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Vocabulary Word

Word: impede

Definition: hide; retard or obstruct the progress of; block

Sentences Containing 'impede'

Additionally, Singa the Lion has been made into a popular board game of the 80’s, ‘Courtesy Snakes And Ladders’, in which discourteous animals will impede the progress of players through acts of discourtesy while landing on courteous animals.
Baltimore realized that the loss of maritime industrial land would impede on their ability to attract port traffic.
Center for Water and Environment: Committed to understanding problems and developing tools for solving problems that impede environmentally sound development of the economy.
Ford took some steps to impede the anti-Mormons, but with little results.
Lava flows and small explosive eruptions build up cones, which are thought to impede the flow of magma to the surface.
Many other neologisms faded soon after they were first used; for example "expede", which is now all but obsolete, although the derivative "expedient" and the similar word "impede" survive.
Similarly, Lubatkin et al. stated that small firms “lack the amount of slack resources and the kind of hierarchical administration systems that can help or impede larger firms in managing their contradictory knowledge processes and, thus, affect the attainment of ambidexterity” (p. 647).
The decision not to include houses on the bridge can be traced back directly to Henry IV, who decided against their inclusion on the grounds that houses would impede a clear view of the Louvre, which he extended substantially during his reign.
The Directive was designed to harmonize disparities in the respective trade mark laws that had the potential to impede the free movement of goods and provision of services and distort competition within the European Union.
The galley built at the direction of Brigadier General Benedict Arnold at Skenesborough, New York, in 1776 for a fleet intended to impede British advance southward on Lake Champlain.
This has led various authors (Philippe Van Parijs, Jean-Marc Ferry, Alain Caillé, André Gorz) to theorize a guaranteed minimum income which would impede exclusion from citizenship.
This has the advantages of easier programming for non-character display and easy smooth horizontal scrolling but can impede smooth vertical scrolling.
Where more than one participation type is shown, this generally implies that participation has not yet been fully resolved, which can impede the value of this technique in clarifying the participation of each role on each task.

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