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Vocabulary Word

Word: hypothetical

Definition: based on assumptions or hypotheses; supposed; N. hypothesis

Sentences Containing 'hypothetical'

"Fighting Is Magic" grew out of a set of images for a hypothetical "Marevel vs. Clopcom" game, parodying the "Marvel vs. Capcom" fighting game series, created by Anukan, who would later become one of the Mane6 developers.
"Gustavo III" disappeared for close to one hundred and fifty years, but it again made an appearance with the publication of the critical edition of "Un ballo in maschera" and the subsequent "hypothetical reconstruction", based on the unorchestrated original and much of "Una vendetta" "grafted" onto "Un ballo"'s score.
A hypothetical Council of Jamnia circa 85 is often stated to have condemned all who claimed the Jewish Messiah had already come, and Christianity in particular.
A magnetic monopole is a hypothetical elementary particle in particle physics that is an isolated magnet with only one magnetic pole (a north pole without a south pole or vice-versa).
A November 2008 Siena College poll indicated that although Governor David Paterson – promoted to the office via the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal a year before – was popular among New Yorkers, he would have just a slight lead over Giuliani in a hypothetical matchup.
A Quinnipiac University Polling Institute poll conducted between April 30, 2009 and May 3, 2009 placed Ridge within three points of Specter in a hypothetical matchup between the two men.
According to Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, Indonesia has shale gas hypothetical resources of 574 trillion cubic feet (tcf) distributed as follows: As of 2012, shale gas, like coal bed methane (CBM), is not yet being developed in Indonesia.
An expected examinee is conceptualized as a hypothetical examinee who correctly answers items that require cognitive attributes that the examinee has mastered.
As of 2009, graphene appeared to be one of the strongest materials known with a breaking strength over 100 times greater than a hypothetical steel film of the same (thin) thickness, with a Young's modulus (stiffness) of ().
Both Nove and Kornai argued that, because perfect equilibrium does not exist, a comprehensive economic plan for production cannot be formulated, making planning ineffective just as real-world market economies do not conform to the hypothetical state of perfect competition.
During the 2007 Quebec election, federalist and Liberal Party of Quebec leader Jean Charest said that "All of these things are hypothetical questions...I do not think that Quebec is divisible.
For example, imagine if a hypothetical mutual fund had bought some Washington Mutual corporate bonds in 2005 and decided to hedge their exposure by buying CDS protection from Lehman Brothers.
He designed and built a laser calibration system for MACRO, a search for magnetic monopoles and other exotic hypothetical particles.
He termed this hypothetical protease in his protein extract "erepsin", derived from a Greek word meaning "I break down" (έρείπω).
However, a "hypothetical reconstruction" of "Gustavo III" under its original name was performed by the Gothenburg Opera in Sweden during the 2002/03 season.
Hypothetical protein FLJ20366, also known as FLJ20366, is a human gene.
In "A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome", Lawrence Richardson regards a single site called "Ciconiae Nixae" as "hypothetical," noting that the subject "has long exercised topographers."
In 2003, Hickson was one of the three scientists to report on a hypothetical eruption at the Canadian volcano Mount Cayley.
In a word, if we proceed not upon some fact, present to the memory or senses, our reasonings would be merely hypothetical; and however the particular links might be connected with each other, the whole chain of inferences would have nothing to support it, nor could we ever, by its means, arrive at the knowledge of any real existence.
In Marxian political economy, simple commodity production also refers to a hypothetical economy used to interpret some of Karl Marx's insights about the economic laws governing the development of commodity trade: it refers to a market economy in which all producers own the resources (including the ability to work) that they use in production.
In present-day astrology, the name Lilith is usually given to a point on the horoscope that represents the direction of the actual moon's apogee, unrelated to the hypothetical second moon.
It is "not" matter in a nucleus, but a hypothetical substance consisting of a huge number of protons and neutrons interacting by only nuclear forces and "no" Coulomb forces.Volume and the number of particles are infinite, but the ratio is finite.
It is currently not in existence and hypothetical due to the political status of Taiwan.
Lilith is the name given to a hypothetical second moon of Earth, about the same mass as the Earth's Moon, proposed by astrologer Walter Gornold (Sepharial) in 1918.
Norman Holland, writing in 1966, considers Romeo's dream as a realistic "wish fulfilling fantasy both in terms of Romeo's adult world and his hypothetical childhood at stages oral, phallic and oedipal" – while acknowledging that a dramatic character is not a human being with mental processes separate from those of the author.
Now this hypothetical liberty is universally allowed to belong to every one who is not a prisoner and in chains.
