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Vocabulary Word

Word: fundamental

Definition: basic; primary; essential

Sentences Containing 'fundamental'

(For low distortion levels this is almost equal to fundamental).
A fundamental dimension of higher education is the scientific research.
According to the Ehrenpreis–Malgrange theorem, they all have fundamental solutions.
Around 1970, there was a fundamental change in immigration policy.
As for sacrifice throws, a fundamental principle used in Yoseikan Aikido is "gyokushin", or the spirit of a ball.
At that time this was so fundamental a contradiction that it could only be eliminated in the middle the 17th century with the discovery of the force of gravity.
At the same time, privacy is regarded as a fundamental asset.
But the notion that it's sometimes necessary... is the Western's most fundamental ideal." Casting.
Calligraphy is the most highly regarded and most fundamental element of Islamic art.
Fundamental laws of physics should not (explicitly) depend on position in space.
Fundamental to Pauline theology is the connection between Christ's Resurrection and redemption.
Further properties, also consequences of the fundamental theorem, include: Example.
He argued that human will and values are fundamental to the study of schools.
He avoided the custom of treating controversial matter in the pulpit and confined himself to the exposition of fundamental truths.
He said, "The fundamental task in law enforcement and espionage and counterespionage is to determine the truth.
Hence, the vibrating string produces two sensations, that of the fundamental note and of its octave.
His historical work was interrelated with his philosophical work, involving the same fundamental views and methodology.
Historicity is construed as a fundamental component of Breen's view of Shinto.
However, Pacheco appears to have had many fundamental misunderstandings of the issues.
In 2008, several fundamental changes were made to the robot.
It conducts both fundamental and strategic applied research.
It is a fundamental concept in all areas of quantum physics.
It is for this reason that Yoseikan Aikido includes basics, combinations and fundamental kata from karate Do.
Natural selection is fundamental to evolutionary theory.
One of the fundamental problems that Japan is facing is its aging population.
Remembering Allah is the fundamental of Dhikr as a form of worship and expression of gratitude.
RTI is the fundamental component of HLA.
Service to the community was the primary motive and fundamental basis of industry.
The fundamental attack, however, is not shomen uchi, it is an opposite posture single hand grab.
The fundamental connections of the telegraph are shown in Figure 217.
The fundamental note in every instrument is the same, but the overtones vary with the instrument and lend individuality to each.
The fundamental technique, Ikkyo, is referred to as Robuse, or arm rowing.
The injunction sparked a number of news articles alleging that the injunction had restricted fundamental rights.
The main and fundamental influence of the Skelters are the legendary Beatles.
The objective was to bring fundamental and applied research closer.
The product above is a reflection of the fundamental theorem of arithmetic.
The Rankine cycle is the fundamental thermodynamic underpinning of the steam engine.
The second circuit is a highpass filter which attenuates the fundamental, with negligible attenuation at harmonic frequencies.
The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research too has been handed over the Atomic Energy Commission.
The unit operations form the fundamental principles of chemical engineering.
The untrained ear is not conscious of overtones and recognizes only the strong dominant fundamental.
Their findings contributed to a fundamental reform in the way children were taught.
Therefore the fundamental group and homology groups are isomorphic to those of the circle:
These are both fundamental concepts in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.
They remain a fundamental tool for the exploration of outer space, as well as observation of the Earth.
This can be contrasted with fundamental analysis.
This following result is a fundamental result in the study of Muckenhoupt weights.
This fundamental thing settled, the next point is, in what internal respect does the whale differ from other fish.
This led to a new debate about religious freedom, having to do with the fundamental mission and purpose of the school.
Thus, it has a nontrivial fundamental group "G".

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