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Vocabulary Word

Word: facilitate

Definition: help bring about; make less difficult

Sentences Containing 'facilitate'

A large number of free blacks worked with Quakers in this area to facilitate escape.
A lock was installed to facilitate the transport of boats to and from the ocean, but it did not block all the water from the sea.
Arguably, parasites facilitate host diversification through sexual selection.
As it would very much facilitate the operations of that army against a foreign invader; so it would obstruct them as much, if unfortunately they should ever be directed against the constitution of the state.
At this meeting GCC produced a study, which concluded that there was in fact room for two tourist railways in Porthmadog and stated that they were keen to facilitate this.
But in order to facilitate some particular branches of it, particular institutions are necessary, which again require a particular and extraordinary expense.
But though the law cannot hinder people of the same trade from sometimes assembling together, it ought to do nothing to facilitate such assemblies, much less to render them necessary.
Dream work can facilitate and provide access to a client's most essential issues.
Food is stored in packages that facilitate eating in microgravity by keeping the food constrained to the table.
If you could send her into the cellar on some errand, and then turn the key upon her, you would facilitate matters immensely."
In order to facilitate handling, the metal piece was placed at the end of a wooden pole.
In order to facilitate participation in this process, the anti-Chávez opposition created the Coordinadora Democrática (CD).
In order to facilitate standard citation, line and page breaks of the print edition have been maintained.
In order to facilitate the trade in bullion, the bank has been for these many years in the practice of giving credit in its books, upon deposits of gold and silver bullion.
Inflatable habitats would be constructed on the surface along with a landing strip to facilitate further glider landings.
It can also be used to facilitate the design process of digital systems.
It has a steel exterior that is notched to facilitate fragmentation upon detonation and to prevent hands from slipping.
It is there for the purpose of stating the sender's return address to facilitate the return of undeliverable mail.
Many businesses and non-profit organisations facilitate forest school activities.
Most pieces are hollow to facilitate firing.
One of the purposes of the Firebase is to guard and help facilitate those rebuilding the Pech River Road.
Scalable to facilitate problem solution of varied size.
Several software tools exist to facilitate referer spoofing in web browsers.
Slaves, however, are very seldom inventive; and all the most important improvements, either in machinery, or in the arrangement and distribution of work, which facilitate and abridge labour have been the discoveries of freemen.
The "robe de convulsionnaire" was invented to facilitate the convulsions for women.
The arena has an array of seating plans which facilitate the comfort of its users, subject to performance.
The Centre aims to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and experiences between the administrations of parliaments in Europe.
The following are conditions that facilitate a system of thought to become an accepted dominant paradigm: Etymology.
The fundamental idea was to produce marmots in a fashion that would facilitate their eventual return to the wild.
The funicular was originally constructed to facilitate the building of this reservoir, and was not opened for public use until 2001.
The goal of a wish list is to facilitate communication between the gift receiver and the gift giver.
The Hungarian mines are wrought by freemen, who employ a great deal of machinery, by which they facilitate and abridge their own labour.
The intention was to facilitate each and every child with their own private space.
The matter added to facilitate spinning and weaving generally detracts from the appearance of the uncolored fabric, and also interferes with successful dyeing.
The new bathhouse proposed to facilitate the basic needs of toilets, personal hygiene and laundry.
The precepts are not formulated as imperatives, but as training rules that laypeople undertake voluntarily to facilitate practice.
The Sanborn House was vacated in 2003 to facilitate construction of the new Ambrose School.
The snout is shovel-shaped, with a narrow head and small eyes to facilitate burrowing.
The software includes a wide array of functionality to facilitate video distribution and community creation.
The specially shaped roofs facilitate natural ventilation and rain water collection.
The toolkit is intended to facilitate development with as few dependences as possible.
Then such a scramble as there is to get aboard, and to get ashore, and to take in freight and to discharge freight, all at one and the same time; and such a yelling and cursing as the mates facilitate it all with!
There was no long-existing trade in human beings or established networks to facilitate this business.
These facilitate higher speed limits due to the absence of buildings close to the roads.
These molecules, under high temperatures, facilitate better π-conjugation of the graphene basal plane.
These substances (sometimes called "downers") typically facilitate relaxation and pain relief.
To facilitate construction, an accurate 3-dimensional model was first made.
Washington, Vancouver Island to further facilitate captive breeding and pre release conditioning.
Wristbands facilitate multiple entries such that entrance and re-entrance can be permitted.
``I will facilitate it by repeating the question,`Will you, or will you not, retract?'''

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::: contiguous - adjacent to; touching upon
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::: granary - storehouse for grain
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::: rectitude - moral correctness; moral uprightness; moral virtue; correctness of judgment
::: kindle - start a fire; ignite; inspire; arouse