Ojibwe and Potawatomi have been proposed as likely candidates for forming a genetic subgroup within Proto-Algonquian, although the required research to ascertain the linguistic history and status of a hypothetical “Ojibwe–Potawatomi” subgroup has not yet been undertaken.
Older discredited explanations include derivation from the hypothetical common noun "*kočevje" 'nomadic settlement' and Slovene "koča" 'shack'.
One idea is that genes are involved in the evolution of language and human nature, but to date such ideas remain little more than hypothetical in nature.
Part of his theory lay in an astronomical interpretation of the Babylonian creation myth, the "Enuma Elish", in which he replaced the names of gods with hypothetical planets.
Recipients can receive a maximum sum of $15,000 for a proposal (based on a real or hypothetical project) that explores an existing structure or series of structure's preservation for a cultural purpose in the Unites States.
Somewhat counterintuitively to foreigners and natives alike, the "M" in the road name does "not" indicate a hypothetical ownership of the road by the autonomous regional government of Madrid.
Spin-1/2 Majorana fermions, such as the hypothetical neutralino, can be described as either a dependent 4-component Majorana spinor or a single 2-component Weyl spinor.
Star lifting is any of several hypothetical processes by which a highly advanced civilization (at least Kardashev-II) could remove a substantial portion of a star's matter in a controlled manner for other uses.
Taiwan Ring Expressway () is a proposed, hypothetical expressway encircling the island of Taiwan as part of the National Trunk Highway System of the People's Republic of China.
The assumption states that a hypothetical hashing function will evenly distribute items into the slots of a hash table.
The complexity of power grids, the source ionospheric current systems and the 3D ground conductivity make an accurate analysis difficult. By being able to analyze major storms and their consequences we can build a picture of the weak spots in a transmission system and run hypothetical event scenarios.
The culture possibly spoke a Macro-Penutian language (a hypothetical macrofamily which may include Penutian, Uto-Aztecan, and some other language families).
The debate was popularly viewed as a debate between proponents of capitalism and proponents of socialism, but in reality a significant portion of the debate was between socialists who held differing views regarding the utilization of markets and money in a socialist system and to what degree the law of value would continue to operate in a hypothetical socialist economy.
The hypothetical existence of a magnetic monopole would imply that the electric charge must be quantized in certain units; also, the existence of the electric charges implies that the magnetic charges of the hypothetical magnetic monopoles, if they exist, must be quantized in units inversely proportional to the elementary electric charge.
The hypothetical owner of the first and only liquor store in a state would make a fantastic return on investment.” The Third Wave of Legal Gambling theory explains why the states differ so much in their approaches to gaming.
The sitter has not been identified but given his individualistic features, the work is believed to be based on a historical person, rather than on a hypothetical ideal, as was usual for the time.
Their taxonomy may never be fully elucidated, and so their postulated status as a separate species is hypothetical.
These are averaged to obtain the expected utility given a hypothetical sample.
These features have led to researchers involved in their development to call this method of data storage "apocalypse-proof" because "after a hypothetical global disaster, future generations might eventually find the stores and be able to read them."
This is not the same as the past tense, but more of an aspect, as it does not cover past habitual or continuous occurrences, and it can refer to a real or hypothetical change of state in the past, present or future.
Under capitalism, he suggests that technology "has been the "sine qua non" of growth" - thus he believes that, even in a world with hypothetical "free energy", the effect would be to lower the cost of automobile production, leading to the massive overproduction of vehicles, "collapsing infrastructure", chronic resource depletion and the "paving over" of the "remainder of nature".
While these should not be confused with hypothetical elementary monopoles existing in the vacuum, they nonetheless have similar properties and can be probed using similar techniques.
With this equipment he was able to piece together a "life-size re-creation of a hypothetical atomic lab."
Yet another theory derives it from the hypothetical Lombard name "*Graslupus" borrowed into Slavic as "*Groslupъ", whereby "*Groslupľe selo" would literally mean 'Groslupъ's village'.

More Vocab Words

::: worldly - engrossed in matters of this earth; not spiritual; of the material world
::: implement - put into effect; enforce; carry out; supply with tools; Ex. implement the plan/suggestion; N: tool or instrument
::: forthcoming - happening in the near future; ready; willing to help; Ex. No answer was forthcoming.
::: humor - indulge; comply with the wishes of; N. quality that makes something amusing; state of mind; mood; Ex. in a bad humor; Ex. out of humor
::: ominous - threatening; of an evil omen
::: missile - object to be thrown or projected
::: attenuate - make thin; weaken
::: artful - exhibiting art or skill; deceitful; cunning; CF. artifice
::: regime - method of system or government
::: carping - petty criticism; fault-finding; fretful complaining; quibble