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Vocabulary Word

Word: glossary

Definition: brief explanation of words used in the text

Sentences Containing 'glossary'

""...wherein the Old, obsolete words are rendered more intelligible and adapted to the understanding of such who have not leisure to study the Meaning and Import of such Parases (sic) without the aid of a Glossary."" This enthused the young Burns, who records, in his Autobiographical Letter, that it ""...poured a Scottish prejudice in my veins which will boil along there till the flood gates of life shut in eternal rest"." He also served in the army and retired with the rank of Lieutenant.
"History of Liao" of 1344 was compiled using older sources, mainly: The "Liao Shi" contains 116 volumes, including 30 volumes of Imperial Annals, 32 volumes of Records of Institutions, 8 volumes of Tables, 48 volumes of Biographies and Descriptions, and 1 volume of Glossary of National Language.
"See Glossary of patent law terms for articles on various legal aspects of patents, including special types of patents and patent applications."
A cookery book honoring the longstanding relationship (since 1987) between the twinned cities of Karlsruhe and Halle contains a small glossary of Saxon and Alemannic words, including "Muggeseggele".
A key output of this effort was a glossary of about 100 keywords relevant to municipal laws.
A reading of the serials and the first six issues may give an overview, with the extras like the Glossary or the play script redefining new additional perspectives, while some deeper levels may only come into focus when the series is ultimately finished: e.g., Queen Glorianna's hand symbols, her ultimate plan, and how the main characters fit into the eventual Great Change she intends.
According to a reference glossary provided by the United States Senate, an authorization act is "A law that establishes or continues one or more Federal agencies or programs, establishes the terms and conditions under which they operate, authorizes the enactment of appropriations, and specifies how appropriated funds are to be used.
Additionally, there were new pin-ups, and revised entries in the Glossary.
All of Klaeber's editions have included a substantial Introduction, discussing a range of different topics related to the poem, and a comprehensive Commentary section on particular aspects of the text, as well as an extensive glossary.
An illustrated Glossary of Permafrost and Related Ground-Ice Terms in 12 languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, and Spanish), 278 pages, was produced in 1998.
Besides editions of the works of William Shakespeare, James Beattie, Henry Fielding, Samuel Johnson, Joseph Warton, Alexander Pope, Edward Gibbon, and Henry St John, Viscount Bolingbroke, he published "A General Biographical Dictionary" in 32 volumes (1812–1817); a "Glossary to Shakspeare" (1807); an edition of George Steevens's "Shakespeare" (1809); and the "British Essayists", beginning with the "Tatler" and ending with the "Observer", with biographical and historical prefaces and a general index.
Comics Journal praised this innovation in 1986: "The (Space) Brigade's origin in the Graphic Novel's glossary section, is hilarious; in general, the "Starstruck" glossaries provide as much mirth as the series itself."
Dallas for this Glossary, which has been given because several readers have complained to me that some of the terms used were unintelligible to them.
Finally, it gives rules for non-human, Kzin or Puppeteer, player characters, and a glossary.
For collected definitions of graph theory terms that do not refer to individual graph types, such as "vertex" and "path", see Glossary of graph theory.
Glenn has referred to the book as "a long-delayed issue of "Hermenaut"." In 2008, Glenn wrote The Idler's Glossary.
His "Glossary of Bengali Religious Terms" (1945) had prepared him for the task of translating biblical and liturgical texts.
In 2011, Glenn and Mark Kingwell published "The Wage Slave's Glossary", which "looks at the language we use to make sense of the interconnected world of work and leisure."
In order to familiarize the reader with the new words, many of which are analogous to English, Latin or Greek words and ideas, he put a glossary at the end of the book.
In the year 1878 he published his translations of the Paiyalachchhi, the oldest Prakrit dictionary, with glossary and translation.
ISBN 978-1-60010-872-3 This larger-format (8.5" x 12") omnibus contained the remastered IDW issues; the "Galactic Girl Guides" back-up stories; an introduction by writer Mike Carey; a history of "Starstruck"'s evolution from Tym Stevens; a fumetti story using Sean Smith's stage photos; a gallery of pin-ups and covers; and the expanded Glossary.
It included a four page glossary in the back that expanded upon references in the story, much in the spirit of the concurrent work of Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".
It was left undefined in the press release whether the third volume would also consist of the remaining Epic issues with new material, or instead be all-new material following those stories, such as an adaption of the stage play itself, or a dramatization of the "Great Change" event that the series' Glossary often refers to as the ultimate fruition of the narrative.
Now Vatpara, has 3 primary School, 2 mosque and many glossary shops.
One of the Guides would become a crucial historian in the future, the person credited for all the barbed and humorous Glossary entries.
Singapore humour writer Sylvia Toh Paik Choo was the first to put a spelling and a punctuation to Singlish in her books "Eh Goondu" (1982) and "Lagi Goondu" (1986), which are essentially a glossary of Singlish, which she terms 'Pasar Patois'.
The back of the book includes a section titled "Cast of Characters", a Swahili glossary, and the editor's acknowledgments.
The book included transcriptions of the text in Pahlavi and in Pazand, a glossary, and his extensive annotations, e.g., on the comparative theology of this polemical work, which consciously employs reason to criticize the monotheism of Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
The first attempt at documenting Neo-Mandaic, a polyglot glossary including a column of lexical items from the Neo-Mandaic dialect of Basra, was produced roughly three hundred and fifty years ago by a Carmelite missionary whom Borghero has identified with the Discalced Carmelite Matteo di San Giuseppe.
The following is a glossary of terminology used in motorsport, along with explanations of their meanings.
The Glossary, written by one fictional historian, went past defining references in the dialogue to sketching out the past, present, and future of the characters and their universe.
The most famous man in Ireland of his time, but more of a scholar and warrior than an ecclesiastic, Cormac has left us a glossary of Irish names, which displays his knowledge of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, and the "Psalter of Cashel", a work treating of the history and antiquities of Ireland.
The site also included the complete contents of the series glossary; quotes of acclaim from famous creators and journalist reviews; an historical overview of the series; and merchandise links.
The website has a famous Irish scientists section, science related articles, a science career glossary and a video interviews section with scientists about their work.
When king John of France, {See Du Cange Glossary, voce Moneta; the Benedictine Edition.} in order to pay his debts, adulterated his coin, all the officers of his mint were sworn to secrecy.
While the book is written in simple, jargon-free language, the authors also have included a detailed glossary to help readers navigate through the economics terminology.
^ Denzil Ibbetson, Edward MacLagan, H.A. Rose "A Glossary of The Tribes Casts of The Punjab Khyber Pakhtunkhwa", 1911 AD, Page 537, Vol II, 3.
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