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Vocabulary Word

Word: erratic

Definition: odd; irregular in movement or behavior; unpredictable

Sentences Containing 'erratic'

According to Howard, the murderer was a ""medical man of high standing"" whose wife had become alarmed by his erratic behaviour during the period of the Whitechapel murders.
Almost two decades later, a review in "The Digital Fix" called the film "A sun-bleached study in corruption and soul-destroying brutality, this film by the notoriously erratic but sometimes brilliant William Friedkin is nasty, cynical and incredibly good."
Another problem is the harsh climate, which makes the forest highly susceptible to fire, as well as climate change and associated erratic weather events.
At the beginning of a first set "Ya Mar", an erratic fan proceeded to run on stage fully naked.
Because of his opposition to French rule and his erratic, depraved actions (which some speculate were feigned to shield his opposition from the French) Thành Thái was declared insane and exiled to Vũng Tàu in 1907.
Bonventre drew much attention due to his erratic dance movements on stage.
Despite relatively lackluster performance (Jane's describes it as having "an indifferent charge to weight ratio", "unsophisticated aerodynamic shape", "erratic fragmentation") compared to more modern high explosive rounds, it continues to be used by many countries, in particular in training exercises because of its low cost, high availability and smaller danger area than more modern designs.
Disgusted with Cuesta's erratic behavior and the ineptitude of the Spanish military, Wellington vowed not to cooperate with the Spanish armies until their generals and troops became more dependable.
Due to its erratic track and slow motion, Tina was alive from September 17 to October 11— a span of 24 days.
Due to Kenny's erratic driving, the RV veers off the highway and a tarantula, hiding in a bowl of fruit given to them when they picked up the marijuana, crawls up Kenny's leg and bites his testicle.
eNlight Cloud has an auto scaling feature that caters to sudden or erratic resource requirements and unpredictable system demands.
Erratic boulders have, also, been noticed on the Rocky Mountains.
For near Earth orbits, the error in the modeled field direction may vary from 0.5 degrees near the Equator to 3 degrees near the magnetic poles, where erratic auroral currents play a large role.
Gachot raised the ire of his erratic boss and was sacked for voicing his displeasure at the team's lack of testing and an apparent lack of faith in his driving.
Hartung to inquire whether he had observed erratic boulders on these islands, and he answered that he had found large fragments of granite and other rocks, which do not occur in the archipelago.
Harvey continued as vice-captain until the end of his career, and led the team in only one Test. In the Second Test at Lord's in 1961 when Benaud was injured, Harvey led the team in the "Battle of the Ridge", a match played on a surface with a visible ridge that caused erratic bounce, grinding out a hard fought victory.
He later admitted that much of his erratic behavior was due to his struggles with alcoholism.
Her erratic patter alternates between logical analysis of its "contradictions" with oddly connected streams of thought.
Her first serve, however erratic, regularly reaches more than 190 km/h (118 mph).
Her son's erratic behavior caused concern among family friends.
Here, the headlamp dimmer switch contact points and arms may become overheated and cause erratic headlamp operation.
His career was erratic, being consistently dropped and recalled to the national side.
However, because the rainfall is extremely erratic — at Hughenden itself it has ranged from in 1926 to in 1950 — droughts and floods are normal and stock number fluctuate greatly.
In 2007, Neil was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Las Vegas after police spotted him making some erratic moves in his Ferrari.
In places the meaning of the Greek characters is unclear, and has been widely speculated on by art historians, not least due to van Eycks' somewhat erratic spelling and unusual spacing habits.
It is also stated that following the regeneration the Doctor's brain cells would be shaken up and his behaviour would be "erratic" for a time, something that would be true for most subsequent regenerations.
Keokuk, a long time ago, was an occasional loafing place of that erratic genius, Henry Clay Dean.
Meanwhile, the rate of drift became erratic; after being held at around 67° for several weeks, at the end of January there was a series of rapid north-eastward movements which, by 17 March, brought Patience Camp to the latitude of Paulet Island, but to its east. "It might have been six hundred for all the chance we had of reaching it across the broken sea-ice", Shackleton recorded.
Most comedians are people who couldn’t really work in the real world, they’re too disorganized, too lazy, too fucked up, too erratic, too unstable.
Much of the humor in "Starstruck"'s dialogue lies in the contradictions of their perceptions and actions, as they improvise their way through erratic situations; this has drawn comparisons to director Robert Altman, who favored loose scripts where character interaction was brought out more naturally by improvisation and the overlap of spontaneous dialogue.
Now he is usually undergoing treatment with one or more drugs to address his psychological problems, which often trigger erratic behavior when he takes too much or too little.
Paine then slowed to a forward speed of only , while executing a slow, erratic clockwise loop for the next three days.
Parasitic deer ticks (which are known to carry Lyme disease) are a potential hazard. Encounter with small wildlife is always possible and hikers should be alert to signs of erratic behavior or other disease symptoms and take evasive action if warranted.
Since bearing the Sun Rune, the normally compassionate Arshtat has grown more and more erratic in behavior, prone to mood swings and wild fits of vengeance.
Such a compression can injure the nerve's protective myelin sheath and cause erratic and hyperactive functioning of the nerve.
The boats were surrounded by ice, dependent upon leads of water opening up, and progress was perilous and erratic.
The flight of the Common Nighthawk is erratic and jerky, as it attempts to prey on various flying insects.
The geological peculiarity in northern Europe where much is covered by layers of loam and gravel as well as erratic boulders deposited hundreds of miles from their original sources furthered acceptance of the idea.
The inflow and outflow from the reservoir are highly erratic, ranging from per second to roughly per second in a particular 10-day period from March to April.
The man who reviews his own life, as I do mine, in going on here, from page to page, had need to have been a good man indeed, if he would be spared the sharp consciousness of many talents neglected, many opportunities wasted, many erratic and perverted feelings constantly at war within his breast, and defeating him.
The repeated changes in publishers since 2000 have made the appearance of new issues somewhat erratic, but the magazine is still in existence.)
The runoff from the Flinders River is much too erratic to provide a sustainable supply for any crop-growing via irrigation.
There wasn't a single dim or erratic note in young Vertinskaya's performance.
They noted that the film was what one might expect as a first effort, and that it contained structural issues caused by the film's erratic production schedule, but wrote that considering its limited budget, "The script shows flashes of promise, and the special effects are impressive", and that as an action/horror film, "it more than meets the criteria required by fans of low-budget, Grindhouse-style frightfests".
This annual fish inhabits ephemeral pools in semi-arid areas with scarce and erratic precipitations and have adapted to the routine drying of their environment by evolving desiccation-resistant eggs that can remain dormant in the dry mud for one and maybe more years by entering into diapause.
This was cited as one of the reasons why the Red Sox were erratic and inconsistent in their performance that season.
Throughout a large part of the United States, erratic boulders and scored rocks plainly reveal a former cold period.
Using these, they created eccentric forms in erratic or irregular arrangements produced by actions such as cutting, hanging, and dropping, or organic processes such as growth, condensation, freezing, or decomposition".
When the user's hand motion was erratic, it produced wrong numbers.
Without any conference affiliation, Boston University played erratic schedules, with anywhere from 10 to 15 games per season.

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