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Vocabulary Word

Word: genesis

Definition: beginning; origin

Sentences Containing 'genesis'

"Tell Me Why" is a rock song by Genesis.
"The Sontaran Experiment" was released on VHS in October 1991 as a double video with "Genesis of the Daleks".
20a); and once he ventured to convey a veiled rebuke to the patriarch for avarice (Genesis Rabbah lxxviii.
A 2002 study by Genesis Laboratories Inc.
a dual solution game copier for both Sega Genesis and SNES.
A third version was developed for the Super NES and Sega Genesis, but never released.
Adam and Eve were noted to garden naked, before the fall of man, in the Book of Genesis.
Creationist Ken Ham criticized the production in the February 1996 Answers in Genesis newsletter in a review titled "Hollywood's 'Moses' Undermines Genesis."
Domo Genesis joined Odd Future in mid-2009 because he was very good friends with Tyler, The Creator.
During this time, Angeal begins to think of himself as a monster and realises he shouldn't be fighting alongside Genesis.
Enoch (; ; "ʼIdrīs") appears in the Book of Genesis and a figure in the Generations of Adam.
Fading Lights is the twelfth and final song on the album We Can't Dance by Genesis.
Faulks says of the novel's genesis, "I woke up one morning with this guy's voice in my head.
From passages in Genesis, it is clear that the colour of domestic animals was at that early period attended to.
Genesis performed the NY concerts of "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" there in 1974.
Gibson states that Genesis guitars were made in Taiwan.
He is encountered once during "Crisis Core", after Genesis clones invade Midgar.
Highly Strung is the sixth solo album from former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.
If the boy was the father of the man, the sense of the incongruous that was strong at fifty was lively at ten, and some such reflections as these may have been the true genesis of "Don Quixote."
In "Crisis Core", Genesis is introduced as an AWOL SOLDIER suffering from biodegradation.
In 1986, the club, known as Garland Genesis, based in Garland, Texas, became a founding member of the Southwest Indoor Soccer League.
In 2012, Gibson considered reissuing the model as the Limited Edition Genesis PRO and several prototypes were made and shown at trade shows.
In the Book of Genesis, the patriarch Jacob refers to his son Judah as a "Gur Aryeh", a "Young Lion" (Genesis 49:9) when blessing him In Jewish naming tradition the Hebrew name and the substitute name are often combined as a pair, as in this case.
In the July 1, 1980 catalog, the Standard model became available in dark sunburst, and an entry-level The Genesis model and 4-string Genesis Bass guitar were offered.
In the Sega Genesis and SNES versions, Jade's fighting stance is Mileena's and Kitana's, respectively.
Instead, the anime "Genesis Climber Mospeada" was used as the third segment of "Robotech".
It is rumored that Genesis guitars were made in Japan, but this is unsubstantiated.
It is unclear where exactly Numenius stands with this part of Genesis.
It was the last Genesis single featuring Phil Collins on vocals.
Kaluta spoke at length about the genesis and development of the "Starstruck" play and comics.
Life Genesis was part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack.
Magdiel was the name of an Edomite clan (possibly the name of an eponymous chieftain) mentioned in Genesis 36:43.
Mullite or porcelainite is a rare silicate mineral of post-clay genesis.
On the trees in paradise according to Genesis, see Genesis 2:9."
Tandberg then talked over the First Book of Genesis 9:6.
Tapping had also been previously used by other players, notably Steve Hackett of Genesis.
The book focuses on the choices and interactions of major characters in the "Book of Genesis".
The brief account of Enoch in Genesis 5 ends with the note that he "was no more" and that "God took him."
The design utilizes heritage from the successful "Stardust" and "Genesis" sample return missions.
The first song the two of them ever wrote together eventually evolved into a track called 'She Is Beautiful', and eventually became known as 'The Serpent' (released on Genesis' debut album From Genesis to Revelation, in 1969).
The game was originally developed for the SNES and Sega Genesis, with the Amiga versions to follow after.
The game was released exclusively for the Sega Genesis on May 15, 1995.
The Genesis flood was thought to have been caused by "the last remnant" of this vapor.
The Genesis series was designed by Jim Walker, then Director of Marketing for Gibson.
The Judeo-Christian tradition originates in the Bible's Book of Genesis.
The opera's genesis lay in Hindemith's interest in the Protestant Reformation.
The park's genesis was in 1955, when Elsa Scherer Burrows, owner of the South Creek Ranch, died.
The SNES version was announced in 1994, but neither it nor the Sega Genesis version were released.
Total worldwide sales of the SNES were higher than the Genesis.
With the game's cancellation, the Saturn never did receive an exclusive "Sonic" platform game, but rather only the Genesis port of "Sonic 3D Blast", "Sonic Jam", a compilation of the 2D Genesis "Sonic" titles, and "Sonic R", a racing game.
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More Vocab Words

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::: pedagogy - teaching; art of education
::: insightful - discerning; perceptive
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::: stamina - power of endurance; strength; staying power
::: commandeer - take (private property) for military use without needing permission or giving payment; draft for military purposes
::: mutilate - maim; injure lastingly; deprive of a limb or an essential part
::: quorum - minimal number of members necessary to conduct a meeting
::: quench - assuage or satisfy (thrust); slake; douse or extinguish; put out; suppress
::: compulsory - obligatory; that must be done