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Vocabulary Word

Word: humane

Definition: marked by kindness or consideration; kind and compassionate; humanitarian

Sentences Containing 'humane'

According to this view, the European in-group for humane behavior included the sub-continent, while African and American Indian cultures had a more localized definition of "an insider".
Although a skillful fighter, Miyazaki's Nausicaä is humane and peace-loving.
Australian Association for Humane Research
Bon Appétit has developed programs with Environmental Defense, the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch, the Humane Society of the United States, and other conservation organizations.
But already a change is taking place, owing, not to an increased humanity, but to an increased scarcity of game, for perhaps the hunter is the greatest friend of the animals hunted, not excepting the Humane Society.
But most humble though he was, and far from furnishing an example of the high, humane abstraction; the Pequod's carpenter was no duplicate; hence, he now comes in person on this stage.
Dueholm is married with two children and is a member of the local chapter of the Humane Society of the United States and Pheasants Forever.
Fearing expulsion, the fate of their coreligionists in France (1306), the Jews of Majorca, after the death of the humane Jaime I., addressed themselves (1311) to the new king, Sancho I., with a request for protection; and he confirmed their privileges.
Finally, he blamed the failure of successive governments to "provide the resources to the Prison Service which were needed to enable the Service to provide for an increased prison population in a humane manner".
He did not seem to think that he at all deserved a medal from the Humane and Magnanimous Societies.
His political philosophy is liberal and humane, except on economic matters (the tariff) which affect the New England industry, when he turns conservative.
His support and advocacy in animal-related measures saw him labeled as a 2011 "Top Dog" by the Oregon Humane Society.
Humane Research Australia (previously named AAHR) was originally founded in 1979 by Ms Elizabeth Ahlston.
I am horror-struck at this antemosaic, unsourced existence of the unspeakable terrors of the whale, which, having been before all time, must needs exist after all humane ages are over.
In 2004 Mr. Hege received an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters from Le Moyne College.
In 2011, he received the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Swarthmore College [http://www.swarthmore.edu/x32806.xml] and the honorary degree of Doctor of Science from Case Western Reserve University.
In his review for "Rolling Stone", Paul Nelson wrote, ""Nashville Skyline" achieves the artistically impossible: a deep, humane, and interesting statement about being happy.
In short, war, the great waster of human life, is now significantly more humane.
It is hoped that no ties of friendship or humane consideration will induce you to conceal the truth.''
It is hoped that the Calhoun Company will show, by its humane and protective treatment of its laborers, that its method is the most profitable for both planter and negro; and it is believed that a general adoption of that method will then follow.
It was her highly sensual, touchingly naive portrayal that gave this character a new, humane dimension, which was in fact the director's idea.
James and his crews, both Humane Society volunteers and U.S. Life-Savers, are estimated to have saved over 1000 people from shipwrecks.
London, 1745, under the editorship of John Chapman, D.D., and William Berriman, D.D. In two Spital sermons preached in 1707 and 1718 he advocate humane treatment of the mentally ill.
Miranda Sawyer in "The Observer" also praised the show saying it was, "A simple idea, kindly and wittily executed by another unfashionably humane Englishman.
No humane being, past the thoughtless age of boyhood, will wantonly murder any creature which holds its life by the same tenure that he does.
Not that I am less humane than others, but I did not perceive that my feelings were much affected.
On May 19, 2012, Robb Armstrong received an honorary “Doctor of Humane Letters”, "Honoris causa" degree from Holy Family University in Pennsylvania.
On May 21, 2006 he received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee.
Purrfect Pals' mission is to end over population through humane education, spay/neuter programs and permanent placement in homes.
Silent, humane, indispensable in hospital and prison, using his art equally among assassins and victims, he was a man apart.
Since 1980, America's Charities has represented such charities as Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, NAACP Special Contributions Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and The Humane Society of the United States in workplace giving campaigns.
The "San Francisco Chronicle" said that "Kingsolver is admirably humane and intellectually consistent.
The act of decapitation by a second ("kaishaku-nin") was added to this ritual suicide in later times in order to shorten the suffering of the samurai or leader, an attempt at rendering the ritual more humane.
The American Humane Society’s cost for cremation of 50 lbs.
The Australian Association for Humane Research Inc.
The company's conservation efforts have resulted in recognition from the Ecological Society of America in 2005, The Humane Society of the United States in 2005, and the Seafood Choices Alliance in 2007.
The exact number is not known because Massachusetts Humane Society records were lost in the Great Boston Fire of 1872.
The Global Academy for Future Civilizations is a set of international research organizations dedicated to creating a more humane civilization in the 21st century.
The Humane Society was founded by Helen Kinau Wilder, the owner of the horses that Chang had handled as a paniolo.
The Massachusetts Humane Society placed one of its first Huts of Refuge on Nantasket Beach after the American Revolution.
The penal code was seen as indispensable part of government, yet punishments were still to be humane.
The use of 4-aminopyridine in bird control has been criticized by the Humane Society of the United States.
The Wheeling newspapers criticized the activities of Ohio humane societies and their support for runaway slaves.
Three years later, Chang started working for the Hawaii Humane Society, which at the time was part of the Police department on the island.
To view your shameful neglect as altogether fitting and humane is beyond deplorable - it is inhuman.
We can not but pity the boy who has never fired a gun; he is no more humane, while his education has been sadly neglected.
Werber has served on the board of the national spokesperson for the American Humane Society and was a founding officer of the Association of Veterinary Communicators.
While my townsmen and women are devoted in so many ways to the good of their fellows, I trust that one at least may be spared to other and less humane pursuits.
With the publication of "True at First Light" critics saw a more humane and empathetic Hemingway, and began to shift their emphasis away from the image of the "white man with a gun."
Zápotocký personally favoured a more humane way of governing, but was outflanked by the Stalinist first secretary, Antonín Novotný.

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