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Vocabulary Word

Word: functional

Definition: made for practical use only (without decoration); functioning; Ex. functional modern furniture; CF. functionalism

Sentences Containing 'functional'

2003: Functional Objects opensources its internal Dylan repository to the Open Dylan Community.
A functional group is very similar to a chemical species and a chemical group.
A functional model of a system is hereby replaced by a series of functional models of subsystems.
A functional relation is a binary predicate formula_116 such that formula_117.
Adult females have a single functional ovary, on the right, and two functional uteruses.
As discussed, the mir-17-92 cluster has been proposed to have a functional relationship with Patched signalling.
Configurable to compose different functional components; 3.
Electromagnetic Source Imaging is a functional imaging technique, which uses Electroencephalography and/or Magnetoencephalography measurements to map functional areas of the Cerebral cortex.
Epoxides may be derivatized to a number of useful functional groups and motifs.
For example, decomposition diagrams may represent organizational structure or functional decomposition into processes.
Free English language courses are available to eligible migrants who do not have functional English.
Geometric and Functional Analysis (journal)
He shows that the Ummo language is different from any other language we know in that it is a "functional" language.
In 2003 Functional Objects contributed its repository to the Dylan open source community.
In all other respects, the T2 was barely functional and performed abysmally when compared to the G7a.
It can be achieved by using different functional groups in the initial monomer to make the HRIP.
It is located at the site of the no-longer functional Kraków-Rakowice-Czyżyny Airport.
It was repaired in 2011 and is fully functional. Current status.
July 2000: Functional Objects announces the availability of Functional Developer 2.0.1 and 2.0 service pack 1.
Organic molecules with more than one functional group can be a source of confusion.
Over 190 of these mutations reduce the functional efficiency of the glucokinase molecule.
Scheme is primarily a functional programming language.
Simon faculty members conduct research on issues which cross traditional functional lines.
That was repaired, and the fountain was fully functional for nearly 3 years.
The AIRTERM provides the same connectors, with similar functional pinouts, as the VINSON for the wideband operational modes.
The Alacrán program developed a functional short-range ballistic missile.
The Death at Harlequin and Functional Objects.
The design of the web service is aimed at making online banking more functional and user friendly.
The explanation given was that the Centon was aimed at people seeking an inexpensive but functional camera.
The fields take advantage of the polarizability of the nanoparticle and its functional groups.
The functional equation shows that the Riemann zeta function has zeros at ..
The molecule consists of six-carbon cyclic molecule with a ketone functional group.
The molecule is a derivative of furan, containing both aldehyde and ether (methoxymethyl) functional groups.
The parietal lobes can be divided into two functional regions.
The presence in both theories of functional predicates which are not sets makes it useful to allow the notation formula_122 both for sets formula_116 and for important functional predicates.
The Riemann zeta function satisfies the functional equation (known as the Riemann functional equation or Riemann's functional equation) where Γ("s") is the gamma function, which is an equality of meromorphic functions valid on the whole complex plane.
The South African Army is divided into functional branches, known as corps.
The terminal functional group(s) on the particle are known as capping ligands.
The two isoforms have the same kinetic and functional characteristics.
There are four functional Heliports in Thrissur city.
There is dispute on the taxonomy of functional vision defects.
This is commonly achieved by the use of chemical functional groups such as esters, anhydrides, orthoesters and amides.
This is likely to be due to functional redundancy from Myf5.
This reduced the building area from , but gave a more functional design.
This was a new type of functional interior that could be linked to the functionality of a shipʼs exterior.
Those lacking a functional spleen are at higher risk of contracting malaria, and succumbing to its effects.
Though the subunits of the protein found in affected cells were functional, they were not properly assembled.
Two ez2Dance 2ndMove cabinets are still functional though.
Until then the Rivau’s stables were only meant to be functional and had no ornaments whatsoever.
When Harlequin got bought and split, some of the developers founded Functional Objects.

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