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Word: ethos

Definition: underlying character of a culture, group, etc.; character or ideas peculiar to a specific person, group, or culture; Ex. the company ethos

Sentences Containing 'ethos'

A complete list of eighteen PERG, Terramarès and Ethos reports and nine peer-reviewed scientific papers can be found at www.ethos-uk.com by consulting Peter Taylor's detailed CV.
According to Wilson, "they had a devil-may-care ethos and distaste for military discipline...they made lightning raids on Afrikaner positions; they skirmished ahead of advancing columns.".
Although Mosse disliked the nationalistic ethos of the school, he conceded that its emphasis on character building gave him "some backbone".
An iconic image, the pine at its centre has been described as growing "in the national ethos as our one and only tree in a country of trees".
And finally, Michelle Liu and her EMEL Fashion had a break-out at a major west coast fashion event Project Ethos: Incubator with her latest collection—Urban Dryad, "a collection rich with eco-friendly and body hugging knit fabrics."
But the ethos of the school remained very much intact and Colin and his wife Betsy, who taught History, retired in 2004 with great respect from past and present staff and pupils.
Cardus felt that much of the old ethos had departed, and that his once-sacrosanct copy was now at the mercy of subeditors.
Despite the band receiving no funding, as an organisation, it manages to give a good foundation to youngsters and has continued the ethos of its founder where membership to the band is free of charge.
He believed in reforming his kingdom under the ethos of three “R”s namely, religious education, religious architecture, and religious reform, during a time when the Indian Buddhist religious, artistic, architectural, scriptural and philosophical traditions permeated all the Tibetan world through Guge.
It provides structured football for 300plus boys and girls as well as social and cultural events associated with GAA ethos.
laity) staff in co-operation with the Augustinian order and ethos.
Mackenzie published his opinions in a series of books in which he challenged the dominance of exams and a utilitarian educational ethos.
Meaningful family traditions have always been a valuable tool for parents and elders to carry out the responsibility of raising children and inculcating into them social values and ethos.
Nationalisation of banks imposed "Social Control" and imparted new ethos to commercial banking.
Rabbi Hutner succinctly defined the ethos of the Maharal's teachings as being "Nistar BeLashon Nigleh", meaning (in Hebrew): "The Hidden in the language of the Revealed".
Raj Bhopal writes that the history of racism in science and medicine shows that people and institutions behave according to the ethos of their times and warns of dangers to avoid in the future.
Social satire played a strong part throughout the series, grounded in the cinematic and social ethos of the 1980s.
The band's sound primarily is built around a psychedelic space rock ethos, with Paul Waclawsky's dark melodic guitar work using reverb, fuzz, and tape delay effects, and Jaylinn Davidson's heavy use of Moog synthesizers.
The core values have been established through discussion with members of the organisation and approval by the school governors with the intention of establishing them as the foundation for the corporate ethos of the two federated schools.
The distinctive ethos of the College is Augustinian.
The ethos was to focus on the home owner, rather than the trade buyer.
The frieze carries the Bradford city motto: "Labor omnia vincit" (Hard work conquers all), reflecting the ethos of an industrial city, and the work ethic of the Evangelical movement represented by many local chapels.
The growth of forest school has been unprecedented throughout the UK with many practitioners providing quality provision true to the original ethos.
The irony is more in keeping with the clerk's "ethos" but contradicts his former conclusion.
The novel also depicts the 'Warrior Code' that has been a major theme of most of his works and is explicitly outlined in his book "The Warrior Ethos".
The system was temporarily in turmoil during the mid-2000s (see below) but a move back towards this ethos has recently been restored under the leadership of current Head Richard Palmer who has held the post since 2006.
Their show under the joint Artistic Direction of David Spathaky and Sue Broadway combined the ethos of 'alternative' comedy of the 1980 with a 1970s revival of Circus skills, variously called 'Neo or New Circus' which largely promoted a reinvention of circus focusing on human skill and generally without presenting animal acts.
This ethos was introduced to the UK during the 1990s.
To aid this work he set up the design consultancy Ethos, which combined science expertise from Terramarès with graphic design and the use of computer virtual reality for visualising change and integrating development in the countryside.
Today's Toronto Police Service directly traces its ethos, constitutional lineage and Police Commission regulatory structure to the 1859 reforms.
Victor Davis Hanson, "National Review" columnist and former professor of Classical history at California State University, Fresno, who wrote the foreword to a 2007 re-issue of the graphic novel, states that the film demonstrates a specific affinity with the original material of Herodotus in that it captures the martial ethos of ancient Sparta and represents Thermopylae as a "clash of civilizations."
What eventually crystallized into this style is thought to have been a product of existing South Indian styles of combat, combined with techniques brought by migration from the north along the western coast. What eventually crystallized as kalarippayattu combined indigenous Dravidian techniques with the martial practices and ethos brought by brahman migrations from Saurastra and Konkan down the west Indian coast into Karnataka and eventually Kerala. Discovery channel notes that Kalaripayattu may be one of the oldest martial arts in existence.

More Vocab Words

::: infiltrate - pass into or through; penetrate or enter (an organization) sneakily; Ex. infiltrate the troops into enemy territory; CF. infiltrator
::: endemic - prevailing among a specific group of people or in a specific area or country; peculiar to a particular region or people; CF. pandemic
::: obdurate - stubborn; refusing to change one's belief
::: incorrigible - uncorrectable
::: niggardly - meanly stingy; parsimonious; N. niggard: stingy person
::: temperate - moderate; restrained; self-controlled; moderate in respect to temperature; CF. temperance: moderation and self-restraint; abstinence of alcoholic drinks; Ex. temperance society
::: timorous - fearful; timid; demonstrating fear
::: throng - crowd (of people or things); V.
::: inextricable - from which it is impossible to get free; that cannot be untied; Ex. inextricable troubles; Ex. inextricable two histories
::: bristling - rising like bristles; showing irritation