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Vocabulary Word

Word: fruitful

Definition: producing results; profitable; prolific; producing in abundance

Sentences Containing 'fruitful'

1998 This was one of her most fruitful years as a player.
A communion can only take place between persons who are united in their difference, male and female, not between those of the same sex (whose joining can never be fruitful).
A meeting with his former classmate Milan Kunc proved exceptionally fruitful in this situation.
Above the dam is the flood basin which captures the flows of the mountain watershed of the Arroyo Seco. This area is now called "Hahamongna", a phrase meaning "Flowing Waters, Fruitful Valley", a remarkably different designation than the name given the area by the Spanish explorers.
After a fruitful season in 1996, he was invited to VC Lyon (VC Vaux-en-Velin), the youth team of Festina.
After the Macedonians captured Thyatira, they advanced to plunder the plain of Thebe, but the booty proved less fruitful than anticipated.
But in civilized society, it is only among the inferior ranks of people that the scantiness of subsistence can set limits to the further multiplication of the human species; and it can do so in no other way than by destroying a great part of the children which their fruitful marriages produce.
By that time, Moura and Cerati had developed a fruitful artistic relationship.
Coillard assisted in fruitful negotiations between local Basuto chiefs and Theophilus Shepstone, Natal's secretary for native affairs.
Extremely fruitful collaboration with pharmacists Wilhelm Spiess, Walther Cloos and Hans Krueger with flow scientist Theodor Schwenk and many physicians among them Eugen Kolisko, Gottfried and Gisbert Husemann, Walther Buehler, Otto Wolff, Rudolf Treichler, Eberhard Schickler, Kurt Magerstaedt, Paul Paede, Norbert Glas, made it possible to bring Rudolf Steiner's suggestions to realization and so develop a range of anthroposophical medicines.
God commanded Adam and Eve to have children, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over … every living thing that moveth upon the earth".
His association with Lucas would later prove fruitful, as he won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for his work on Lucas and Steven Spielberg's film "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
His most fruitful academic appointment was as Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Apologetics at Harding Graduate School of Religion, where he served from 1971-79.
His Oriental studies were reshaped by reading Schultens; for the Halle school, with all its learning, had no conception of the principles on which a fruitful connection between Biblical and Oriental learning could be established.
If this is true, then there must be quantum mechanisms underlying classical chaos; although this may not be a fruitful way of examining classical chaos.
In many ways the fruitful meadows and fields of the Early Jurassic soil in Hesselberg's vicinity are the opposite of the nutrient-poor neglected grassland.
In the household, bacteria are a fruitful source of trouble, but some of them are distinctly friends.
Interested LDS readers are urged to rely on such efforts for fruitful discussions of scriptures, answers to questions, and assistance in becoming more devoted disciples.
It is about one third as large as the Isle of Wight, and extremely fruitful: it is governed by the head of a certain tribe, who are all magicians.
Looking specifically at Hispanic suspects, however, only 8% of the dogs' positive alerts resulted in similarly fruitful searches.
Misers as a type have been a perennial object of popular fascination and a fruitful source for writers and artists in many cultures.
New Feminists assert that we must also be fruitful - a process that takes longer, requires patience and the cooperation of others, and is appreciated not measured.
New Feminists consider marriage to be a reciprocal self-giving of persons in free, total, faithful and fruitful communion.
Notwithstanding his fruitful activity and his benevolence, Sailer had antagonists who opposed him partly from jealousy, partly from misunderstanding and ill-will; he was accused of heterodoxy, indifferentism and mysticism.
Now, although I had not received any express encouragement as yet, I fancied that I saw in the two little sisters, and particularly in Miss Lavinia, an intensified enjoyment of this new and fruitful subject of domestic interest, a settling down to make the most of it, a disposition to pet it, in which there was a good bright ray of hope.
Saudi Arabia and Turkey throughout history have long enjoyed a fruitful and intimately friendly relationship.
The 1995 release "Albion Heart" included the While/Matthews collaborations of ‘Man in the Bottle’ (with Ashley Hutchings) and the title track, which became something of a group anthem and provided the first evidence of a fruitful musical collaboration.
The Bishop of London blessed the bed and prayed for the marriage to be fruitful, after which the couple were left alone.
The center would have eventually replaced the Houston Amtrak station, as well as various bus terminals throughout the city (should the design and talks with Greyhound be fruitful at a future date).
