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Vocabulary Word

Word: ideology

Definition: system of ideas characteristic of a group or culture

Sentences Containing 'ideology'

"Political Economy and Laissez-Faire: Economics and Ideology in the Ricardian Era".
A little bit of a rascal himself, he preferred the company of amusing witty people regardless of their ideology or background.
A third view on popular culture, which fits in the liberal-pluralist ideology and is often called "progressive evolutionism", is overtly optimistic.
After his death, the work of GRAVIS continues with same dedication following his ideology, and has expanded significantly in the leadership of his son Prakash, reaching over one million people.
Al-Nasir made them into an instrument of his government, reorganizing them along Sufi lines and ideology.
All but one of those organisations are associated to Islamic ideology.
At first, he represented Mahesh Yogi in Norway, but Acem soon distanced itself from the transcendental meditation movement due to disagreements about methods and ideology.
Critics consider neoconservatism a bellicose and "heroic" ideology opposed to "mercantile" and "bourgeois" virtues and therefore "a variant of anti-economic thought."
Despite the economic crisis, "Laissez-faire" persisted as the guiding economic principle of Conservative Party ideology.
For example, Pat Buchanan terms neoconservatism "a globalist, interventionist, open borders ideology."
He pointed to liberalism as an ideology of people, and therefore, one of the radical centre "For the left, an obsession with the state.
He saw racism as the new ideology of totalitarian regimes, and called it ""le ciment des dictatures"" in a November 1938 article in "l'Époque".
He was heavily influenced by nativist and messianic ideology.
How can you run a serious political organization aimed at winning elections without any kind of guiding ideology or real local organization?
However, such choices may be guided more by ideology than by economics.
Hutaree is a militia movement group adhering to the ideology of the Christian Patriot movement, based near Adrian, Michigan, in the United States.
In 1965, Keïta travelled to the People's Republic of China with a Malian team to duplicate three films of socialist ideology in Bambara.
In a more thorough interview, Zeidler said he chose the ideology of socialism in 1933 "because of several things in its philosophy.
In contrast, the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) espoused an ideology of social democracy which gained the support of Indian union workers.
Juan Santos Atahualpa's ideas and ideology remain mysterious, with information concerning him coming from usually hostile accounts by Franciscan missionaries.
Labor was recruited primarily by impressment/draft, or as a way to pay off VC taxes, although volunteers motivated by ideology also took part.
Like most artists, whose creative development fell into the Soviet era, both Shota and Margarita Metreveli were influenced by the leading ideology of the time.
Margai used his conservative ideology to lead Sierra Leone without much strife.
Nausicaä is presented as a messiah and also acts on an ideology of how to interact with the natural world.
North Korean music follows the principles of Juche (self-reliance) ideology.
One way could be to introduce small gradual changes in products otherwise conforming to the requirements of a dominant ideology.
Other festival journeys were tied to the ideology of kingship.
Quebec sovereignty is politically opposed to the competing ideology of Canadian federalism.
She used it to publish the true ideology of Muslim League and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
SPYL sees itself as serving as an "active, revolutionary, and militant transmitting belt of the SWAPO Party ideology."
Subsequently in the late 1980s, it was one of the Belgrade's first toponyms to change its name with the loosening of the communist ideology.
Such theories see dominant ideology as purely a matter of messages, propagated in this case through the forms of narrative fiction.
Suicides motivated by ideology doubled between 2006 and 2008.
That's our basic ideology behind the party..".
The 1936 Berlin Games were seen by the German government as a golden opportunity to promote their ideology.
The emphasis is on empiricism, not ideology".
The ideology of the party was Kemalism with strong emphasis on secularism.
The ideology of the rising bourgeoisie typically emphasized the benefits of privately owned property for the purpose of wealth creation and industriousness.
The ideology was partially inspired by the example of the Communist Party of Peru, which refers to its ideological line as "Marxism–Leninism–Maoism-Gonzalo Thought".
The last three decades of Vakkom Majeed was the decades of his intense exploration and reading (and rereading) of nationalist history, ideology and practice.
The Man and His Message – Vivekananda's Personality and Ideology.
The party was considered more orthodox in its ideology than JCP.
The question whether popular culture can actually resist dominant ideology, or even contribute to social change, is much more difficult to answer.
Theories on how to constrain, limit or enable this participation vary however as much as any other political philosophy or ideology.
These criticized Steiner's thought and Anthroposophy as being incompatible with National Socialist racial ideology and charged both that Steiner was influenced by his close connections with Jews and that he was himself Jewish.
They argued that sociobiology does not necessarily lead to any particular political ideology, as many critics implied.
Third parties do not work without a guiding ideology, be it left, right, libertarian, statist, whatever.
This tradition emphasized human rights over the cash nexus of the Gilded Age's dominant ideology.
This was a radical ideology in divine right France.
To me, this was a gaffe, not a statement about his philosophy or ideology."
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