can be no let or impediment, by reason of that ordinary constant both exception (or reservation wherewith it inclineth) and ready conversion of objects; from that which may not be, to that which may be, which in the prosecution of its inclinations, as occasion serves, it doth observe.
Come now, sinner, suppose the wind of fortune, hitherto so adverse, should turn in our favour, filling the sails of our desires so that safely and without impediment we put into port in some one of those islands I have promised thee, how would it be with thee if on winning it I made thee lord of it?
For by these the mind doth turn and convert any impediment whatsoever, to be her aim and purpose.
He asserted that the impediment to improved security was "Arrogance.
He has been conquering a speech impediment he has had since childhood.
He likens his wheelchair use to Tina's speech impediment.
However, the body's five senses - more synonymous with lower level egoism and learned misperception, would more likely be referenced as an impediment to reunion with the divine.
If he used his dominant right hand for the left eye, the nose became an impediment when he attempted to enter the eye at 9 and attempted to counter perforate at 3.
May you reach your longed-for fatherland in safety, and may fortune interpose no impediment to your prosperous journey; may the eyes of your friends and kinsmen behold you enjoying in peace and tranquillity the remaining days of your life--and that they may be as many as those of Nestor!"
One source reports that a major impediment to Stewart's appointment was a provision in the act of September 2, 1789, which established the Treasury Department.
Prior to Operation Cobra in World War II it was an impediment, a small island in a stretch of marshy area.
Rather the language speaks about getting rid of copyright formalities in order to comply with Berne (non-compliance had become a severe impediment in trade negotiations) and making registration and marking optional, but encouraged.
So that what before was the impediment, is now the principal object of her working; and that which before was in her way, is now her readiest way.
That the loss of your eyes would be no impediment to your bodily strength, by which you might still be useful to his majesty; that blindness is an addition to courage, by concealing dangers from us; that the fear you had for your eyes, was the greatest difficulty in bringing over the enemy’s fleet, and it would be sufficient for you to see by the eyes of the ministers, since the greatest princes do no more.
The primary impediment is a bowstring bridge (located at ), built in 2002 to allow continued access by bicycle along the old track bed alignment to Cheltenham Leisure Centre.
The two go on a date and kiss, but part on bad terms when Tina confesses that she has been faking her speech impediment since the sixth grade, in order to deflect attention from herself, but now feels she no longer needs to, having been given confidence by the glee club.
This impediment was highlighted in the 1974 NBA Playoffs, when the Bucks swept them in the Conference Finals.
This racializition is of particular interest to those who study Afrofuturism, since the lack of any explicitly black bodies in "Stars" may be seen as an impediment to the book being considered an Afrofuturistic work.
ULI panelists questioned whether Gray had too much power over City Hall, and asked the city to question whether they should continue to fund Gray—whom they considered "an impediment to revitalization."
What I learned revived my hopes, and I was better pleased not to have found Don Fernando than to find him married, for it seemed to me that the door was not yet entirely shut upon relief in my case, and I thought that perhaps Heaven had put this impediment in the way of the second marriage, to lead him to recognise his obligations under the former one, and reflect that as a Christian he was bound to consider his soul above all human objects.
“Lousy domestic policy remains the single greatest impediment to gas investments in Ukraine,” said Edward Chow, a senior fellow at the Center of Strategic and International Studies.

More Vocab Words

::: effete - having lost one's original power; barren; worn out; exhausted
::: paean - song of praise or joy; Ex. paeans celebrating the victory
::: ovation - enthusiastic applause
::: frock - long loose garment (worn by monks)
::: apprise - inform
::: discord - conflict; lack of harmony; dissonance (when musical notes are played)
::: commandeer - take (private property) for military use without needing permission or giving payment; draft for military purposes
::: lavish - liberal; wasteful; generous or wasteful in giving or using; abundant; profuse; great; Ex. decorated lavishly; V. give in abundance
::: abnegation - renunciation; self-sacrifice; self-abnegation
::: disbar - make (a lawyer) leave the bar or the legal profession