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Vocabulary Word

Word: exempt

Definition: not subject to a duty or obligation; free from a duty; V.

Sentences Containing 'exempt'

A permit is required for all hunters (except those indicated as exempt) to hunt in this area.
A unanimous Court held that they are not exempt.
All other food is exempt from sales tax.
Also people living around the Shands Bridge area will be exempt from tolls on the Shands Bridge crossing the St.
Although unconfirmed officially, these Cabinet sources reported that ethnic Chinese employees of the Indonesian government would be exempt from the procedure.
As a tax-exempt charity, Prosperity USA is not allowed to donate money or services to a political campaign.
As a Union state West Virginia was exempt from most of the strictures of Reconstruction.
As an exception, hot beverages and bakery items are tax-exempt if and only if they are for take-out and are not sold with any other hot food.
Certain types of property are exempt from property taxes, including: places of worship, places of burial, private social clubs, charitable and educational institutions and government property.
Empresarios and individuals with large families were exempt from the limit.
Even milk is not exempt, but is doctored to prevent souring, the preservative most generally used by milk dealers being formaldehyde.
Exceptions to these rights are set out by the terms of Fair Dealing, these exempt users from copyright liability covering usage and reproduction when performed for private study, criticism or research.
He had appealed to the court to exempt him from appearing personally, stating that he was ill with an infection; however, his request was rejected.
How happy you are in being exempt from all this!''
In addition, this protected her relatives, and Paula van Hulst—now registered as a half-Jew married to a Gentile—was exempt from being deported.
In the first group, the Top 35 Exempt teams will go onto the track first and set their positions in the time trials.
Incentives included relaxed planning rules and a ten-year period exempt from business rates.
Jefferson enrolled her at "Abbaye Royale de Panthemont", an exclusive convent school, after receiving assurances that Protestant students were exempt from religious instruction.
Loan transfers from clubs outside Scotland are automatically exempt from the limitation on signing players on loan.
Many were as poor as commoners, although they were tax-exempt and could join the civil service or the army.
NASA employs this model as their campuses are exempt from this particular law.
Noble titleholders are subjected to taxation, whereas under Spain's "ancien régime" they were exempt.
NYSD is a private, tax-exempt non-profit organization under article 501(c)(3) of U.S. law.
Purchases of used goods would be exempt from the federal sales tax.
Research in which vertebrates or cephalopods are used in Canada are subject to the requirements of the CCAC; however, research can be exempt if shown to be necessary.
Residential and agricultural areas, as well as other areas deemed "not feasible", would be exempt.
SANA is an approved charity with IPC status and cash donations to SANA are tax-exempt.
Sewage from cruise ships and other vessels is exempt from the requirement to obtain an NPDES permit.
She herself was not exempt from internal emotion, and without having done anything wrong, yet fully comprehended that Luigi was right in reproaching her.
She is exempt from the psychoanalytic focus given to others in the series, which Smith attributes to her Asian "mysteriousness".
She organized the non-exempt employees at Microsoft and filed an overtime pay dispute, which was later settled.
Some courts such as the District Court for the District of Massachusetts have explicitly stated that "fee exempt PACER users must refrain from the use of RECAP".
Some U.S. territories (such as American Samoa) are exempt.
The Act announced the phasing out of Tax-Exempt Special Savings Accounts preventing new accounts being opened after 5 April 1999.
The case concerned whether the National Cooperative Bank is exempt from state income tax requirements.
The dream of Sir Waiter Raleigh, concerning the golden city and country of El Dorado, may satisfy us, that even wise men are not always exempt from such strange delusions.
The four high dignitaries and the hakem were exempt from personal taxes, and they were invited to take part in major national ceremonies at the royal court.
The government and the National Media and Infocommunication Authority (NMHH) argued that, in practice, blogs would be exempt from these requirements on the basis that they are not considered "business endeavors."
The group claims that not enforcing the federal tax codes which prohibit tax-exempt religious organizations from electioneering is a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.
The PBA Tour returned to an "open" (non-exempt) format for the 2012-13 season, but Wiseman has chosen to only participate part-time.
The United States has an interest in the Federal Reserve Banks as tax-exempt federally created instrumentalities whose profits belong to the federal government, but this interest is not proprietary.
The Watch Tower Society filed an amicus curiae ("friend of the court") brief arguing that the perceived sale of religious literature should be exempt from taxation.
There are seven commandments from which female Jews are exempt:
Things finally started to change when the US Internal Revenue Service retroactively revoked Bishop Estate's tax exempt status for the trustees breach of duties and unlawful use of tax exempt charitable trust assets for political lobbying, triggering about $1 billion in back taxes and penalties.
Under the Mongolian rulers, the priests of all religions were exempt from the poll-tax.
Unlike the Jews of Aragon, the Jews from the Balearic Isles were exempt from the duty of furnishing beds and bread to the royal family or to the governor.
Vehicles that are exempt from paying tolls are those owned by the Alaska Railroad, the DOT, or any emergency or law enforcement vehicle.
When his mother-in-law confirmed his account, she and her husband (at that time, Jews with Gentile spouses were exempt from deportation) were released.
Wiseman was an exempt player for the 2010-11 PBA season.
Women were exempt from torture by the Inquisition, but nevertheless, the Supreme Council of the Inquisition in Lima voted to subject her to torture to obtain a confession.

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