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Vocabulary Word

Word: fodder

Definition: coarse food for cattle, horses, etc.; feed for livestock; CF. food

Sentences Containing 'fodder'

"Cannon Fodder 2" followed and, later in his career, he converted it onto the Game Boy platform (a project he initiated).
"H. filipendula" is a fodder plant for wild and domestic grazers, but it is not well adapted to heavy grazing.
All along, the bordering willows have been denuded of leaves, showing how long the people have been at work gathering this fodder for their animals.
An inter-dimensional marketplace where any number of creatures, including humans, are bought and sold as slaves, and often serve as fodder in gladiatorial arenas.
Areas of Activity ACW ACW research focuses on the development of grazing systems and farming practices that enable competitive livestock production, thanks to high quality fodder produced in an efficient and economical way.
ART research focuses on the development of grazing systems and farming practices that enable competitive livestock production, thanks to high quality fodder produced in an efficient and economical way.
Carroll's concern is that Gold's article provides fodder to critics who claim that the "L.A. Times" has a liberal bias.
Dr. Kamlet also used a “non-protein nitrogen supplement” in feeds and fodder.
El Poal is approximately located five miles south from Mollerussa, capital of the region, specifically along the shore of the Urgell Canal. El Poal borders on Linyola to the north, Palau d’Anglesola to the south, Vila-sana to the east and Bellvís to the west. Throughout this fertile plain irrigated crops such as fodder, maize, cereals and fruit trees are cultivated.
For that you want the vanner type of "; larger horses require more fodder than smaller ones, as well as larger harnesses and horseshoes.
Guy Blackman of "The Age" stated that the album is "an infectious collection of R pop tunes that takes a step beyond the usual "Idol" fodder".
He invented a glucose test using a tablet to measure the amount of glucose in urine, a treated strip that could identify pregnancy, a fodder for ruminants that used newsprint, synthesis of biuret that could be used as an element of fodder along with hundreds of other patents.
In the case of the Shetland sheep and collies, it is likely that environmental conditions, such as a lack of abundant fodder, led to farmers selecting smaller animals who continued to reproduce on limited food over larger animals who did not reproduce well on limited diets.
In this case, the allergens are derived from fodder and pasture.
It is not very palatable to animals but it is sometimes given as fodder.
It shows three knives for the cutting of leaves, which was used as fodder for animals.
Know all of you, who are busied about land, slaves and public posts, that these are nothing but fodder!
Other member states consist of "Lone Star", formed from the Texas Panhandle, who specialize in mutating animals into talking servants considered by many players as cannon fodder but is one of their primary weapons against the supernatural as without them they would have to rely solely on human psychics; Missouri; and Iron Heart which consists of the eastern half of Ontario, Canada.
Others include grazing/fodder, specialty crops such as mushrooms or berries, usage fees for recreation or hunting, and biomass.
So are the lookers-on by the traders: aye, and if the beasts had any sense, they would deride those who thought much of anything but fodder!
So too, in this great Fair of life, some, like the cattle, trouble themselves about nothing but the fodder.
Specifically, these included Britain's purchase of cotton and requisitioning of fodder at below market prices, Britain's forcible recruitment of about 500,000 peasants into the Egyptian Labour Corps and the Egyptian Camel Transport Corps in the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, and its use of the country as a base and a garrison populated by British, Australian, and other troops.
Sue Ellen apologized for her drunken behavior the prior night and laments that it gave J.R. fodder for his plans to re-institutionalize her.
The armies of the opposing sides conducted series of raids and counter-raids from which they lived off the country-side and tried to deny each other access to supplies and fodder.
The authors of this study concluded this was partly due to the water being polluted with hydrocarbons, and less than optimal fodder being given.
The grass has some value as a forage and fodder.
The lemure is a mindless, tormented creature that attacks in mobs, and is used as cannon fodder in the Blood War.
The most prominent game of his career is "Cannon Fodder", which he co-designed and programmed.
The name "fenais da ajuda" comes from "fenais" (hay or other herbaceous plants used as animal fodder, since the area historically produced much animal fodder), and from its patron saint, "Nossa Senhora da Ajuda" (), and a Franciscan monastery to Her honour that was located in the parish.
The nutritional value of the grasses as animal fodder was assessed through comparison of their water-soluble constituents.
The stabler of the iron horse was up early this winter morning by the light of the stars amid the mountains, to fodder and harness his steed.
The stories seen on-air served as fodder for the next day's coverage assignments pioneering the "follow-up" concept of reporting in modern-day journalism.
To get enough fodder, they harvested hay in the outlying fields; the hay was stored in outlying barns and transported home on a sledge when appropriate snow conditions existed.
Under orders, Hanley keeps sending or leading Saunders and his squad on incessant patrols though they're dead on their feet and always shorthanded; replacements are grease monkeys or cook's helpers who are fodder, and everybody knows it.
``Corn, my boy, for fodder; corn for fodder.''

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