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Vocabulary Word

Word: illusion

Definition: misleading vision or visual image; false idea or belief; CF. delusion

Sentences Containing 'illusion'

(The rabbit-duck illusion is an example: it is not possible to see both the rabbit and the duck simultaneously.)
After an initial misunderstanding, the heroes united and defeated Loki after Thor was lured away by an illusion of the Hulk and suspected Loki when he realized it was an illusion.
All in all, no fewer than 103 references to time are found in the play, adding to the illusion of its passage.
And it is devoutly to be hoped that science will perfect a method of color photography finally to dispel this illusion.
As with our colleges, so with a hundred``modern improvements''; there is an illusion about them; there is not always a positive advance.
Before proceeding with a new sculpture the artist draws a sketch of a solid object to create a graphic illusion of a volumetric image by using simple lines.
Bhram (English: "The illusion") is a 2008 Hindi film starring Dino Morea, Milind Soman and Sheetal Menon.
But it must be remembered that the means of creating this illusion were new to all and greatly wondered at.
Chung's most famous illusion, partly because of his death while performing it, was called "Condemned to Death by the Boxers".
Climatologist Judith Curry called "The Hockey Stick Illusion" "a well documented and well written book on the subject of the 'hockey wars.'
Commit it then to the flames: for it can contain nothing but sophistry and illusion.
During the events of "W Forever", The Luna Dopant uses his illusion powers to create henchmen for NEVER called . EXE.
Emily Pronin and Matthew Kugler argue that this phenomenon is due to the introspection illusion.
He compared "scientific knowledge" to ordinary knowledge in the way we deal with it, and saw error as only illusion: "Scientifically, one thinks truth as the historical rectification of a persistent error, and experiments as correctives for an initial, common illusion ("illusion première").
He taks photographs of life, beauty, illusion and volatility and looks out for the unexpected.
He was trapped in a psychic illusion where he is with Amara, before the illusion is shattered when Selene's minions appear on Utopia's shores.
Here, the author compares several e-mails to the evidence he presents in "The Hockey Stick Illusion."
His mother knew it was an illusion, though, and she told him that she knew shortly before she died.
I am fully persuaded that this double parallelism is by no means an accident or an illusion.
In fact, Maya is a quite common name in India, coming from the Sanskrit word for illusion.
In the scene Menken wore a flesh coloured bodystocking to preserve her modesty while giving the illusion of nudity.
Instead, technicians moved lights behind the car to create the illusion.
It is a supreme illusion, a sort of perfect madness."
It would seem that, after a certain point, the nearer your picture approaches the actual illusion of natural appearance, the further you are from the expression of life.
Its illusion is that fixed images seem to move, even though of course the image does not change.
Marriott stated "When one knows how a feat can be accomplished and what to look for, only the most skillful performer can maintain the illusion in the face of such informed scrutiny."
Nicholas dismisses it as an illusion but it is later revealed that Smike was right.
On January 1, 1984, his third novel was published, "The Emerald Illusion" (ISBN 0-688-02622-2).
On taking office in January 1961, Kennedy was informed that the missile gap was an illusion.
Perhaps the best known among these were "" and "The Illusion of Technique", which remain in print.
Pronin describes the illusion as having four components: Unreliability of introspection.
See-through or sheer fabric, particularly in skintone (called "nude") colours, is sometimes called illusion, as in 'illusion bodice' (or sleeve) due to giving the impression of exposed flesh.
Shakespeare uses references to the night and day, the stars, the moon, and the sun to create this illusion.
She also performed songs from his repertoire, to add to the illusion.
The beta movement is an optical illusion, first described by Max Wertheimer in 1912.
The danger is that in producing a complete illusion of representation, the particular vitality of your medium, with all the expressive power it is capable of yielding, may be lost.
The Ehrenstein illusion is an optical illusion studied by the German psychologist Walter Ehrenstein (1899 – 1961) in which the sides of a square placed inside a pattern of concentric circles take an apparent curved shape (Figure 1).
The ends of the dark segments produce the illusion of circles.
The Hockey Stick Illusion: Climategate and the Corruption of Science is a book written by Andrew Montford and published by Stacey International in 2010.
The illusion has been examined in psychological experiments, and suggested as a basis for biases in how people compare themselves to others.
The Illusion is the 33rd book in the Animorphs series, written by K.A. Applegate.
The Orbison illusion is an optical illusion that was first described by the psychologist William Orbison (1909 – 1981) in 1939.
The phrase "introspection illusion" was coined by Emily Pronin.
The song is built around a sample of "Just an Illusion" (1982) by British band Imagination.
These appear relatively suddenly and are a major contributor to the illusion of a 'complex life from nowhere' scenario.
This created the illusion that the volcanic island was erupting.
This forced the playwright to use words to create the illusion of day and night in his plays.
This phenomenon, also known as hyperextension, can give the illusion of throwing.
Using an illusion, Loki tricked the Hulk into destroying a railroad track.
With drawing of blank pixels at the screen edges, this can be made invisible to the user creating just the illusion of a smooth vertical scroll.

More Vocab Words

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::: gazette - official periodical publication; newspaper
::: nomenclature - terminology(system of specialized words); system of names or naming things
::: intoxicate - make drunk; stimulate or excite; Ex. intoxicated by all the money he might win
::: recalcitrant - disobedient or resisting authority even after being punished; obstinately stubborn; determined to resist authority; unruly; Ex. recalcitrant child
::: augury - omen; prophecy; sign of coming events; V. augur: predict; foretell; be a sign of (something in future)
::: secular - worldly; not pertaining to church matters or religion; temporal
::: deify - turn into a god; make a god of; idolize; Ex. Kings were deified; CF. deity
::: terse - concise; abrupt; pithy
::: encumber - burden; N. encumbrance