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Vocabulary Word

Word: fret

Definition: be annoyed or vexed; Ex. fret over your poor grades; N: irritation of mind; ADJ. fretful

Sentences Containing 'fret'

"Alon Ilsar" is a composer, producer, drummer, instrument designer and electronic percussionist. His theatre credits also extend to his performance as the drummer and sound designer in Sam Atwell's play "Bondi Dreaming", the touring production Barrel of Monkeys (Strut'n'Fret), touring with Circus Monoxide as musical director, drummer and keys player, improvising drums in Spontaneous Broadway, and composing and sound designing for Emergence.
"Never mind, Buck, my boy," says the old man, "you'll have show enough, all in good time, don't you fret about that.
'He's as like her, Dick,' said my aunt, emphatically, 'he's as like her, as she was that afternoon before she began to fret--bless my heart, he's as like her, as he can look at me out of his two eyes!'
A great railroad bridge connects the two towns one of the thirteen which fret the Mississippi and the pilots, between St. Louis and St. Paul.
A total of 12 frets are fastened to the instrument's fret-board. The timbre of its sound is low.
Although Spin Magazine labeled "Endgame" as a concept album, on January 7, 2011, McIlrath tweeted a clarifying message stating that "the record is not a concept record and, fret not, has absolutely nothing to do with the Dixie Chicks."
And it is all as tranquil and reposeful as dreamland, and has nothing this worldly about it nothing to hang a fret or a worry upon.
Fluorophores can also be used to quench the fluorescence of other fluorescent dyes (see article Quenching (fluorescence)) or to relay their fluorescence at even longer wavelength (see article FRET) See more on fluorescence principle.
Fret not though Wombats fans they haven’t changed so much that you won’t recognise them.
Fretting the minor-third string at the first fret produces a major-third, so allowing a one-finger fretting of a major chord. By contrast, it is more difficult to fret a minor chord using an open major-chord tuning.
He walked away again immediately, and she was left to fret over her own want of presence of mind; Charlotte tried to console her:``I dare say you will find him very agreeable.''
I took Mr. Dick with me, because, acutely sensitive to my aunt's reverses, and sincerely believing that no galley-slave or convict worked as I did, he had begun to fret and worry himself out of spirits and appetite, as having nothing useful to do.
In 1943, the council was granted a civic coat of arms incorporating Lions from the Garth Family arms and the fret from the arms of Merton Abbey.
It features a thin solid body, short scale 24 fret design, two humbucking pickups, two tone controls, one volume, in/out phase toggle for bridge pickup and standard three way pickup selector toggle switch.
Jon Kammerer Guitars is one of the few guitar companies that takes the time to do blind fret slots.
Many slide guitarists will still use their free fingers to fret the strings if they want to employ that sound as well.
She was confident of having performed her duty, and to fret over unavoidable evils, or augment them by anxiety, was no part of her disposition.
The dulcitar is a variant of the Appalachian dulcimer which retains the dulcimer's diatonic fret layout, but has a long neck made to be played upright in the guitar style rather than across the lap.
The make of the instrument is such that the strings are stopped by pulling them between frets that are raised centimeters from the neck of the instrument, allowing the player to create the desired sawari effect at each fret.
The model incorporates a metallic red sparkle finish with star inlays as fret markers.
The separation of the first (e') and second (b) string, as well as the separation between the third (g), fourth (d), fifth (A), and sixth (E) strings by a five-semitone interval (a perfect fourth) allows notes of the chromatic scale to be played with each of the four fingers of the left hand controlling one of the first four frets (index finger on fret 1, little finger on fret 4, etc.) only when the hand is in the first position; otherwise, the four fingers must stretch to cover five frets.
The three fret over their future as every other department gets grilled and cleared, and then Wilhelmina finally calls them in.
The tuning is named for the base chord when played open, typically a major chord, and all similar chords in the chromatic scale can then be played by barring all strings across a single fret.
This allows a customer to personalize the guitar he wants to an unprecedented degree at no additional cost. Features available for no-cost custom choices include hardware color, fretboard material, fretboard radius, body wood, stain finish color, fret marker inlay material, neck carve, left-handed versions of any model, choice of pickup configuration, and electronic switching options.
This increases the build complexity, as the guitar builder must take care to not cut the fret slot all the way across the fretboard. This process ensures that the fret tang does not stick out if the wood shrinks as it ages, but without having to resort to plastic binding along the fretboard edge.
Wearing it on the 4th finger has the advantage of leaving one more finger free to fret notes if desired.
You have now done your duty by her, and must fret no longer.''

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