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Vocabulary Word

Word: fauna

Definition: animals of a period or region; CF. flora

Sentences Containing 'fauna'

Additional interest lies in the invertebrate fauna.
After experiments with other possible fauna we stumbled on the idea of a boar.
An overview of the flora and fauna of this distinctive region is available in "The Natural Treasures of Carolinian Canada".
But each fauna is not necessarily exactly intermediate, as unequal intervals of time have elapsed between consecutive formations.
Conway Morris stressed those members of the Cambrian fauna that resemble modern taxa.
Crabs and prawns include the fauna in the lagoons of the park.
Dams have deleterious effects on a riverine fish and other fauna and are often stocked with exotic species.
Description from G. A. Boulenger's (1890) Fauna of British India: Reptilia and batrachia volume :
Fauna include the swamp wallaby, sugar gliders and wetland birds such as egrets and herons.
For example: The Lewin's Rail is listed as threatened on the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (1988).
Geography climate, economy, flora and fauna.
Gould's interpretation of the Cambrian Burgess Shale fossils in his book "Wonderful Life" emphasized the striking morphological disparity (or "weirdness") of the Burgess Shale fauna, and the role of chance in determining which members of this fauna survived and flourished.
He is best known for his paintings of forest flora and fauna.
He loved the environment and the flora and fauna around him.
He used the Cambrian fauna as an example of the role of contingency in the broader pattern of evolution.
In 1783, José Celestino Mutis led the Botanic Expedition, with the purpose of studying the flora and fauna of the region.
In Southeastern Asia, high mountain ranges form tongues of Palearctic flora and fauna in northern Indochina and southern China.
Indio Maiz boasts a large number in species of both flora and fauna.
It was not until 1994 that most invertebrates were even recognized as being just as vulnerable as other fauna.
Lake Poukawa had a species rich Pleistocene/Holocene waterfowl fauna.
Many affluxes brought huge masses of rubble from the eastern mainland and formed a multilayer seafloor, which had a rich flora and fauna.
Part of the plan is to preserve the "Donaumoos" as a habitat for people as well as flora and fauna.
Santuario Orito Indí-Andé Fauna and Flora Sanctuary
Similipal. This is famous for the Similipal National Park, which is a vast evergreen forest having varied flora and fauna, served with a network of perennial streams.
Some of these serve as animal reserves or farms for endangered or underproduced flora and fauna.
Subject to these allowances, the fauna of each geological period undoubtedly is intermediate in character, between the preceding and succeeding faunas.
Subterranean fauna are animals that have adapted to live underground.
Subterranean fauna have evolved in isolation.
Subterranean fauna have likely adapted to limited food supply and are extremely energy efficient.
The abundant sun and rain provides an ideal environment for flora and fauna.
The core area of the sanctuary covering was notified as Mollem National Park in 1978., Flora and fauna.
The Drin and its surrounding mountainous areas have a great variety of flora and fauna.
The European plant Digitalis purpurea is an introduced species, the way of its introduction is not known, either deliberate or accidental. Fauna.
The fauna is mainly Indo himalayan, with some overlapping of Palacaretic species.
The flora and fauna of Ranomafana have been subject to extensive scientific research.
The key conservation values of the site, as listed in the reserves’ management plan are the: Flora and fauna.
The Narnala fort nearby area is affluent with numerous flora fauna.
The reptile fauna recorded from the park is 46 and five of them are endemic.
The Sochi Arboretum is a unique collection of subtropical flora and fauna.
The special flora and fauna of the wells is not immediately obvious, because most of the organisms are microscopic.
The upland lakes support a species-poor but notable upland insect fauna.
The wetlands have been identified as supporting native flora and fauna and vital to maintaining the biodiversity of the region.
These specimens were part of the Mazon Creek fauna of Illinois.
This area is under consideration for protection as a Flora and Fauna Sanctuary by the Colombian government.
This paves a valuable lesson of caring for the flora and fauna.
This regulation was clarified in 1999 with Government Regulation No. 7 ("Protection of Wild Flora and Fauna") and Act No. 5 ("Biodiversity Conservation").
This variety of habitats ensures that a wide range of fauna occurs on the site.
This was remarkable for clearly distinguishing the marine fauna of that portion of the French coast into four zones.
Untouched by the hands of human, the neighbouring hills provide a thrilling vista to the untamed beautiful fauna and flora of the Deccan Karnataka.
Waterwood is home to a stunning variety of flora and fauna.

More Vocab Words

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