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Vocabulary Word

Word: forge

Definition: counterfeit; reproduce fraudulently; form by heating in a forge and hammering into shape; move with a sudden increase of speed or power; Ex. forged ahead in the last two years; N: furnace where metals are heated

Sentences Containing 'forge'

A forge, recorded in the 1853 valuations but absent from the 1901 census, appears to have been located on the lane running northwest from the village.
Also in the Churnet Valley is Consall Forge Pottery where a craftsman potter makes and sells hand-thrown domestic stoneware ceramics.
And forge me first, twelve rods for its shank; then wind, and twist, and hammer these twelve together like the yarns and strands of a tow-line.
At that time the output from the forge was some per annum.
Between the fields and the barns was a timber yard. The estate offices, blacksmith's forge and coach house were housed on the farm.
By 1729 the forge was in the occupation of Thomas Stanford, who was converting sows from Heathfield furnace at Woodcock Forge.
Carpenter, when he's through with that buckle, tell him to forge a pair of steel shoulder-blades; there's a pedlar aboard with a crushing pack.
Forge Park/495 is a station on the MBTA Franklin Line.
Francis B. Heitman listed Spencer as the commanding officer of his regiment at Valley Forge.
Greenbriar Middle School is a cluster school of Valley Forge High School.
He fought at Bunker Hill and Fort Catskill, and suffered through the long winter at Valley Forge.
He is perhaps best known for his 1975 painting "The Prayer at Valley Forge", a depiction of George Washington praying at Valley Forge.
His novel "The Navigator" was published by Forge Books, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers.
His son, also Richard, held the forge until 1651, when it was forfeit in lieu of a debt.
If we do not get out sleepers, and forge rails, and devote days and nights to the work, but go to tinkering upon our lives to improve them, who will build railroads?
In 1574, John Thorpe of Hedgecourt was working the forge in connection with the furnace at Myllwood.
in 1586 Thorpe bought property from William Swanne Sr in the Woodcock Forge area.
In 1664, the forge was lease by Jeremy Johnson Jr of Charlwood.
In 1841 the population had risen to 1,005 with Oughtibridge forge being the main industry in the village.
In 1853 it was written that the chapelry includes Carburton Forge, a small hamlet, one mile west of the village, where there was previously an iron forge.
In 1875, he began distribution of forge-iron gates in Dessau.
In 1932, he attended the Gunnery School in Washington, Connecticut, and in 1933, entered Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Pennsylvania, graduating in 1935.
In short, is it not a concession to the misgiving, to keep the forge?''
In the 1560s, there are several references to Woodcock Hammer or Forge being worked by Swanne.
In the 1650s the forge was in the occupation of John Newnham.
It is a small, yet accomplished high-tech forge.
John Newnham died in 1707, and his wife died in 1719, but the forge was known as "Mr Johnson's Forge" in 1717.
Mount Stirling (Providence Forge, Virginia)
Olaric, the boss for the first set of missions, is the founder of the Dark Forge and involved in Thulian lore.
PJM, headquartered in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, is currently the world's largest competitive wholesale electricity market.
Since it is technically simple to forge a blind stamp, the system has little deterrent value.
St Luc is forced to leave her and forge on to escape but at every turn he is trapped.
The aim of the expedition was to forge a path up the as-yet-unclimbed face.
The forge had space for two smiths and featured a small room where the horses were shoed.
The forge still stands today on Forge Lane and is a Grade-II-listed building; it has been renovated in recent years and turned into several apartments within a new housing development.
The pond at Hedgecourt acted as a storage for the Woodcock forge.
The spacecraft interiors were shot aboard a mothballed aircraft carrier, which lent its name to the movie spacecraft "Valley Forge".
There is a to extend the Norristown High Speed Line to serve the King of Prussia Mall, Valley Forge office parks, and the Valley Forge Casino Resort.
These two men became assistant directors and they helped forge the future of RAC.
This depicts George Washington praying while the Continental Army winters at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania during 1777 and 1778.
Thorpe's interest in the forge was sold to Simon Everenden of Cliffe near Lewes.
Tickets for this station are sold at the Forge Park T for Two located within the station.
Valley Forge Military Academy and College operates a two-year junior college.
Villanova University, Cabrini College, the Valley Forge Military Academy and College and Eastern University are all located within Radnor Township.
WaveLab was for a long time the main competitor to Sound Forge.
We will say that he was unexpectedly found at his forge again.
We will say, to put a case and for the sake of illustration, that he had been used, in his bad time, to work at a little forge.
Within a few years, the colony had housing, a forge, a warehouse, sawmill and wharf.
Woodcock Forge is believed to have been built by Jack Dancy of Turners Hill.
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