The college is completing 60 years of fruitful existence in 2011 and is planning to celebrate Diamond Jubilee soon.
The flood story is essentially a reversal of the creation story in Genesis 1: with the flood the waters are no longer kept in check by the firmament, and all life is wiped out except for those on board the Ark. De-creation is followed by re-creation: God remembers Noah, the waters are restrained, the dry land reappears, and the animals disembark and are once again told to be fruitful and fill the earth.
The fruitful Kindah Tree itself, with its sign proclaiming "We are Family", symbolizes the common kinship of the corporate creole community on its common land.
The Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) has been set up to achieve right blend between theory and practice, and enable a fruitful exchange of technical inputs between the Institute and the Industry.
The influence of Jacques-Louis David can be seen in the painting's scale, in the sculptural tautness of the figures and in the heightened manner in which a particularly significant "fruitful moment"—the first awareness of the approaching ship—is described.
The move proved very fruitful for San Diego, as Woods, despite not suiting up until the 3rd week of the season went on to set a then NFL rookie rushing record of 1,162 yards in only 12 games, including an amazing streak of 7 consecutive 100 yard rushing performances.
The opening period of his Australian career was particularly fruitful, scoring six centuries in his first thirteen Test innings, at the end of which he averaged over 100.
The plantation contains two thousand six hundred acres; six hundred and fifty are in cane; and there is a fruitful orange grove of five thousand trees.
The student who secures his coveted leisure and retirement by systematically shirking any labor necessary to man obtains but an ignoble and unprofitable leisure, defrauding himself of the experience which alone can make leisure fruitful.
Their advertising campaigns also proved fruitful.
They also criticised Canada, stating that the arrest actually foiled surveillance efforts that would have been more fruitful.
This duet is one of the most beautiful, expressive and terrible conceptions that has ever emanated from the fruitful pen of Donizetti.
This festival also marks the beginning of the new farming season and the beginning of the new year for the Anam man and therefore the people appease their ancestors to ensure a fruitful farming season and to pray for a prosperous year.
This method is most fruitful for planets between Earth and the center of the galaxy, as the galactic center provides a large number of background stars.
Though their marriages are generally more fruitful than those of people of fashion, a smaller proportion of their children arrive at maturity.
Urban’s grading policy is based on the belief that students do their most fruitful work in an atmosphere of support and cooperation that actively discourages overt competition and comparison.
What I can give I give you, and that is a real, genuine island, compact, well proportioned, and uncommonly fertile and fruitful, where, if you know how to use your opportunities, you may, with the help of the world's riches, gain those of heaven."
Zapffe compares his messiah to Moses, but ultimately rejects the precept to “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,” by saying “Know yourselves – be infertile, and let the earth be silent after ye.”
``Good,''said he, as he went away;``this is a fruitful soil, and I feel certain that the seed sown will not be cast on barren ground.''
“Golbasto Momarem Evlame Gurdilo Shefin Mully Ully Gue, most mighty Emperor of Lilliput, delight and terror of the universe, whose dominions extend five thousand _blustrugs_ (about twelve miles in circumference) to the extremities of the globe; monarch of all monarchs, taller than the sons of men; whose feet press down to the centre, and whose head strikes against the sun; at whose nod the princes of the earth shake their knees; pleasant as the spring, comfortable as the summer, fruitful as autumn, dreadful as winter: his most sublime majesty proposes to the man-mountain, lately arrived at our celestial dominions, the following articles, which, by a solemn oath, he shall be obliged to perform:— “1st, The man-mountain shall not depart from our dominions, without our license under our great seal.
“The contribution of The Trading World of Asia to the study of the foreign impact on the Indian economy has also been fruitful.

More Vocab Words

::: restitution - returning something (lost or stolen) to the rightful owner; reparation; indemnification; compensation for loss, damage, or injury
::: gargoyle - waterspout carved in grotesque figures on a building
::: reimburse - repay; pay back
::: plausible - conceivably true; having a show of truth but open to doubt; specious
::: lunatic - insane; Ex. lunatic asylum
::: immaculate - spotless; flawless; absolutely clean
::: ultimatum - last demand; last warning; last statement of conditions that must be met; Ex. They have ignored our ultimatum.
::: repine - fret; complain; be annoyed; Ex. repine over the undone work
::: perspicuity - clearness of expression; freedom from ambiguity
::: effigy - dummy; likeness of a person made of wood, paper, or stone; Ex. burn an effigy of the President