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Vocabulary Word

Word: hermitage

Definition: home of a hermit

Sentences Containing 'hermitage'

"USA Today" traveled to the State Hermitage Museum, St.
A retrospective of Consagra's work was staged at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome in 1989, and two years later he became the first sculptor to show abstract work in the Hermitage, St.
According to legend, three young men dressed as pilgrims arrived and offered to make an image of the Virgin within three days in exchange for their board. They were taken to a place known as "The Hermitage".
After 1678 the Lubomirski palace complex in Ujazdów, was enriched with four park pavilions: "Arcadia", "Hermitage", "Frascati" and the largest of them the "Bathhouse".
After leaving the hermitage they lose contact with each other.
Angus continued to consolidate his estates, often at the expense of his cousins the Black Douglases, taking positions and fortresses previously held by the Earls of Douglas, such as Lintalee and finally Hermitage Castle for a time.
Ann's Road and the manor boundary (where Hermitage Road is today).
But such as is my hermitage, it is at your disposal; such as is my supper, it is yours to share, if you will.
Close to the hermitage he has a small house which he built at his own cost, but though small it is large enough for the reception of guests."
Doubtless they chose farming because that life is private and secluded from irruptions of undesirable strangers like the pilot house hermitage.
Evidence suggests that it stood just to the South of the site of today's Sainsbury's; the name of Hermitage Road echoing its past purpose.
For example, when Krishna leaves the hermitage after studies the grief-stricken Kuchela runs after Krishna and falls down a mountain peak but is saved by his friend.
Further south, where the Sainsbury’s development is today, rose a second brook, Hermitage Brook, snaking northeast towards the River Lea.
He has also worked as assistant vice president at First National Bank of Pennsylvania and as vice president of the Mortgage Service Corporation of Hermitage, Pennsylvania.
He originally came from Garelochhead and went to the Hermitage Academy in Helensburgh, but in later life he lived in Alexandria in Dunbartonshire.
However, as soon as he arrived he renounced Islam, returned to Christianity, came to Artzque, and retired into a nearby hermitage called Erashkhavor.
I think she will be pleased with the hermitage.''
In 2009, it was replaced by the permanent Aranya Bodhi ("Awakening Forest Hermitage") in Jenner and a part-time "urban" residence called "Bodhi House," in Fremont.
In April 2003 Potanin was elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the State Hermitage, the most renowned Russian art museum.
In South Africa, it was known as "Hermitage", hence the name of its most famous cross Pinotage.
It tells about sage Sandipani’s hermitage where Krishna and Kuchela are students and close friends.
Nearby attractions include Bruce Trail, Hermitage ruins, Royal Botanical Gardens, Dundurn Castle, Crooks Hollow Conservation Area, Christie Lake Conservation Area, Weir's Falls, Steven’s Falls.
On the road the cousin proposed they should go up to the hermitage to drink a sup.
Petersburg and New York – and Dmitri Bortniansky's final opera, Le fils rival, which he conducted in the Hermitage Theater in 2004.
Popp became the rector of a parish in Hermitage, Pennsylvania.
Saint Sarkis Church, with the hermitage-monastery, was destroyed by the large earthquake of 1679 but was rebuilt on the same site during the rule of His Holiness Edesatsi Nahabet Catholicos (1691–1705).
South of the monastery, on a steep cliff, stands the Hermitage Chapel.
SR 254 continues east as Hermitage Road, which crosses Christians Creek and gradually curves southeast and south to the city of Waynesboro.
Standing against the upper part of the village of Dzoragyugh, and facing the old Erivan Fortress on the left bank of the River Hrazdan, a hermitage-monastery was functioning since the earliest Christian era.
The Academia Carrara (Bérgamo, Italy), the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Hermitage Museum, the Honolulu Museum of Art, Kunsthistorisches Museum (Vienna) and Musée des Beaux-Arts at Caen are among the public collections holding works by Benedetto Caliari.
The Boulevard intersects with main arteries Cary Street, Main Street, Monument Avenue, Broad Street, Leigh Street, Interstate 64/95, and Hermitage Road.
The first documentary evidence of the presence of the Hermitage and the church are one of 1319, relating to a bequest made to the "Church of St.
The hermitage is accessed by a staircase of 102 steps carved into rock.
The hermitage of the "hermit's cave" was used by monks, hermits, who were its guardians, until 1782 when the practice of the hermitage was abolished.
The Hermitage of the “Virgin of the Cabeza” is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Antas and lies outside the town o­n the top of a hill.
The inscription dated 753, engraved on the rock next to the current tower, dates back, however, the continued practice of the monastic hermitage.
The instant Sancho heard this he steered his Dapple towards it, and Don Quixote and the cousin did the same; but it seems Sancho's bad luck so ordered it that the hermit was not at home, for so a sub-hermit they found in the hermitage told them.
The island was the site of a Celtic hermitage, and a Pictish carved stone dates from that period.
The lands of this manor stretched from the southern boundary of Tottenham Manor, near Hermitage Road today, north to West Green and east to Tottenham High Road.
The main celebration of the locality is the fiesta of the Virgin of the same name and o­n 8 September every year her image is taken from the church to the Hermitage where she is offered floral tributes after the pilgrimage.
The monastery was built at the exact location where Lama Druptub Karbo had his hermitage.
The priory was founded by Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester, in 1134, as a hermitage for eremites of the Order of St Augustine.
The special picturesqueness to the canal is added by the arch connecting Old Hermitage and Hermitage Theater, built by architect Yury Felten next to the Hermitage Bridge.
This survey concluded that the Hermitage Douglas Fir near Dunkeld came next in height, standing at . Ferns.
Thompson died at the Hermitage, Hackthorpe, Cumberland, where he had lived in retirement for upwards of forty years, on 27 December 1879, and was buried in Lowther churchyard. His first wife was a sister of George Parker Bidder, the celebrated calculator and civil engineer.
Tottenham manor records also describe a hermitage in the vicinity.
Ulverscroft Priory is a former hermitage and priory in Ulverscroft, Leicestershire.
Vaughan was born in Richmond, Virginia and attended Hermitage High School.
Wilt worked as director of real estate acquisitions for the Hudson Real Estate Group in Hermitage, Pennsylvania and as product manager in sales and marketing for Winner International Corporation in Sharon, Pennsylvania.
Within the same year, the construction of the first dependencies for the priests, alongside the church (along the north of the hermitage) and another one-storey structure to the west, began being constructed.
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