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Vocabulary Word

Word: graduate

Definition: arrange into categories or grades; divide into marked intervals (for use in measurement); Ex. graduated ruler

Sentences Containing 'graduate'

Adam was a graduate of the University of Michigan in 1997.
All the students of the graduate and post-graduate stages of training are provided with hostels.
Bordāns did graduate Riga Secondary School 39 in 1985.
Five thousand undergraduate and graduate students study at the university.
For graduate school, he attended the Wm.
Guiel is a graduate of Oklahoma State University.
He did graduate work at Illinois in 1931-32.
He graduated from NYU's Graduate Acting Program in 1996.
He is a 1964 graduate of Pottstown High School.
He is a 1971 graduate of Temple University, with a degree in English/Communications.
He is a 1982 graduate of Greenville High School.
He is a graduate in Law and has a Masters Degree in Political Science.
He is a graduate of Fort Hays State University.
He is a graduate of Freedom High School and Haverford College.
He is a graduate of Jamaica High School.
He is a graduate of the London School of Economics.
He is a graduate of the University of Oxford. Career.
He later went to Sydney, Australia, for his graduate education.
He was a 2007 graduate of Leadership Kansas.
He was a graduate of Latter Day Saint University and the University of Utah.
He was an 1892 graduate of Harvard University.
He was the first graduate and advocate of Odisha.
In 1964, the College introduced graduate programs.
In the same year, Beijing Graduate School of CIMT was founded and began to admit graduate students.
Inha has 9 graduate schools: Graduate School, Graduate School of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Graduate School of Logistics, Law School, School of Medicine, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Public Administration.
It as undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and research programs.
John Evans is a graduate of the University of Michigan.
Kashtalinsky was a graduate of the 2nd St.
Keeler is a 1978 graduate of Wesleyan University.
Meyer was a graduate of Saint Louis University.
Mr. Jordan is a graduate of Amherst College.
Priyanshu is a commerce graduate from Delhi University.
Quinn was a 1947 graduate of the college.
Recently, Under Graduate programs were also being offered.
Rubene is a graduate of the Riga Polytechnical Institute.
She has no children and is a 2011 graduate of Ellenville High School.
She is a graduate of Asbury Park High School and Monmouth University.
She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia.
She was an honors graduate in English Literature.
Should he fail to graduate or drops out then he loses everything.
The graduate programs generally line up with the academic departments in the college.
The latter is formerly the Graduate School of CUMT.
The only graduate of the B.Sc Accounting programme to obtain this distinction.
The program prepares students to: Graduate programs.
The rules stated that he had to do his graduate work at a different university.
There are about 13000 undergraduate students and more than 100 graduate students.
There are almost 700 students enrolled in the graduate course.
We have also what are called monstrosities; but they graduate into varieties.
Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Wilson did his graduate work in art history at Columbia University.
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More Vocab Words

::: alloy - mixture as of metals; something added that lowers in value or purity; V: mix; make less pure; lower in value or quality; spoil; CF. unalloyed: not in mixture with other maetals; pure; complete; unqualified; Ex. unalloyed happiness
::: gloss - brief explanation note or translation of a difficult expression; V.
::: hypothetical - based on assumptions or hypotheses; supposed; N. hypothesis
::: sumptuous - grand suggesting great expense; lavish; rich; Ex. sumptuous feast
::: recrimination - countercharges; V. recriminate
::: constituency - voters represented by an elected official; district so represented; group of supporters (or constituents)
::: whimsy - whim; tendency to behave amusingly strangely; Ex. story full of whimsy
::: retinue - following; attendants
::: unearth - dig up; discover (facts) by careful searching; Ex. He unearthed some secrets about her; OP. conceal
::: taciturn - habitually silent; talking little