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Vocabulary Word

Word: exuberance

Definition: overflowing abundance; joyful enthusiasm; flamboyance; lavishness; ADJ. exuberant: high-spirited and lively; growing abundantly and strongly

Sentences Containing 'exuberance'

"In the exuberance of his spirits and anxiety to impress his audience with a due sense of his superlative execution, he not infrequently left much to be desired in the way of rhythmic precision, it must be confessed; and if the drones and regulators after a round or two of such strenuosity insisted on disagreeing with the chanter, it must not be regarded as a reflection on the maker, or the conduct of the instrument under milder treatment."
All this gave a warmth and exuberance of life to a fine Gothic building that makes a classical building look cold by comparison.
Art critic Eleanor Heartney, in an introduction to Tcherkelov’s series of impasto paintings based on these images, writes that they present “symbols mined from American currency as keys to understand national dreams and fantasies.” Concentrating on details in both new and old currency, Tcherkelov “exhumes their meanings and contradictions, revealing the subliminal power that currency images have.” Artist, musician, and performer Genesis P-Orridge writes of one of Tcherkelov's paintings that "it seemed to explode with sheer exuberance."
As soon as Jane had read Mr. Gardiner's hope of Lydia's being soon married, her joy burst forth, and every following sentence added to its exuberance.
Cesereanu's other Partly expanding on her earlier themes, the pieces were defined by Cernat as "exercises in virtuosity", and noted for their "imaginative exuberance".
Contemporary artists continue to multiply as anonymous pawns in favor of global capital." In contrast, Renaud Baronian, writing for French Daily, wrote in Le Parisien, "The results of the exhibition reflect the exuberance of youth.
Critics generally commended the simplicity of the video, the wardrobe changes with every key change, and Knowles' youthful exuberance throughout the clip.
He also said, “Dane just had a total exuberance for wanting to create stuff.
He was born in New York City of Irish parentage, the son of Aaron and Mary (Gibson) Crawford. In his early years, he was at school with Page, the artist. His proficiency in his studies was hindered by the exuberance of his fancy, which took form in drawings and carvings.
In a review of D'Angelo's tour-opening performance at the House of Blues, "The Hollywood Reporter"s David Wollock described it as a "three-hour old-school soul marathon that was part 'Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine', part 'Let's Get It On', part 'Move on Up' gospel exuberance ... with call-and-response and other crowd-rousing church conventions".
In a review of D'Angelo's tour-opening performance at the House of Blues, David Wollock of "The Hollywood Reporter" called it a "three-hour old-school soul marathon that was part 'Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine', part 'Let's Get It On', part 'Move on Up' gospel exuberance [...]
In what is considered one the earliest examples of a truly American ballet, Rodeo combines the exuberance of a Broadway musical with the disciplines of classical ballet.
New College students were young undergraduates, mostly teenagers, who were often at odds with the Teachers College students because of politics and youthful exuberance.
On the other hand, variety without unity to govern it is a riotous exuberance of life, lacking all power and restraint and wasting itself in a madness of excess.
Roddick was playing with increased exuberance at this point, and the crowd became more vocal, even making noise during Djoković's service motions.
She graduated Valedictorian of the 120 student La Paz Elementary School, and Valedictorian of the Iloilo Provincial High School, also earning a medal for all-around exuberance.
Such an exuberance of animal spirits had he that he sometimes tumbled down and rolled on the ground with laughter at anything which made him think and tickled him.
Those who have only recently caught up with the fact that Slade have remained constant and those that have reconnected with a fundamental lynch-pin of that mess we call rock 'n' roll will find this set a useful but ultimately unsatisfying reminder of the joy and exuberance of the Birmingham quartet of Noddy, Jimmy, Don and Dave. Those who have yet to find out had better start here and then grasp the opportunity to 'feel the noize' at the first chance."" Sounds Magazine wrote ""We've been treated to re-issues of some of the old time heroes who made my own teeny weeny days go with a grin and mucho din...Big Gal Glitter, the soon-come Judge Dread double and now this mighty meaty big and bouncy collection of twenty timeless Slade faves."
What I tried to create was a little of that energy and exuberance.
Writer Josh Tyrangiel called the song a “masterpiece”, praising Feist for singing it “with a mixture of wisdom and exuberance that's all her own." eBay also used the song in Australian advertisements.

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