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Vocabulary Word

Word: fluency

Definition: smoothness of speech; ADJ. fluent

Sentences Containing 'fluency'

According to Krashen's theory, the only thing that can lead to fluency in the language is language "acquisition".
Author Mary Romero writes that immigration raids are often carried out at places of gathering and cultural expression such as grocery stores based on the fluency of language of a person (e.g. being bilingual especially in Spanish) and skin color of a person.
Due in part to his fluency in several languages, his wide network of informants and because of his shrewd and meticulous detective style, Chang was successful in solving many cases.
During this period he supported himself by selling watercolour sketches of Florence to tourists, many of whom were Americans, which increased his fluency in English.
Fluency of hand and accuracy of eye are the things your academic studies should have taught you, and these powers will be needed if you are to catch the expression of any of the finer things in form that constitute good drawing.
He has fluency in Pashto, Dari, English, Urdu, Arabic and Armenian languages.
He preferred Rugby to Polo, and having already gained fluency in German and French he added Urdu and some Bengali.
He's voice was dubbed for his mainland China dramas since he still cannot pronounce Chinese Mandarin with hundred percent fluency and still maintains a foreigner accent when speaking Chinese Mandarin.
His fluency in five languages proved to be most helpful where he started a dubbing company that by his own estimate dubbed over 800 European made films.
His fluency in the Māori language meant that he could correctly translate and communicate parts of the Bible into the Māori idiom and language, great assistance for other missionaries and their relations with other Maori communities.
John Demjanjuk had no response to "gewalt" and had no significant fluency in German.
Not only was Steiner impressed by Schläfli's mathematical knowledge, he was also very interested in Schläfli's fluency in Italian and French.
Penang composer Tan Zi Hua took first prize with his composition Images of Wind II for flute, oboe and piano. His work was singled out by the Selection Panel for its fluency and practicality.
Primarily interested in cognitive psychology, he researches causal discounting, charitable giving, perceptual fluency, and people's perceptions of randomness.
Proponents of TPR Storytelling, basing their argument on the second language acquisition theories of Stephen Krashen, hold that the best way to help students develop both fluency and accuracy in a language is to expose them to large amounts of comprehensible input.
Puckey's fluency and empathy in te reo Māori helped him establish effective relationships and understandings with Māori in Northland.
Rosti met and befriended two visiting Egyptian film-makers, Mohammed Karim and Sirag Mounir, who encouraged him to return to Egypt to work in cinema, given his fluency in Egyptian Arabic and after he expressed his desire to do so.
She also worked with his students Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict. She had the advantage for her work on American Indian cultures of fluency in Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota dialects of Sioux, in addition to English and Latin.
Students begin natural acquisition of the Hebrew language in JK and Kindergarten and progress in their language abilities toward fluency as they move through the school.
The development of fluency in another language was not the primary purpose.
Then he wandered into a very flowing lecture, filled with classic names and allusions, which was quite wonderful for fluency until the fact became rather apparent that this was not the first time, nor perhaps the fiftieth, that the speech had been delivered.
When unemployment rose during the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, Singlish came under official attack as undermining an economic competitiveness factor – English language fluency.

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